Tribe 8 (1st ed) - The Fallen Jinn

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Jinn Levi´On

Tribe: Joanite

First Eminence: Devotion

Second Eminence: Bravery

Description: Fairly tall and broad-shouldered, athletic and wiry. Scars on her arms accentuated by her full-sleeve tattoos. Blond and blue-eyed with skin marked by the sun; usually keeps her hair braided to not get in the way. Clean features marred by a dark disposition and a haunted, downbeaten look in her eyes.

Personality: Jinn used to try really hard to live up to the example set by Joan and her tribemates, mixing a laconic seriousness with a touch of naivete´ and a deep-buried sense of dry humor that might be excavated if someone really made the effort to get her to loosen up. Her fall hit her hard, as the loss of a Fatima´s grace is wont to, and now she spends her hours in a haze of doubt and internalised anger.

Attributes Agi +2; App +1; Bld +1; Cre +0; Fit +1; Inf +0; Kno +0; Per +0; Psy +0; Wil +1;

Secondary attributes

  • Strength 1
  • Health 1
  • Stamina 35
  • Unarmed Damage 6
  • Armed Damage 8
  • Flesh Wound 18
  • Deep Wound 35
  • Instant Death 70
  • System Shock 6

Skills: Athletics 2; Combat Sense 2; Dodge 2; HtH 1; Healing 1; Intimidate 2; Melee 3; Sneak (C) 1; Notice 1; Etiquette 1; Craft (armorsmith) 2; Synthesis 1;

Perks: Possession: ancestral blade (katana) (3SP)

Background: Jinn was with some Joanites (including a smaller contingent of Terashebans) who intercepted a groupd of squats, and rather than the blade-wielding enemies she had come to expect they were basically just emaciated, desperate people trying to steal from the food stores. Some had weapons, of course, and were quickly disposed of. The rest surrendered... and the present Judge (or thereabouts) ordered their death. The jurisdictive issues here are complicated - Terashebas followers do not always officially command the Joanites, but since Joan has grown more and more withdrawn and speaks less often they have stepped into that position anyway. Jinn was young and inexperienced, and had not come to be as resigned (or enthusiastic) about this as many of her seniors, so she spoke up in protest. They had slain everyone who drew arms against them - why not send the others away as a warning? They were starved and weak, and hardly a threat.

The judge did not take kindly to her obstinacy, and a protest quickly went to ultimatums and a facedown. Without quite knowing why, Jinn stood her ground - and so, at a given signal, she was overpowered by her own and dragged off as the others disposed of the remaining squats.

Her judgment was as harsh as it was swift, and so she lost the blessings of her family and the grace of her Fatima.