Ursula Annika Stella Re-Kentaros

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High Concept: Idealistic daughter of a noble house

  • Invoke: behave as befits a noble; inspire others with her ideals; use social connections
  • Compel: when ideals crash into reality; obligations vis a vis noble houses

Trouble: Noblesse Oblige

  • Invoke: Raise up those of common birth, see her duty through to the end
  • Compel: emphasize the class divide, perceived obligations to her "lessers."

Temperament: Sanguine

  • Invoke: Act quickly and decisively; comfortable in the spotlight
  • Compel: Act impulsively; need attention

Heart of Fire

  • Invoke: Never give up, overcome fear and pain, care deeply for her friends
  • Compel: Let emotions control her, hold on to grudges

Student of Battle

  • Invoke: Fight when necessary; know about military history, strategy and tactics
  • Compel: Pick/accept unnecessary fights; order people around


  • Invoke: TBD
  • Compel: TBD

Rank Skills
Great (+4) Will
Good (+3) Mecha Weapons, Rapport
Fair (+2) Fight, Mecha Piloting, Resources
Average (+1) Contacts, Empathy, Lore, Notice
Stunt Effect
Heavy Hitter When you succeed with style on a Mecha Weapons attack and choose to
reduce the result by one to gain a boost, you gain a
full situation aspect with a free invocation instead
Historian +2 to all Lore roles related to history
TBD tbd