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Fox Muldakin

Tribe origin: Terasheban

First Eminence: Truth

Outlook/Second Eminence: Doomsayer: Mystery

Banishment: there is more to Joshua.. The truth is out there

Vision quest: Joshua re-born in flame

Stats: AGI 1; APP 0; BLD 0; CRE 1; FIT 0; INF 0; KNO 0; PER 2; PSY 1; WIL 1;

Skills: Boating 1; Combat Sense 2; Dodge 1; Gambling 1; Human Perception ; Interrogation 2; Investigation 2; Law 1; Melee 1; Navigation 1; Notice 2; Read/Write (Tribal) 1; Speak Tribal 2 (default language 2 for free); Synthesis 2

  • STR 0
  • HEA 1
  • STA 30
  • UD 3
  • AD 4
  • Flesh wound 15
  • Deep Wound 30
  • Instant Death 60
  • System Shock 6

Equipment: Poleaxe, Soft Armor

Flaws: Code of Honor: Must always speak Truth. 2 points

Background: I was born on a snowy day to the Muldakin family and I was told as a new born, I was visited by a fox. Hence I was given the name of Fox.

My family... Let's just say their are all dutiful Sheban. But me, I was always curious about Joshua. When my elder spoke of Joshua, I can always feel something wrong. The words about Joshua always felt incomplete to me. Not lies but not the whole truth either. As my mother, Eliza Bes, prepared me to beome a judge in the future, I was still able to find time to learn more about Joshua. That was until I laid my eyes on a forbidden book from Fallens about the Joshua.

For my trangression of reading the forbidden tome, I was cast out. As Tera Sheba ripped her love from me, I saw a vision of Joshua stands again... I must find out more... The truth is out there..