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The Litmus TIES.

A standard simulator challenge that pilots can take periodically. TIE/LN's are the most ubiquitous fighters in all of the Galaxy, so they serve as a good benchmark, or litmus test, for a pilot's skill and ability.

  • The Litmus TIES pits a flight of contestants against a Squadron of TIE/Ln's. It is open to all pilots.
  • The Elite Litmus TIES pits a single Element against a squadron of TIE/Ln's. It is open to pilots ranked Captain or higher, and their wingman.

The Duel A challenge that pits pilots head to head in a winner take all battle for skill.

The Guantlet A challenge designed to test a pilot's skill at controlling their fighter and navigating through an obstacle course.

The Range A challenge designed to test a pilot's aim with their fighter's weapons, and hitting a set number of targets in a predetermined amount of time.


Squadron leaders

Cartel/Syndicate Hutt? Crimson Dawn?
Dune-lizard/Wraid fighters. Modular?

Battled between the third and 4th spot for most of the preliminary phase, only taking the top spot just before the main tournament started with their stunning defeat of the Crusaders.

Ice Queen - Cyborg?
TIE/Ad Avengers
Black paint, gray solar collectors
Former Imperials

The only top fighter element that stayed in the top three for the whole preliminary phase, but never took the top spot.

By the book? The best training that money can buy.

Held the #1 spot early in the prelims, then slipped to number 2 when the Cruaders moved up. After a few weeks of battling it out with the Voidborn, the Arbiters were stuck trading the 3rd and 4th spot with the Executioners.

Flight Leaders

Mandalorian Clan Eldar - Lion/Leonid sigil
Black/Gray, Dark Green and Orange.

Longest time in the #1 spot. Dropped out of the top three during the final phase of the prelims when the Executioners defeated them in a duel.

Angels of Death
TIE/In Interceptors
(Former Imperial Navy, now mercenaries?) Gold paint scheme, black solar collectors.


Imperial 3 TIE/Striker

Sacorrian Shrikes
Preybird Bombers
Sacorria Defense Force.

Republic PIlots 2
Anvils Novahawks

Race Pilots

Y-wings, or Ion Cannons


Chir'daki/Death Seed X-tie

TIE Series... Hutt Fighters Scyk, Dune Lizard, Krayt
Uglies (Ax-Wing, Death Seed...