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A Bound who learnt the trade from her uncle. For years she passed him information on crime and criminals while working her durance, but when she was old enough to take the trials and perform the rites, she vanished from her "Master's" service, and took to the rooftops of Perch...

Skills Domains
Fight Crime
Investigate Low Society


Surprise Infiltration

  • Nothing can keep you out. Once per session, insert yourself into a situation where you are not currently present, so long as there's some conceivable way you could get in there.

Bound Blade

  • You have captured the god Melkith and forced it into your blade. As a Bound, you gain a god-axe blade when you join the order, and bind a small god inside it with a bloody and dark ritual. The weapon has the Bound tag, and as such you can use your class abilities through it. You cannot use your abilities through another weapon, but if your Bound weapon is lost or destroyed, you can create a new one with a night-long, exhausting rite held back in Perch.

The Secret of Second Skin

  • [Divine] Rimsham, the god in your armour, watches out for you. Once per situation, when you are attacked by an enemy and the GM would roll to inflict stress, you take 1 stress instead.

The Secret of the Crowd

  • [Divine] With a little help from Trish, you can hide in plain sight, so long as there are others around. +1 Shadow. When you wear your mask and stand in a crowd, you will blend into the background (though not become invisible) unless you do something out of the ordinary to attract attention.


Ponder (individual) | Stress: 0

  • Small-time but not small, Ponder is a thief and fixer. He grew-up in Perch with Echo, but slipped into Redrow as he let his weight slip and his height grow. A vigilante associating with a criminal is a betrayal of Echo's principles, but their friendship (and his distance from Perch) lets her to turn a blind eye...with the excuse that he helps her take down 'real' criminals.


  • Trish, ceremonial red binding ropes, and mask
  • Melkith, God-Axe (D6, Bound)
  • Rimsham, light leather armour (Armour 2)
  • Sturdy leather gloves
  • Climbing gear and more ropes


Refresh: bring a criminal to justice.

Free Slots Resistances Stress
2 Armour 0
1 Blood 0
0 Mind 0
4 Shadow 0
- Silver 0
- Reputation 0