Umbral Domains: Changeling Morphean Arts

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With this system a character may theoretically cast a Cantrip of any type associated with a given Art as long as they have the appropriate Realm level and at least one dot in the appropriate Art. To do this casting a cantrip becomes a two stage process:

1. Shaping the Cantrip – The player rolls dice equal to their:

Attribute ranks + Art ranks + Bunk Level

The Difficulty of this roll is determined by:

Art level attempted + Realm level used

If the modifier realms (Scene or Time) are applied then use the highest applicable realm level (ie. regular realm, Scene realm, or Time realm) +1 when determining difficulty. If both modifier Realms are used then add +2 instead.

If the character has any ranks in secondary Realms (additional “non-modifier” Realms) which could apply to the Cantrip’s target, then apply a -1 to the difficulty for every applicable secondary realm.

Every 2 successes provide a “shaping bonus” in the supplying Power step.

If the Shaping roll is a normal failure then nothing happens, the Cantrip is not cast but no Glamour is lost. On a critical failure one of the following things must happen:

Either the player proceeds to step 2 but the actual effect of the Cantrip if successful is out of their hands and potentially dangerous, or the player spends a number of points of glamour equal to the Cantrip’s Realm and it is canceled.

2. Supplying Power – If the Cantrip was successfully shaped then the caster can supply power in an attempt to make it effective. The dice rolled to attempt this are determined by:

Caster’s Permanent Glamour + Dross & Temp. Glamour Spent + Shaping Bonus

The difficulty of the roll is equal to the highest Banality in the area whether this is from the caster, target, a witness, or the physical surroundings themselves. The Cantrip’s effects must be obvious to any would-be “witness” for that witness’s Banality to count. The following difficulty modifiers also apply to this difficulty:

+1 If Casting a Wyrd Cantrip

+1 Per point of temporary Banality taken by the target

+1 Per Nightmare die taken by the target.

Any successes gained on the Supplying Power roll are used to determine the scope of the effect as per the rules for each Cantrip power in the core book. For instance getting 3 successes on the Supplying Power roll when attempting the Gimmix power would allow a caster to lift 40lbs. with an equivalent Strength of 2.

--Peter K. 17:13, 23 April 2006 (PDT)