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The Order of the Saints is the most accepted of the three "sub-religions" of the religion known as The Order.

Worship: Churches throughout the world, often out in the open and well-maintained. Worship of the Saints is accepted everywhere. Worship of the Saints in general is not particularly ritualized. Each Saint has their own mode of worship. Saints are understood to not necessarily be deities, but are intermediaries between mortals and the deities.

Organizations: The Order of the Saints

Classes: Paladin, Priest

Prestige Classes: Cleric of the Order of Saints, Protector of the Order of Saints

The Saints[edit]

What follows are general overviews of each of the Saints.

Tracy Vannieu[edit]

Title: Of the Gun

Appearance: A young, vaguely-oriental, female human, wielding a pistol of exquisite make.

Worship: Main church in Mechanicus, constructed of black marble and featuring gothic architecture.

Titles: The Gunslinger, Lady of Noon, The Huntress

Organizations: The Gunsai

Prestige Classes: Gunsai

Born in 352 CY in Alistar, Tracy Vannieu played a pivotal role in the Diaclo Revolution. Her understanding of firearms was unparalelled, and her skill exceeded any of the others involved in the revolution, Diaclo himself included. Some said it was due to an unknown halfling lineage; it was known that she was somewhat short for a human.

When the Coldlands Territory was formed, Tracy assisted in the training the defenders of Mechanicus. There, she constantly prowled the streets, defending the weak from brigands and ruffians. The local people revered her, which led to her eventual ascension in 378 CY.


Title: Of the Lightning

Appearance: A young, bearded male human, armed with a heavy lance and geared in mithril plate.

Worship: Main church on the Isle of Thunder, featuring high spires and surrounded by water.

Titles: Son of Thunder, The Sunderer, High Dragoon

Organizations: The Dragoons

Prestige Classes: Dragoon

Luna Lorne[edit]

Title: Of the Night

Appearance: Young, breath-takingly beautiful human woman, clad in black plate and armed with a katana.

Worship: Main church in Wayveris, kept dark at all times and consisting of mainly empty space.

Titles: The Assassin, She Who Kills, Keeper of the Eclipse

Organizations: None

Prestige Classes: Assassin of the Eclipse

Konoe Ishikaru[edit]

Title: Of the Blade

Appearance: Aged male clavat, clad in black samurai gear, wielding a katana.

Worship: Main church in Elmdor Castle in Colianth, crafted of wood and made to resemble a training hall for samurai.

Titles: The Last Samurai, Keeper of the Genji, Yojimbo

Organizations: The Genji

Prestige Classes: Genji

Long ago on Distarin, there arose a clavat whose skills with weaponry were unequaled. When he came of age, he went into hiding to master his arts, as there were none who could teach him, and to build his weapons, as there were none who could craft them. He emerged again five years later, garbed in black great armor and wielding a katana. At this time, the clavat people were fighting amongst each other. Konoe rode singly against their armies and cut down those who did not surrender, and he singly united the clavat peoples into a single nation.

He was offered a position of power in the newly-formed nation, but refused - instead, he once again vanished from the sight of common folk. This time, however, he took a small number of clavats with him, who he trained in the ways of war and weaponcraft, should the need rise again. These he named the Genji, and they protect the clavat people to this day. They were forbidden to teach the more intricate secrets of their craft to any but their own lines, though they were allowed to teach others the ways of defense. These lesser Genji became known as samurai.

Since then, Konoe has been idolized as a folk hero; however, when Tracy Vannieu ascended, the clavat people recognized that Konoe, too, was a saint, and began worshipping him as such. It is said that, when all the samurai and Genji have perished, Konoe will ride again.