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Star ORE is a great idea. Mixed with what I know of Wild Talents Essential Edition, I think I could certainly turn it into something functional in my group. I have never run a game of ORE, but I have wanted to incorporate some of my favorite settings into it to try it out. I've been looking into Exalted ORE, Star ORE, etc. Both are out, kinda, but neither are things I've been ready to tackle and make into something playable. So this is my attempt to take the current game I'm playing in, taking the characters and setting them to ORE. I've read Star ORE and I'm using that as a basis, also with WT:EE. Here goes nothing...


In our game, everyone is some weird race. Near human to squid face to slug people and a twi'lek. According to Star Wars Saga Edition each race has some special ability. From the examples in the Star ORE manual, to build a race is a little more complicated, so here are some ideas I've got.


  • Gotta have some force ability to allow them to see. Super power style or not.


  • Filters the air


  • Bellows ability, probably gotta be built like a super power from WT:EE


  • They're pretty and prone to slavery?


Also using some things from Star Wars Saga Edition here, I like having example powers like they have in the book. They do offer some in the manual for Star ORE, here I'd like to place some builds so I know how to do what I wanted to do very easily.