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Mages have Sorcerers, Vampires have Ghouls and Werewolves have Kinfolk. Each of these secondary groups has insights and abilities beyond those of mundane folk, but each also has greater limitations than their supernatural cousins.

What of the Fae though? In the modern World of Darkness fae/human offspring of similarly low power are called Kinain. However in the Dark Ages the fae are quite different and no provision for a comperable type of secondary entity is given.

This work attempts to remedy that discrepancy by providing characters who are not quite fae, but no longer quite human anymore:

Fae Touched[edit]


The union of a changeling and a mortal or two changeling often produces children with unusual qualities. While not fully Changelings yet such offspring may develop some of their parents supernatural abilities and are generally considered by mortals to be "Fae Touched".

But parentage is not the only path toward becomming a Changeling. Mortals, even adults, who remain under the enchantment and close supervision of a Fae patron for a year and a day may attain Fae stature as well. These also are considered "Fae Touched" while during the time before they get Sained.

These second sort of Fae touched normally obtain their position and enchanted state as the benefit of some minor oath of fealty. However, it is possible for fae patrons take unoathed mortals as companions and maintain the enchantment through through a regular diet of Fae food and drink. After a year and a day of such patronage though any enchantments and oaths are null and void as the mortal becomes ready for Saining.

Anything that stops the process toward Saining after a season but before a year is up leaves the mortal in a permenant state of fae touched. The mortal may not begin the process toward becomming Fae again unless they can find a new patron among the fae.

Either sort of fae touched are generally treated as the lowest possible level vassals in fae society, little better than mortals. Any additional respect and consideration afforded them is given entirely out of respect for their fae patron or parentage. Changelings have the most respect for the fae touched as many of them went through a similar stage themselves, and occasionally take on an older sibling role with respect to fae touched individuals.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

In addition to the merits and flaws listed below Fae Touched characters may take any other powers or abilities that make sense given their other restrictions.

Changeling Parent (2-pt Merit)

One or more of your parents were Changelings and you have some small aspect of their power. You may take the Obvious Mein Feature merit and ranks in Kenning. If you can find a tutor you may also gain ranks in Gremayre, Weaving, and Dominions, as well as learning and casting Cantrips. However, you may not yet gain ranks of Mists, undertake Unleashings, nor gain or spend points of Mists and Weaving. Your fae parent may take an interest (or meddle) in your life from time to time for better or worse.

Echo (2-point Flaw)

The character has an Echo. Echoes can only be chosen if the character has selected the Obvious Mein Feature merit. Freebie points gained from taking an Echo can only be used to offset the cost of Obvious Mein Features.

Fae Retainer (2-pt Merit)

You are apprenticed to or work in the service of a Fae master. In his service you have been enchanted for some period of time longer than a month and shorter than a year. The benefits and restrictions of this merit are similar to that of the Changeling Parent merit except that you are beholden to your master until your saining (traditionally after a year and a day of service) or until he dies. If your master dies you retain any fae knowledges and abilities you have accumulated but must start the process over with a new master in order to become a true Changeling.

Characters with this Merit also gain a free dot of the Mentor Background at no extra cost.

Missing Patron (1-pt Flaw)

Some time after your first season being apprenticed your patron went missing. Maybe she just wandered off to other amusements, or perhaps she was kidnapped or even killed by a jealous lover. In any case your path toward changeling status is reset. If you do find another patron it will take an additional year and a day until you are ready for Saining.

Note: This flaw can only be combined with the Fae Retainer merit.

Obvious Mein Feature (1 or 2-pt Merit)

A character who is fae touched may gain up to two lesser features or one greater feature. Lesser features cost 1 point each while a greater feature costs 2 points. These costs include a penalty similar to the Unearthly Mein merit, which in turn means that the character can not hide their Mein without using the Day Dominion cantrip "Summer's Glammor".

Points spent on this Merit are returned if the character ever takes an Echo. If the character ever begins the Saining process to become an actual Changeling then the points spent on Obvious Meim Features may be subtracted from the cost of the first rank in Mists. Similarly when the character gets Sained she gains the ability to hide her Mein as well.

Character Creation[edit]

Fae Touched characters have the same number of points as an unawakened Sorcerer. However, being Fae Touched is usually more a matter of circumstance rather than inherent nature or discipline and study. To indicate this characters have a large number of points available as freebies which can be used to indicate achievement in either mortal knowledge and affairs, Fae power and lore, or a bit of both.

Step One: Character Concept[edit]

Choose concept, Nature and Demeanor.

Step Two: Select Attributes[edit]

Prioritize the three categories (6/4/3). Begin with one dot in each Attribute and assign points to your Physical, Social and Mental Traits.

Step Three: Select Abilities[edit]

Prioritize the three categories (11/7/4). Choose Talents, Skills and Knowledges. No Ability greater than 3 at this stage.

Step Four: Select Advantages[edit]

Choose either the Changeling Parent merit or the Fae Retainer merit.

Choose Backgrounds (5 points)

Record starting Willpower (4 points)

Step Five: Finishing Touches[edit]

Take Flaws (if desired).

Spend freebie points (55) on Merits and additional ranks of various other traits with the following benefits and restrictions:

- It is possible to raise Abilities above 3 at this stage.

- Domain and Weaving dots may be purchased at this stage. At least 1 dot of a Domain and 1 dot of Weaving must be purchased in order to use Cantrips.

- No Mist dots may be purchased until Sained.

- Weaving may not exceed 4 points until the character begins the Saining process.

- Although the Fae Touched character may have the Sprites background he has not yet learned how to call upon them for Mists but may use them to shield from Echoes.

- The character has no favored Domain until Sained.

Choose cantrips.

Equal for All[edit]

For slightly more experienced characters (closer to par with other supernaturals) you may want to make the following changes to the above point distribution:

Attributes (7/5/3)

Abilities (13/9/5)

Backgrounds (7 dots), Willpower (4 dots), Weaving (1 dots), Domains (1 dots) and Freebie points (78).

--Peter K. 07:44, 21 May 2006 (PDT)