Ultraviolet Sparrowhawk

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Ultraviolet Sparrowhawk

Not a mutant, the Ultraviolet is a species that was found by the Nazis in South America. They were unable to find where she came from so instead tried to coaxes her into leading them there. That plan didn't work, she did not lead them to her home because she is banned from returning home, instead she lead them deep into the jungle and left them there to die.

She has sense taken to thievery to earn her living, she has gotten a lot of attention from other teams, but has yet to join on for the long haul. She appears as a feather covered woman with an eagle head and great feathery wings that light glistens off of.

Ultraviolet Sparrowhawk

PL 10 (150PP); Init +5; 30ft (Run); Defense 22/16 (6 Base, 5 Dex, 1 Dodge); BAB +6; +9 Melee, +11 Ranged; SV Dmg +7, Fort +3, Ref +5, Will +3; Str 16, Dex 20, Con 16, Int 8, Wis 16, Cha 14 (Total 60PP)

Skills: Acrobatics 4/+9, Move Silently 4/+9, Survival 4/+7, Spot 4/+7, Search 4/+3 (Total 20PP)

Feats: Aerial Combat, Dodge, Evasion, Move-By Attack, All-Around Sight, Toughness (Total 12PP)


  • Energy (Light) Control +10 (Source: Mutation; Effect: Dazzle; Extras: Force Field) (Cost 3 / Total 30PP)
  • Flight +10 (Source: Natural; Flaw: Wings) (Cost 1 / Total 10PP)
  • Claws (Natural Weapon) +6 (Source: Natural; Extra: Climb) (Cost 3 / Total 18PP)