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Demongg AKA kevin perrine[edit]

aka. kev, kevperrine, kevin, game nazi[edit]

Kevin Perrine is an original founder of the Seattle Gamers Assemble! online Yahoo Groups and local Seattle gaming community. He came to Seattle from the East Coast in mid 1999. Born and raised in small town Gassaway, West Virginia, Kevin came to Seattle via Burlington, Vermont, where he'd worked for Marriott on the University of Vermont campus as Marketing Manager and Graphic Designer.

Arriving in Seattle, Kevin worked with Marriott in a satelite office (in Kent, WA) designing templates for collage foodservice and facility marketing materials such as websites, promotional videos, etc... Just over a year following arrival it was time to move on from Marriott. Kevin's supervisor was moving the satelite office to Portland. This was the true beginning of the SGA.

During the first year Kevin was in Seattle he made several friends, some that remain with the SGA today. The small group of 4-5 first organized for board gaming at the now defunct Wizards of the Coast gaming center in the U-District. THIS was the original "SGA Luncheon" and "Short-Shot" gameday combined!

The original SGA group was comprised of several key members, many of which are still active in the community today.

  • Kevin
  • Laura
  • Jon
  • Karl
  • Pete

This group was quickly joined by several others such as:

  • Johnzo
  • el Jeffe
  • JoeZ

And many many others...

Back then the group organized as an off-shoot of a Microsoft Gaming Online forum, with several of our first RPGs comprised primarily of Microsoft employees. This online community moved toward an open forum so that non-Microsofties could join. At that time was the rage and became our home, chosen above Yahoo Groups originally because of interface and member preference. In 1999, Yahoo acquired, one of the most popular mailing list products at the time. About 8 months later, Yahoo merged the functionality with Yahoo Groups, resulting in some complaints from users of both services.

The SGA was not deterred... The merging created several problems for the club and the SGA signed up as a Yahoo Group on September 19th 2000. Officially becoming the "Seattle Gamers Assemble!" group it is today.

Seattle Gamers Assemble!