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Arts & Realms: Dark Ages Fae Style - Version 2[edit]

This system was inspired by the system in Dark Ages: Fae game, and in particular the thread here. It was also originally based on this earlier system.

Also, this system requires only the Changeling: the Dreaming core book to use. Previous Dark Ages: Fae experience not actually necessary. For all systems not explicitly mentioned in the text below assume you are using the Changeling canon defaults.


For each Art in which they have at least 1 rank a character gains a number of Cantrips equal to the number of dots they have in Greymayre + Rememberance.

If a character increases their Greymayre later on they may increase the number of Cantrips they know, but new Cantrips are not learned automatically. They must be learned or discovered through experimentation.

Cantrips do not have to be acquired in any particular order, however there are stricter limits on what is considered a single Cantrip: Each Cantrip covers only one level of an Art combined with one level of a Realm. The specific Art and Realm level are chosen when the Cantrip is first acquired.

For example a character could take the Fugue Cantrip allowing it to apply to "Dire Enemies". However, the character could not apply Fugue to "Familiar Faces" without learning the Cantrip again.

Using a Cantrip is called "casting". Other than these modifications individual Cantrips use the normal rules for casting presented in the Changeling core book.


Arts are both more flexible and a bit more difficult to use. A character with at least one dot in any Art can produce effects similar to any of the Cantrips associated with that Art, as long as she has the appropriate Realms to do so.

Using an Art is called "wreaking" (past tense="wrought", person preforming="worker"). When wreaking an Art the character first rolls a contest of:

Permanent Glamour + Ranks taken in Art (DC=6)


Permanent Banality + Level of Art effect desired (DC=6)

Each success in one pool cancels out a success in the other. If the Glamour pool has any successes left over these contribute extra dice to the wreaking. However, if the Banality pool has more successes these either contribute nightmare dice or indicate extra glamour which must be spent just to give the effect any chance of succeeding (worker’s option).

If this step has been successfully completed then wreaking of the Art proceeds according to normal rules as presented in the associated Cantrip description.

--Peter K. 18:12, 24 June 2006 (PDT)