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The term "lucavi" is taken from Square-Enix's Final Fantasy Tactics, as well as some of their names and concepts. Yothoth, specifically, is based on the Chtulu mythos of Lovecraft. The term 'char' is taken from Stephen King's Gunslinger series, and is used in relatively the same sense as those novels.


The Sect of the Lucavi is a secretive organization, only loosely organized as a central religion; most followers worship a specific Lucavi, while only paying marginal homage to the others. It is believed that the Lucavi have more infernal and abyssal worshippers than mortals, though this is mere conjecture and cannot be confirmed. Where the Lucavi came from is also largely unknown - unlike the Saints or Eidolons, they sprang up slowly and independently.

Worship: Temples are rare and lavish, though this depends on the Lucavi; worship of the Lucavi is generally frowned upon, and local laws may impose imprisonment or even death on those practicing worship of the Lucavi. Worship of the Lucavi is highly ritualized and controlled. Each Lucavi has their own mode of worship. Lucavi are considered gods by those who worship them, and are understood to each represent a purpose, a particular world-view.

Organizations: The Sect of the Lucavi

Classes: Antipaladin

Prestige Classes: Servant of the Lucavi

The Lucavi[edit]

What follows are general overviews of each of the Lucavi.


The Symbol of Ajora

Title: The Blood Angel

Appearance: An angel, garbed in full plate made of adamantine, wielding a bloodied greatsword, with white wings splattered with blood.

Worship: Main temple on the Lost Isle, hidden away in a cavern complex, grand yet imposing.

Titles: He Who Betrays, Scion of the Lucavi, Fist of the Rebellion

Organizations: The Godslayers

Prestige Classes: Godslayer

Ajora was an angel of Kolaita, a deity of one of the old religions. When he saw her power slowly degrading, he was there, and saw opportunity. He had been chosen by Kolaita to be the head of her angels, who she encouraged to be peaceful and merciful; Ajora, however, was not made for such purpose - he had been crafted, by an older deity, to be an instrument of war. He slew Kolaita, and commanded her angels to follow him. Fearing his wrath, they did so - and so the Sect of the Lucavi was born.

Being the first of the Lucavi, Ajora is recognized as the relative head of the Sect; however, he acknowledges that each Lucavi holds sway over his or her own domain, and he does not seek to intervene. Ajora's purpose in the Sect is to give leadership when it is required, and he relishes the opportunity.


The Symbol of Zalera

Title: The Char

Appearance: A pale angel with black wings and jet-black hair, wielding a katana.

Worship: Unknown.

Titles: Angelslayer, He Who Hunts, Angel of Death

Organizations: None

Prestige Classes: Mortalhunter

A rogue char, Zalera hunted the avoral Akexea for many years. Impressed with his tireless hunt, Ajora offered him a place among the Lucavi, as his right hand. Zalera reluctantly accepted, though he quickly showed that he was not willing to be beneath Ajora in the pecking order of the Lucavi - after a drawn-out duel, Zalera was accepted as one of the proper Lucavi.

Proud and determined, Zalera is not one to be trifled with. Though he is a full member of the Lucavi, he still accepts targets from Ajora, and in that sense is somewhat subservient. However, this goes for all the Lucavi - if they wish someone to be slain, they speak with Zalera.

Of all the Lucavi, Zalera has the fewest outsider followers - all chars pay homage to him, as do some of the more malicious demons and devils. However, Zalera's primary worshippers are mortals, rangers and assassins who see him as the ultimate dealer of death.


The Symbol of Adrammalech

Title: The Wrathful

Appearance: A balor, wreathed in flame, with glowing red eyes, wielding a massive zweihandir.

Worship: Unknown.

Titles: He Who Rages, The Angry, Hatred Incarnate

Organizations: None

Prestige Classes: None

A powerful demon in his own right, Adrammalech commanded the obedience of those around him - when the gods fell, he ascended shortly, his underlings kneeling and scraping in fright of the new order. Adrammalech smiled, and met with Ajora on whatever plane the Lucavi convene.

Always hateful, always angry, Adrammalech's rage is fuelled by the rage and anger of the mortal races: with every hateful word, every angry glance, Adrammalech grows more powerful. He feeds on this rage, though it threatens to consume him from within. Adrammalech rarely manages to keep his anger in check, though he and Ajora have reached an understanding on this, and Ajora often speaks for the balor when the Sect convenes - a fact which angers Adrammalech all the more, as Ajora is more than likely manipulating Adrammalech, but he is powerless to stop the fallen angel... for now.


The Symbol of Velius

Title: The Warlock

Appearance: An aged, decrepit human, wreathed in crackling black energy and flame.

Worship: Main temple in Wayverith, in a necromancy school.

Titles: He Who Commands, Commander of Demons, Lord of the Pit

Organizations: None

Prestige Classes: Demonologist

Not all of the Lucavi were fallen or traiterous angels - some of their ranks were chosen from the mortals of the world, and Velius was one such mortal. A leading member of the Wayveri family, Velius Wayveri was a very well-respected warlock, trained in the arts of necromancy and illusion. When the gods fell, Elidibs went to Velius, whispering to him that the warlock could attain deific power, if only he demanded it from the demons and devils. Elidibs had done so to stir up the denizens of the underworld so that he could take them as his minions, but Velius foiled his plans.

Summoning a balor, Velius commanded it to take him to the hiding place of the mysterious voice that had come to him. The balor, knowing of the rise of the Lucavi, took him to Ajora. Seeing the mortal's power, Ajora convinced Velius to command worship of the various demons and devils he had summoned, bolstering the strength of the warlock and the Lucavi. Velius agreed, and summoned various demons and devils for three days, from dusk until dawn, binding each one to his will and forcing them to submit to him in worhsip. At dawn of the third day, Velius ascended, and joined the ranks of the Lucavi.


The Symbol of Teniel

Title: The Beast

Appearance: A savage beast, vaguely resembling a mix of an owlbear and gryphon.

Worship: Main sancutary deep within the Berlian Forest of Chaliraz.

Titles: The Screaming Monstrosity, The Ruiner, Slayer of Men

Organizations: None

Prestige Classes: Geomancer

Teniel represents the savaged earth, the misshapen beasts of the world, and the savage instincts of all sentient beings. He is an incoherent creature, screaming constantly in pain and rage, ravaging the world as his form has been ravaged. If the strange creatures encountered throughout the world were capable of worship, they would revere Teniel.

Teniel's ascension is a source of curiosity among scholars, as it does not seem that any sane being would worship such a crazed beast. However, it is believed that druids were the cause of his ascension: angered with industrialization of the world, they went mad with hatred for civilization, and began worshipping a beast they encountered in the dark woods of Adnez.

Teniel's domain is nature; he vies with the Eidolons for general control of the natural world. However, even though he represents nature among the lucavi, he represents the twisted ways of the world, the conquering of reason by instinct, of culture by savagery.


The Symbol of Hashmalum

Title: The Regulator

Appearance: A powerfully built minotaur, horns gleaming of orichalcum, wielding an overly large multi-barreled gunblade with an axehead in place of a standard blade.




Prestige Classes:


The Symbol of Elidibs

Title: The Manipulator

Appearance: Anything.

Worship: Main temple in Vesuva, within the bowels of a school for mimics.

Titles: He Who Lies, Spinner of Tales, Diplomat of the Lucavi

Organizations: The Mercurials

Prestige Classes: Mercurial Initiate


The Symbol of Kali

Title: The Seductress





Prestige Classes:


The Symbol of Falriox

Title: The Destroyer





Prestige Classes:


The Symbol of Crusader

Title: The Judge





Prestige Classes:


The Symbol of Yothoth

Title: The Horror

Appearance: An indescribable being, green in coloration, vaguely resembling an illithid.

Worship: Unknown.

Titles: That Which Cannot Be, The Dreaming, The Nightmare

Organizations: None

Prestige Classes: None

The slaad are an interesting breed of creatures, one that rarely interacts with the various peoples of Trinity. However, there are occasional slaad which venture forth from whatever madness they dwell in - Yothoth is one such slaad. A powerful member of his race, he stepped forward when the Lucavi were assembling themselves, and demanded that he be counted amongst them.

Backed by worship of the slaad, Yothoth is the lord of chaos and madness, insanity and things that truly should not be. In this, he shares a certain amount of kinship with Teniel - they are both random mutations, the result of either mad wizardry or forces beyond their control. However, where Teniel represents nature and primal savagery, Yothoth is the representative of a more dignified type of insanity.

Worship of Yothoth is restricted to those who can only be described as "insane," and an unusually high number of Force practitioners of the Trinity of Reality are counted among its worshippers. They speak of a being which will destroy all life when the stars are right, which slumbers deep within the oceans.


The Symbol of Sko'Veyux

Title: The Pain

Appearance: A tortured elven woman, with shattered metal wings, missing an eye, a bloody cloth wrapped around her forehead, hands, and feet.

Worship: Main temple in Murond, resembling a brothel.

Titles: The Brutalized, She Who Damns, She Who Shares

Organizations: Sisterhood of Pain

Prestige Classes: Sister of Pain

Sko'Veyux is one of the more unique Lucavi, ruling over the realms of pain, sadism, slavery, and torture. She is a harsh mistress, and becoming one of her chosen requires great sacrifices on the part of the would-be devotee - Sko'Veyux feels that only those who can pass her tests without losing their sanity or taking their own lives are worthy of her favor.

Sko'Veyux herself was originally a char, a particular breed of dark angel whose purpose was to serve the dark gods in finding and eliminating the followers of other deities. When the gods passed from the world's attention, however, Sko'Veyux saw an opportunity, and seized it, claiming the devotion of her fellow chars as her own and thereby ascending to semi-deityhood. Rejected by the Saints, she joined the other Lucavi.

Her followers are the damned and broken, those who have lost much and have nothing else to lose. Her priesthood - all female - are renowned for their unearthly beauty, though often marred by scars on the arms, hands, and feet. They are also known in darker circles for their skill with torture devices, and more vile occupants of the world seek out the Sisterhood of Pain when their own are unable to come up with appropriate torturing techniques.