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Here is where i list game idea. Some may never get used. But here is where i store stuff. Tell me iff you find this page

Urien Piracy[edit]

This is about the developing Piracy problem

Asgol Urien.jpg

Retired businessman. Brother of Hymal_Urien . Once head of House Urien at Red Dawn he retired from the leadership of his house after his two sons died in service to Amber. He took his considerable wealth and had a small home built in the Far isle and retired there never to return to Amber. He is essentially unconnected to the family of his younger brother who remained in Amber.

Once in the Far Isle he was surprised to met Lisa Qui'ies, a native woman who suited his new life style. They had two children, Mal'goth'in & Vo'got'ten. These two Urien boys did not take the Urien name. Both secretly joined the Amber navy. After serving 10 years they deserted with two Amber clippers and took up piracy. Piracy has been and issue and is the two Qui'ies boys that are causing it. They took two clipper brigantines designed by the Amber navy/ The Qui'ies boys further enhanced them and more heavily armed them.

Mal'Goth'in and Vo'got'ten lead a fleet of 12 pirate ships and have a secret base in the Far Isles.

Lisa Qui'ies.jpgMal'goth'in.jpgVo'got'ten.jpgCabot.jpg

Who owns the change world?[edit]

Who owns the Plague would and the Change World. They put pips is buying a change world with a sigil. big pips Pips Change World

  • 4 Primal Place
  • 4 Guarded. Pacifica, Total Warriors, & Adventurer group
  • 2 Restricted against Chaos.
  • 2 Time Ratio. 10 to 1 in Amber
  • 1 Control of Contents.
    • 13

Plague World

  • 2 Restricted. Come in the highway Rafe left on.
  • 2 Time Ratio. 10 to 1 in Amber
  • 4 Guarded-Undead & Skeletons
  • 1 Restricted against Trump Access
  • 1 Control of Contents. After 4 months the plague goes away. Only 440,000 survivors
    • 10 pips