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A table for Marauder Quiet is given in the Mage: the Ascension (revised) core book. However, little explanation is given on judging when and how severely to inflict Quiet on normal Mages, or how this ties in with the Marauder system.

To clarify and expand things the following additions have been created. With such a system the difference between Marauders and Magi is largely a matter of degrees.

Note: This system was intended for use with a particular alternate Paradox system, but should function well on it's own.

Shhh! (It's quiet!)[edit]

Characters who generate Paradox on a regular basis are considered non-mutual by the consensus. But this works both ways: It's not just a matter of how much the consensus doesn't like a certain individual's effects, but more an issue of how much the individual denies that the consensus view is even valid.

A character can cash in 5 points of temporary Paradox at any time for a temporary rank of Quiet. If the character manages to go long enough abiding by consensus strictures (i.e. not using magic for a week) the rank of Quiet can be traded back in for 4 points of temporary Paradox which can be bled off in the usual manner. Some individuals (i.e. Marauders) may have permanent ranks of Quiet through a Background of the same name (see below).

Ranks of Quiet produce the delusional effects listed in the chart on p.276 (revised ed.). Additionally Quiet has some other odd effects:

  • Each rank of Quiet "forgives" a point of Paradox the character would've accumulated when creating an effect. Any Paradox created by an effect in excess of the Quiet score still accumulates and causes Backlash.
  • Each rank of Quiet creates a +1 difficulty on all mental, physical, or social skills (choose one category) used in the consensus.
  • It is possible to gain permenant ranks of Quiet, although this is difficult. Any character who gains 20 points of Paradox and manages to avoid getting killed along the way will find their 20 points removed and converted into a single rank of permenant Quiet. Permenant Quiet may also be acquired at character creation through a Background of the same name.

New Background: Quiet[edit]

Each level of this Background gives a character 1 rank of permenant Quiet. This Quiet is never reduced even if the character loses all their Paradox through mundane action over a long period of time. Characters with more than 1 rank of permenant Quiet are generally considered Marauders, while those with more than 6 ranks are almost impossible to even communicate with due to their nearly alien mindset.

--Peter K. 22:01, 10 June 2006 (PDT)