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Pieta Pariqa was born in the North Docks amongst the throng of merchants and sailors, and would have become one of those if it wasn't for the extra eyes that she was born with. This was the mark of the Spider Goddess, Ishkrah. Her parents would have taken her to the Midwives, but an enterprising uncle thought it was good luck that she had survived and convinced the parents that he could look after her. He made a small amount of money from showing off the freak with multiple eyes to visitors, but mostly he trained her in the ways of mercantile deeds.

To the Aelfir Lords, she sold herself as an intermediary between the humans and Spire and thus was allowed to continue working in the Docks. After her durance, she returned home, only to see her uncle killed. This shook her, and so she found the Midwives and asked to be trained, perhaps to avenge him.

Quiescence is her name that she took on as a Midwife, to illustrate the virtue of stillness and not reacting. She is... not good at that.

Skills Domains
Fight Crime
Fix Low Society


  • Blood +3
  • Reputation +1
  • Mind +1

Refresh: Defend the defenceless


  • Ceremonial Silk Robes
  • Weighted chain (D3, Concealable, Stunning)


  • You have a street-level bond with the Order of Midwives, and are an active member. Name your immediate superior, who does not know you work for the Ministry, and one colleague, who does.
    • My superior is Mother Tenebrae, a deeply devoted lady. The colleague who knows I work for the Ministry is Ancile, who distrusts me yet will not sell me out for some unknown reason.
  • You have a bond with another player character, whose life you saved when noone else would. Say who, and what they’d done to ostracise themselves from their community.
    • I saved Brant's life, who has been cut off from his fanmi.


You sacrifice your life, inch by inch, to safeguard the future of the drow. Once per session, when an ally takes fallout, you appear nearby so long as it would be even slightly feasible for you to do so. They ignore the effects of the fallout, and you take D6 stress to an appropriate resistance instead.
Ancient instincts, bound into you by forgotten sorcery, give you a measure of what a person really cares about. Once per situation, ask the GM what a particular NPC wishes to protect above all else.
At will, your hands become dangerous weapons as your nails harden and flexible plates cover your palms. Your unarmed damage becomes (D6, Bloodbound).
Intoning ancient psalms to forgotten powers, you bind your wounds with strands of ethereal web. +1 Blood. Roll Fix+Occult to cast this spell. On a success, remove D6 stress from Blood on yourself, or D3 stress from Blood on another character.


Refresh: Defend the defenceless,

Free Slots Resistances Stress
0 Armour 0
3 Blood 0
1 Mind 0
0 Shadow 0
0 Silver 0
1 Reputation 0