Utaku Alexandra

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Name: Utaku Alexandra ("Sasha")
Gender: Cisgender Female
Age: 18 years
Appearance and Demeanor:

Twenty Questions[edit]

1. Clan: Unicorn (+1 Water, +1 Survival, Status 30
2. Family: Utaku (+1 Fire, +1 Survival, +1 Tactics, glory 44)
3. School: Utaku battle maiden, bushi (+1 Air, +1 Earth, +1 command, +1 fitness, +1 martial arts (melee), +1 Government, +1 Meditation, 50 honor, Heroic Charge, Kata: Warrior's Resolve, Kata: Iron Forest Style
4. How does your character stand out?: Passion (+1 Fire)
5. Giri: Warrior
6. Ninjo: In love with her lord's daughter
7. Relationship with Clan: From a minority group, she feels like an outsider even among the Unicorn clan (+1 Perform, reflecting traditional poetry and song)
8. Views on Bushido: Unorthodox - she likes the warrior ethic, but sees little point in the courtly arts. She also disdains the katana, preferring the naginata, yari and bow. She only wears the katana on formal occasions. (+1 survival)
9. Greatest Accomplishment: Captured an important fugitive via lassoing.
10. What holds your character back?: Viewed as a barbarian due to her ethnicity
11. What brings your character peace? Horse riding
12. Trouble: Her love is betrothed to another via arranged marriage
13. Mentor: Her mother
14. What do people notice first: She does not look Rokugani, either in features or dress.
15. Reaction to stress:
16. Relationships:
17. How would her parents describe her: Like an approaching thundercloud (+1 Martial arts: Ranged
18. Heritage: Dynasty Builder (+3 Glory, +1 Performance)
19. Personal Name: Sasha
20. Death: Growing old with her love


Air (Grace/ Cunning): 2
Earth (Resilience): 2
Fire (Quickness/ Passion): 3
Void (Flow/ Wisdom): 1
Water (Adaptability/ Flexibility/ Perceptiveness): 2

Derived Stats[edit]

Endurance: 10
Composure: 8
Focus: 5
Vigilance: 2


Survival 3
Tactics 1
Fitness 1
Meditation 1
Martial Arts (Melee) 1
Command 1
Government 1
Performance 1
Martial Arts (Ranged) 1

Social Standing[edit]

Glory: 47
Honor: 50
Status: 30


• Distinction: Karmic tie (love)
• Passion: Animal Bond
• Passion: Travel
• Adversity: Gaijin name/culture/appearance
• Anxiety: Poor literacy


• Kata
o Iron Forest Style
o Warrior's Resolve
• School Ability
o Heroic Charge


Lacquered armor
Quiver of arrows
Traveling pack
Utaku steed

Wealth: 6 koku