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People can pretend that Drow are all like Drizzt and have great personalities despite their horrible pasts, have purple eyes and are in general "Chaotic Good" people. This is not that kind of game. This is a game where six drow are working together not because they like it, but because they haven't figured out a way to kill each other yet without getting caught. They are working together because the supreme mother of house Kenafin wants them to, and enjoys laughing at their misfortune.


The setting is obviously the underdark, we are not playing human-hugging tree-loving purple-eyed hippies. Our six... "heroes" are of house Kenafin, one of the houses of Menzoberranzan. In search of glory and promotion, they have been grouped together and asked to do errands for the good of the house.


Character Notes Dead/Non-Active
Gelrir Female Cleric, played by Paul.
Mizzrym Female Warlord, played by Bill.
Jhandel Female Fighter, played by Mary, then Thomas
Rel'torure Male Warlock, played by Brandon
Ilngelfin Female Paladin, played by Temba.
Brielim Male Rogue, played by Thomas.
Ni'lethmen Male Rogue, played by Amos.
Lael'monia Male Wizard, played by Mary.