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A character in the Force and Destiny: Blinded By the Light campaign.

Tyra Szdanor[edit]

  • Career: Ace / Pilot
  • Description: Tiny (1.49m) in size, large in personality. Long red hair usually kept in a braid, stormy grey eyes. Dresses usually in azure tunic and crimson trousers, with a green vest bearing embroidery of ancient 'mystical' symbols picked out in silver. Bright blue boots and a purple cloak complete the picture.
  • Background: Tyra is a Corellian Gypsy, flying free wherever she goes, making her way by racing swoop bikes or yachts, or the occasional con game. But the Empies have been cracking down on things like that - well, demanding a huge cut, anyway.

So when this pilot she'd been trying to pull talked oh so subtly about the abuses of the Empies, and people who might want to fight them, she made up her mind. It might be fun to fly for them. Certainly, it would be interesting.

Oh, she didn't give the pilot that answer, no. Since the woman wasn't interested in her that way, Tyra went on to find a lovely card sharp who was.

Then she snuck aboard the pilot's ship.

  • Duty: Personnel. Tyra believes in the freedom of people and the power of individuals, so thinks that getting more like-minded people involved is the best choice for the Rebellion.
  • Morality: 50
  • Motivation: Freedom
  • Emotions: Enthusiasm; Greed
  • Force Rating: 1


  • Brawn: 2
  • Agility: 5
  • Intellect: 2
  • Cunning: 3
  • Willpower: 2
  • Presence: 2


  • (Merr-Son Model 53), Damage 6, (Crit 3, Med Range, Enc 1, 4 Hardpoints), Dice Pool: 3 Green + 2 Yellow
  • Throwing Knives, Damage 0, Short Range, 3 Green + 2 Yellow


Career Skills[edit]

  • General Skills
    • Astrogation 0
    • Cool 1
    • Mechanics 1
    • Perception 0
    • Piloting/Planetary 1
    • Piloting/Space 1
  • Social Skills
  • Knowledge Skills
  • Combat Skills
    • Gunnery 1
    • Ranged/Light 2

Non-Career Skills[edit]

  • General Skills
    • Coordination 1
    • Stealth 1
  • Social Skills
  • Knowledge Skills
  • Combat Skills


  • Credits: 400


  • Encumbrance: 1/7
    • Backpack (-4)
    • Electrobinoculars (1)
    • Merr-Sonn Model 53 (1)
    • Heavy Clothing: Soak 1. (0)
    • 2 Throwing Knives (1)
    • Chrono & Wristwatch (0)
    • Breath Mask & Respirator (1)
    • Handheld Commlink (0)
    • Glowrod (1)
    • Racing Uniform (Mostly a leather-like outfit to protect against road rash and such) in the same color scheme as her normal dress.
    • A silver chased steel hairpin
    • A Sabacc deck
    • Tokens / Challenge coins from half a dozen different establishments around the rim
    • Five steel rings inscribed with her personal symbol (A stylized swoop bike, of course) from a set of 12 (the other seven having been given to prior long-term partners)
    • 2 Stun Grenades
    • 2 Stim packs


  • On the Ship
  • Somewhere Else:

Exp Gained: 100 Exp Spent: 100


Ace: Pilot[edit]

Selected: Skilled Jockey, Dead to Rights, Let's Ride, Skilled Jockey 2, Rapid Recovery, Natural Piloting

Ace Pilot.jpg

Force Sensitive Emergent[edit]

Uncanny Senses/1: +1 B on Per rolls per Rank.

Toughened: Gain +2 Wound Threshold

Uncanny Reactions/1: +1 B per Rank of Uncanny Reactions to all Vigilance checks.

Force Sensitive Emergent.jpg

Force Powers[edit]

Force Power 1[edit]

Force Power 2[edit]

Force Power 3[edit]