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Upper Spire[edit]

Ivory Row[edit]

Lady Theryn Thorns-on-Silk[edit]

high society, commerce

Mister Alas

Mister Alas[edit]

high society, commerce, low society, occult

Unstrung Heroine Fanclub[edit]

high society, crime | Sarabande
Wallflower, Violet, Stage Mouse

They're looking forward to her trippy, passion-inflaming performances reaching a new height of popularity. Especially in combination with mind-altering substances that are probably illegal and might be useful to use against the enemies of the ministry.






low society, crime | Echo

Small-time but not small, Ponder is a thief and fixer. He grew-up in Perch with Echo, but slipped into Redrow as he let his weight slip and his height grow. A vigilante associating with a criminal is a betrayal of Echo's principles, but their friendship (and his distance from Perch) lets her to turn a blind eye...with the excuse that he helps her take down 'real' criminals.