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Connor Laurakin Nazira'on of Magdalene

Tribe: Magdalite

First Eminence: Sensuality

Outlook/Second Eminence: Unity

Goal/Vision Quest: a single tribe, a nation of humankind

  • Strength = 2
  • Health = 4
  • Stamina = 45
  • Unarmed Damage = 6
  • Armed Damage = 6
  • Flesh Wounding Score = 47
  • Deep Wounding Score = 45
  • Instant Death Score = 90
  • System Shock = 9

Agility 1: Dodge 2; Hand-to-Hand 1; Melee 1

Appearance 1: Seduction 2

Build 0:

Creativity 0:

Fitness 0:

Influence 2: Etiquette 2; Haggling 2; Leadership 2; Streetwise 2

Knowledge 1: Law (C) 1; Lore (Tribal Politics) (C) 1; Read/Write (Tribal) 2

Perception 0: Notice 2

Psyche 1: Human Perception (C) 1

Willpower 0:

Background and vision quest: Connor’s talent for interaction was recognized early on – he was a people’s person – and the boy was directed towards diplomatic training. Since he seemed more comfortable than most with members of other tribes, Connor would be sent on long assignments among hem. That’s how he came to know the Dahlians so much.

His time among the tribes kindled an idea in Connor’s mind: why must humans be separated in seven tribes? Were we not all the same people? At first, this was laughed off by his peers. Connor didn’t relent and worked on the concept, always discussing his idea when given the chance. By then, what was initially seem as an eccentricity, became heresy.

Unbelnownst to Connor, the clan's discontentment with him reached a tipping point, whiel he was in teh north, visiting one caravan he had befriended. Expelled from the Magdalites, Connor had his vision quest: he was climbing the Great Hill during a sunny day. Atop, he saw the tribe banners scattered across the ground, while a new one, representing the whole human race, flew in the warm breeze. Around the flag pole, others like him, fallen, cast out from the tribes… His allies in unification!