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Urala is a drug finding its way into the underside of Amber society.


  • It is heavily flowering plant grown in most Dreanan shadows. It has been transplanted to other shadows where it grows well but the treatments that produce the finished Urala produces a vastly inferior product. However, these inferior products have similar but milder effects on human and chaos Endurance. Thus many realms that produce substandard versions gain their own followings.
  • Dreanan is the highest quality and most respected product. Dreana is the world of its origin.
  • Trasidy recently began producing product that is extremely comparable to Dreanan and in some places the two are mixed to provide a mellower high.
  • The plant is being grown in many shadows and produce levels of effect appropriate to the realms they are produced in. Kashfa has recently begun growing it in large quantities.
  • It is believed that Eregenor may also be able to produce dreanan level product one day.

Uses and Potency[edit]

Urala can be used in several versions. The Urala plant is a leafy green plant with columns of multicolored flowers.

  • The leaves can be dried and used as a tobacco or in other method.


  • A tobacco-like preparation is by far the most common. Urala Leaf Cigars have been smoked on Dreana for millennia and has become an export product.
  • It tobacco form is hallucinogenic, euphoric, has a very pleasant vanilla taste, and almost no airborne scent. It changes colors dramatically while in the air creating an unscented cloud. The Dreana version is used in realms by people of all classes. Its effects are strong on those with human endurance, moderate on Chaos endurance, and mild to those with Amber or above endurance. It is comparable to the best grades of pharmaceutical marijuana for those with Human endurance. Since natives in certain realms such Amber, Avalon, Regor, Azcala, and Mandalay have a higher standard endurance this has become very popular in those realms.
  • The non-dreanan products are becoming more common across shadow because of the Jeweled Road.

alcohols and Food[edit]

Various alcohol and fermented products are produced.

  • Fresh leaves are chewed as a sleep-inducer.
  • Cooked like collard greens the fresh leaf has a mustardy taste and mixes well in other foods with a high vitamin content and low caloric content. Cooked in this manner it has a mildly euphoric effect.
  • The flowers are harvested, allowed to oxidize like tea for various periods of time. The longer the fermenting takes the better the produce.
    • An alcohol has been long made from putting unprocessed flowers in various alcohols and allowed to age but not dry infusing the alcohol with a strong euphoric effect. It adds a slightly floral taste to the base alcohol and is mildly hallucinogenic. Few outside Dreana and Trasidy favor it.


A Powerful powdered crystalline product similar to cocaine and ingested in the same ways is the most potent method.

  • Fresh flowers are packed in a high proof grain alcohol in cloth-covered containers till the alcohol is gone. The alcohol-cured flowers are then powdered.
  • The crystalline version is a colorful powder smoked straight, or seeded in tobacco products, and mixed in foods and drinks. This is an effective intoxicant for people with high endurance and devastatingly strong for human and Chaos Ranked Endurance.

Medical Effects[edit]

While not specifically a medical product many practiconers have found that adding urala powder to medicine produces a calming effect and provides pain relief. Medications that cause upset stomachs, headaches or body aches have been improved by the addition of small amounts of Ural powder. Urala smoke also is effective for those suffering nausea or pain.

Addictive Qualities[edit]

  • It is nonaddictive physically and withdraw from its use is not difficult physically. It does create a psychological craving after frequent use. Overuse can be dangerous because of the lack of personal safety and hygiene long-term users develop. Similar to opium users.
  • Injection methods are used in some realms for medical purposes but they have not been shown to have any difference in results to smoked or inhaled methods.
  • Recently it was revealed that the best Urala powder was grown and created in Trasidy.