Umbral Domains: Changeling Arts A la Cart

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Under this modification the word “Art” in Changeling is just a fancy way of saying “bunch of cantrips with a similar theme” rather than “bunch of cantrips that must be advanced through in progression due to the rules”. Instead, under this system each power within an Art may be learned separately.

For instance a character can learn the Elder Form power by spending 25CP (5th level power x 5cp/level) and may learn the other Cantrips associated with that Art (Oakenshield, etc.) later if she so desires.

This method seems like it’d work well for characters with a few specific powers. For instance a player who wants their aviator-themed character to fly a lot can take the Wind Runner power, but if she doesn’t think that the abilities to jump long distances (Hopscotch power) or pass through walls (Portal Passage) add to the theme, then she doesn't have to take those powers.

--Peter K. 17:34, 23 April 2006 (PDT)