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Ulrich Bohnen is a human tradesman. Originally from a small hamlet in southern Talabecland he had been resident in the city of Middenheim for several years by 2512.


Ulrich was born Luitpold Bohnen in early 2486, the only son of Hans and Lisel Bohnen. Hans was a farmer by a trade and naturally expected Luitpold to follow in his tracks but the younger Bohnen showed little apptitude or interest in such a life prefering to spend his time with drinking, gambling and female companionship. After a particularly wayward period in his late teens Hans sent Luitpold to the care of his uncle Heinrich in Middenheim. Heinrich was a respectable apothecary and more than capable of dealing with dissolute apprentices, blood relatives or not.

Surprisingly Luitpold thrived in the big city. While he wasn't overly fond of Heinrich's stern mentorship or frugal lifestyle he found he enjoyed his work and the opportunities it gave him to make a few crowns. Upon arriving in Middenheim the canny Luitpold had changed his name to 'Ulrich', figuring it would go over better with the Ulric-loving Middenheimers. Ulrich experienced a religious experience during his first few months in the city - though it had nothing to do with the Wolf God. Encountering an Initiate of Handrich passing through the city on the way to Marienburg young Ulrich was extremely impressed by the gospel of the god of merchants. Now an enthusiastic devotee of Handrich Ulrich fully intends to make a pilgrimage to Marienburg in the near future.

Comfortably settled in Middenheim Ulrich rarely thinks of his origins in Talabecland, save for the occasional letter to and from his sister Ilsa. He's picked up something of the local accent - though in moments of stress or anger his original accent comes across clearly.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Ulrich is 5'7", and for his height fairly heavily built (160 lbs). His features are quite striking - yellow hair and large purple eyes. On his back there is a... undignified tattoo of the goddess Verena that is the legacy of a drunken bet in his teens and which for obvious reasons he doesn't draw attention to. Ulrich doesn't drink or wench as much as his youthful days - not because he has ceased to enjoy these things but because they get in the way of making money. He's suprisingly hard working when it comes to his job.

While he likes to think himself a refined and educated city dweller Ulrich is rather superstitious. Besides his genuine piety towards Handrich he tries to stay respectful towards the gods, even those he is personally indifferent to like Ulric. In particular he occasionally worries that one of these that tattoo of Verena is going to come back to haunt him...


Name: Ulrich Bohnen

Race: Human

Current Career: Tradesman (Apothecary)

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Eye Colour: Purple

Weight: 160

Hair Colour: Yellow

Height: 5'7"

Star Sign: Gnuthus the Ox

Number of Siblings: 1 (Ilsa, younger sister)

Birthplace: Talabecland, Arable Farm

Distingushing Marks: Tattoo (of Verena on his back)

WS 24 BS 36 S 30 T 31* Ag 37*** Int 38** WP 32 Fel 30

A 1 W 11 SB 3 TB 3 M 4 Mag 0 IP 0 FP 3

(* 27 + Shallya's Mercy; ** 28 + 5 Free Advance + 5 Savvy; *** 32 + 5 Advance)

Known Skills: Animal Care, Common Knowledge (the Empire), Drive, Evaluate, Gossip, Haggle, Perception, Prepare Poison, Read/Write, Secret Language (Guild), Speak Language (Reikspiel), Trade (Apothecary) + 10%

Known Talents: Ambidextrous, Dealmaker, Super Numerate Savvy

Trappings: Clothing (Common) Dagger Hand Weapon (short sword - specialised weapon) Leather Jerkin Sling bag (with blanket, wooden tankard, wooden cutlery) Tattered Cloak 15 Gold Crowns