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The Wild West[edit]


Suitable for three or more players a short-term one-shot werewolf game to get players accustomed to a newish system and something to play in between chapters of my Exalted game.


The game is set in Virginia City, Nevada in the end of summer in 1875. The characters are newly changed werewolves and as their initiation into the caern are asked to undertake a seemingly minor task of killing wyrm foe.

Player Characters[edit]

Characters are created from the werewolf wild west core book, with tribe and auspice added after dots are applied. Characters may spend freebie points accordingly to fill out their werewolf identity. Characters may also have some merits and flaws. More information on that found on the Merits and Flaws page.

Additional Gifts[edit]

In the Companion Book additional gifts were released. They may be used and learned by player-characters.

The Caern of the Flickering Flame[edit]

Non Player Characters[edit]

Isaac "Rustling Apostle" Fianna Philodox Caern Elder.
Erica "The Doctor" Black Fury Theurge Caern Elder.
Henry "Revenge" Harrison Silver Fang Galliard Caern Elder.
Ramon "Scrawny" Cox Iron Rider Ragabash Gate Keeper.
Douglas McArdle "Doom-speaker" Fianna Philodox Warden.
Liam McKibben "The Dancer" Fianna Theurge Master of the Rite.
Brian "Scalphunter" Get of Fenris Ahroun Master of the Challenge.
Annie "The Girl" Child of Gaia Theurge Keeper of the Land
Loco Warren Bone Gnawers Theurge Keeper of the Land
Bonnie "Shooter" Howell Child of Gaia Galliard Caller of the Wyld
Shane "Hoedown" Garret Fianna Ragabash Master of the Howl
Lena "Rawhide Rustler" Fianna Galliard Talesinger
Giggling Rock Uktena Philodox Truthcatcher
Jack Hunter "Redsmoke" Shadowlord Galliard Wyrm Foe
The Pack of the Laughing Wind Guardians
Kenneth "The Seer" Fianna Theurge
The Reverend Hopkins Silver Fang Philodox
Cheerful Tucker Get of Fenris Galliard
Tom "Los Angeles" Barnes Iron Rider Ahroun
Emma "Bully Lady" Black Fury Ragabash


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