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Games I Am or Have Been In[edit]

Welcome to Liminus (24MBB) - Sci-Fi Western romp (24MBB, 24xx hack)

Wolves in the Wedding - Ancient Greece (24XX hack)

Plundering the Ziggurat of Mag - swords and sorcery (Reavers of Mag, 24XX hack)

Songs of the Beast Gods - discontinued (Barbarians of Lemuria)

Murkvey Rock - discontinued (Cairn)

Your sandaled stride (Dunes & Denizens, 24XX hack)
- Ouko
- Atheyu

Fornau - The Great Grass Sea (wiki) - discontinued (Warrior, Rogue & Mage)

A Witch's Best Friend - discontinued (Heretic, 24XX hack)

3 finger salute (wiki) - discontinued (Codebreakers, 24XX hack)

To Kill a God - discontinued (Uresia, Risus)

City of Rumors and Favors - discontinued
- (wiki) (Tunnel Goons hack)

Lichs Drugs and Tomes (wiki) - weird fantasy (Tunnel Goons / Sargolis)

Change Agents - completed (cybermagepunk, 24XX)

Running Luck - completed (weird swords and sorcery, custom rules)

Defenestration of King Bryce - completed (fantasy, Risus)

World of Xoth - completed (swords and sorcery, 5e)

Traversing Tiny Dungeons - completed (fantasy, Tiny Dungeons)

New Haven? - completed (urban modern fantasy, Fair Ones, 24xx hack)

Garrington Heist (wiki). - discontinued, don't remember what rules this was

Rule of Three (wiki). - discontinued (Tiny Dungeons / micronomicon)

Athens has Fallen A game in ancient Greece, during the post-Bronze Age Collapse. Originally Adventure Fantasy Game, but got a bit freeform.