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Christopher Allen[edit]

I am CEO of Skotos Tech, and the Publisher for RPGnet.

My paper game credits include:

  • Author of Monster Smash, a one page Play-Doh game. It is a popular game at a number of west coast game conventions.
  • Author of FANGS - Fantasy Adventure Networked Gaming System. Originally written in the late 80s, I've now made it available as open content.

I prefer my games in the middle between a gamism, simulationism, and narrativism. Too much structure I find confining, too little means loosing control, and all must combine to tell a story that I'm ultimately must be interested in.

I am not currently GM'ing, but I'm in a long running Call of Cthulhu and RuneQuest II campaign, both which have been running for over 20 years. I LARP anything except Vampire at various bay area game conventions, play german-style board games on Thursdays, and otherwise spend a lot of time hanging out with other local ASMRB gamers.

Professionally, I am a designer of what is now known as "social software", which I write about in my blog at Life With Alacrity.