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Talamenes of Krete - a grizzled, hot-tempered, foul-mouthed native of that isle famous for its archers. As ready with an insult as with his sword, and a teller of tall tales, many of which are embellishments of his times with Meshullum.

Explorer 3. Move 120’, AC 5/4, HD 3+6, hp 18, Att 7+/6+, Saves: Fort 11+ Ref 12+ Will 15+, Init +3, Mor +4
Dmg: 1d6+6 (bow), 1d6+4 (sword), 1d4+4 (dagger)
Str+2, Int+1, Dex+2, Con+2, Cha+1.
Proficiencies: Seasoned Campaigner, Manual of Arms, Precise Shooting, Seafaring, Survival, Tracking, Weapon Focus (bows).
Languages: Doric Greek, Persian, Phoenician.
Equipment: Quilted armour (good), composite bow (good), short sword, dagger, buckler. Enc 3/7 stone.

Abraham - Meshullum's nephew is an accomplished man in his own right, a skilled doctor educated at the renowned Alexandrian school. He is knowledgeable about poisons, herbs and tonics, and is an inducted priest of Asklepios.

Expert 2. Move 120’, AC 1, HD 2, hp 9, Att 10+/9+, Saves: Fort 13+ Ref 12+ Will 14+, Init +1, Mor +3
Dmg: 1d4+1 (dagger)
Int+2, Dex+1.
Proficiencies: Alchemy II, Healing* III, Knowledge (philosophy), Knowledge (natural philosophy), Profession (scribe), Theology (priest of Asklepios), Wakefulness.
Languages: Aegyptian, Aramaic, Koine Greek, Hebrew.
Equipment: Well-cut clothing, dagger (good), medical tools. Enc 2/5 stone.

Gelon of Krete - an excellent archer and athlete, Gelon is a handsome youth with idealistic dreams of owning his own ship one day. He loves the sea and has served with distinction in a number of naval actions. He has a tempestuous on-again, off-again relationship with Talamenes.

Fighter 2. Move 150’, AC 5/4, HD 2+2, hp 14, Att 8+/6+, Saves: Fort 12+ Ref 12+ Will 16+, Init +1, Mor +3
Dmg: 1d6+2 (sword), 1d6+2 (bow), 1d4+2 (dagger)
Str+1, Wis-1, Dex+2, Con+1, Cha+1.
Proficiencies: Seasoned Campaigner, Craft (bowyer), Fighting Style (missile), Precise Shooting, Running, Seafaring.
Languages: Doric Greek, Phoenician.
Equipment: Quilted armour, composite bow, short sword, dagger, buckler. Enc 4/6 stone.

Zeteres - a Numidian hunter turned bandit when his hunting grounds were stripped of game by a passing Carthaginian army. With nothing left to feed his family, he hunted the mercenaries instead, waging a one-man guerilla campaign for several weeks and raiding their supply dumps. When a band of trackers led by Talamenes finally caught up to him, he offered him a job instead of killing him.

Explorer 2. Move 120’, AC 2, HD 2+2, hp 11, Att 8+/6+, Saves: Fort 8+ Ref 10+ Will 12+, Init +3, Mor +3
Dmg: 1d6+2 (axe), 1d4+2 (dagger), 1d6+1 (longbow)
Str+1, Dex+2, Con+1, Cha-1.
Proficiencies: Seasoned Campaigner, Ambushing, Riding, Survival, Tracking.
Languages: Numidian, Koine Greek
Equipment: Longbow, hand axe, dagger. Enc 2/6 stone.

Juba - a Libyan mercenary who first sold his skills in Alexandria and served in the Gaza campaign. There he crossed paths with Meshullum, and was one of the first people they looked up when forming this band of archers.

Fighter 2. Move 120’, AC 3, HD 2, hp 12, Att 8+/7+, Saves: Fort 13+ Ref 13+ Will 15+, Init +0, Mor +3 (+2)
Dmg: 1d6+2 (sword), 1d4+2 (dagger), 1d6+2 (bow)
Str+1, Wis-1, Dex+1.
Proficiencies: Seasoned Campaigner, Craft (bowyer) II, Fighting Style (missile), Manual of Arms, Precise Shooting.
Languages: Libyan, Koine Greek
Equipment: Leather armour, longbow (good), shortsword, dagger. Enc 4/6 stone.

Nefermenu - a native Aegyptian who escaped the crushing poverty of life in his rural village after demonstrating his skill to Meshullum when the captain's unit was passing through. Using a humble self bow he hit five targets dead centre with five arrows. This new life is a grand adventure for him, every day offers many wonders and more regular meals than his old life.

Explorer 2. Move 120’, AC 1, HD 2+2, hp 11, Att 8+/6+, Saves: Fort 8+ Ref 11+ Will 13+, Init +2, Mor +3 (+2)
Dmg: 1d6+2 (mace), 1d4+2 (dagger), 1d6+1 (longbow)
Str+1, Int-1, Dex+1, Con+1.
Proficiencies: Seasoned Campaigner, Craft (bowyer), Fighting Style (missile), Survival, Tracking.
Languages: Aegyptian, Koine Greek
Equipment: Longbow, mace, dagger. Enc 2/6 stone.

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