Umbral Domains: Changeling Chimera & Realms

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Chimera & Realms[edit]

Note: While possibly Canon Compatible, the text below may be a bit controversial in it's interpretation of the rules.

Some Fae entities weilding Arts and Realms live entirely in the Dreaming. Yet these same often have Realm affinities other than Fae. How would this happen if they normally ony interact with Fae things? And even for Changeling Fae isn't it a bit powerful for them to end up with a single Realm that covers everything within a given world?

The Fae Realm is location dependant. While in the Autumn World, or any other non-Dreaming location, the Fae Realm effects anything even partly Chimeral. However in the Dreaming it's a whole different story.

When in the Dreaming, where everything is Chimeral, the Realm needed to affect any given chimera defaults to it's closest non-fae counterpart. For example interacting with a Chimeral tree while in the Autumn World would take Fae 3 (Manifold Chimera). However interacting with a similar Chimeral tree in the Dreaming would use Nature 2 (Verdant Forest).

However, some things still default to the Fae Realm while in the Dreaming. Specifically included are:

  • Actual Fae (such as Changelings, Adhene, and other Gallain).
  • Non-mundane Chimera. Particularly those with a well established mythic nature (ie. dragons, gryphons, Cthulhu, etc.).
  • Dreaming or Glamour related phenomena (ie. Mists, Dross, Firchlis, other cantrips, etc.).

--Peter K. 10:37, 11 June 2006 (PDT)