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Brant is the definition of "grizzled veteran" he served in the Guard as his Durance and joined the Order of the Wolf & Hound. Seeing the idealism of his apprentice Ricktor and his old friend Frayed's neice Echo the grim old booze hound has decided to leave Spire a better place

Skills Domains
Fight Low Society
Compel Crime


Once the only son of a well to do distillery fanmi, Brant was groomed to negotiate and be the face of the house. The fanmi even paid many bribes to various aelfir lords in the hopes that he would be hired as an assistant for a winery.

Fate is a cruel mistress as he was instead drafted into the guard. The reverse in his fortunes led him to drink and ruin like many of his fellows. Often raiding the family storehouse for alcohol with them.

At the end of his Durance Brant's fanmi ritually cast him out due to his bad behavior. Having nowhere else to turn the drow took up with some of his old drinking buddies at the Wolf and Hound becoming Knights.

Lately the veteran has been seeking redemption by joining the Ministry.



  • You bear an encyclopedic knowledge of where to get drunk. Once per game, name a nearby bar, pub or inn where you know the landlord (whether they like you or not is up to the GM).

Pick a Fight

  • You’ve spent many an evening sizing up the other patrons in search of a decent brawl. Once per situation, ask the GM who is the best person in the surrounding area to pick a fight with on one of the following conditions: 1) you want to win 2) you want to make a good impression 3) you want to cause a distraction.

Law of the Docks

  • You carry a mighty weapon. As a Knight, you are permitted to carry a large bladed weapon (or a lance) without getting in trouble with the city guard. Using it is another matter.


Ricktor (individual) | Stress: 0

  • A young man from a surprisingly well to do docks family. Ricktor was raised with the belief that everyone must leave the Spire a better place. His idealism is slowly infecting his master Brant.


  • Knight Quarter-Plate (Armour 3, Heavy)
  • Knightly Lance (D6, Piercing, Surprising)


Refresh: Engage in reckless excess.

Free Slots Resistances Stress
3 Armour 0
1 Blood 0
- Mind 0
- Shadow 0
2 Silver 0
3 Reputation 0