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Biggest Little City[edit]

The city of Reno and its closest neighbor, Sparks, are in relative isolation. The nearest population center of a greater size is Sacramento, CA; 130 miles west. Reno's nearest neighbors, other than Sparks, are no less than 25 miles away. This makes the city ideal in many ways for playing in the World of Darkness because the players will have nowhere to run. It also makes it easy to cluster the various supernatural character types. The scene is set in Northern Nevada in current day (or there about). Garou, Kindred, Awakened, Chosen, etc. are a mostly concealed entity from the eyes of mortals.


They have their own worries, and in general are not out to take over anything they don't already have. Content in their ways, only the youngest of the leeches become a problem from time to time. The vamps have a secure hold on the few things that matter to them, and feel that no wolf in human clothing could take it from them. The garou probably don't care to take it from them and feel that's the only reason they are still in the city.


Jealously seeking places of power that the garou control, they are no doubt a issue of contention, it is less of an issue in Reno only because of the precarious agreement struck up between the Glass Walkers and the mage collective in the city. The magi have their own areas of influence to protect, something away from the eyes of the Glass Walkers, but it is the opinion of the garou that they remain because the garou have bigger fish to fry.


Its hard to take something seriously when they don't present too much of a threat to the whole. They could be quietly brewing and building such a shit-storm that the garou have no defenses of... who knows? not the garou, that's for sure.


The garou in Northern Nevada are content in their ignorance of the impending doom that is the apocalypse. There are two major caerns, two minor caerns, and several scattered places of importance to the garou in the area. With a population over 670,000, the amount of supernaturals in the area is considerable. This in mind, there are a multitude of places a young (or old) garou can be keeping low.

The Sept of the O'Brien Brewery[edit]

An old Irish Brewery founded by Rory O'Brien, and also a convenient cover for the caern bon the place was built near. The brewery is family run, seeing that Kin run the place, and the garou members of the O'Brien clan stay mostly to the grounds out back. The brewery puts out a fine spiced apple cider, as well as a unique mead. The mead comes from an old O'Brien family recipe that outside of Ireland is only found with this one brewery in the VC foothills. The caern itself is Fianna in name, but houses just about any tribe that puts up with the O'Briens, and since they are such a well liked family, they have quite a few varied garou staying with them.

The Sept of the Pyramid Lake Reservation[edit]

The Paiute of the Pyramid Lake have a long housed the pure ones in their numbers. The caern that today is home to both Uktena and Wendigo garou is not far from the reservation and is regarded as a safe home for all wolves and their kin.

The Sept of the Silver Legacy[edit]

Perhaps the newest addition to the caerns in and around Reno, NV this caern was built in 1995, though the ground it was built on has been owned by Glass Walker Kin since the late 1970's. Today the building houses more than 50 garou, and the caern bon is actually held in the top most three stories of the hotel tower.

The Sept of the Great Basin[edit]

No so much a sept as a pack or two of Red Talons that unofficially claim all of the great basin that takes up the majority of Nevada and into some of the surrounding states. The caern bon is found in the Great Basin National Park, but the elder Fur-Gnarled runs where he pleases in the great basin. While not Red Talon specific, the would-be-sept only welcomes Lupus garou.

The Home of the Den Mother[edit]

A safe house for any garou out her way the Den Mother, also known as Maria Den-Mother Adren the Child of Gaia Philodox, houses those in need. Her home though it looks small and modest is enchanted to appear small and unremarkable, but inside is comfortable enough to house at least two packs of garou comfortably. The house is located in the backwater area of Fernley, NV.

The Camp of the Mobile Home[edit]

The favored home of the Bone Gnawers is not a caern, more like just a convenient gathering of garou in an area that has been established as safe for Gnawers and their friends. It is a building, the word being used loosely, that is designed to pick up and move with relative ease. Dances-With-Fleas the ranking garou takes great pride in ensuring the safety of all at his camp. The current location of the Mobile Home is somewhere in Sun Valley, NV.