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The Valley of Cradles

The troopers are all staunch Yelmali initiates, but Yelmali from a long way away. The religion of the locals is a lot more restrictive than they are used to.

Wexlin The corporal. Has the Yelmalio gift Catseye.

Gwyll, Wexlin's cousin Trooper 2 Has the Yelmalio Gift of Languages

Jillon. The most upbeat of the three. Has the Yelmalio gift mastery of cult weapon [2Hd spear w'shield.]

All are armed with large shields, long spears, light crossbows and shortswords. Wexlin carries incendiaries.

They were formerly armoured in linen, cuirboilli and padding, but have been spending their share on full helms, Greaves and chain shirts, with leather underarmour.