V'neef Akela

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An NPC for House of Bells.

V'neef Akela.jpg


Archetype: Teenage Iconoclast
Aspect: Wood
Voice Actress: Michelle Ruff
Theme: 'Girl Talk' by The Donnas

  • Youngest daughter of V'neef herself, though this doesn't hold as much weight popularity-wise as it would with another house, as the young House V'neef isn't terribly respected. Subject of many ugly rumors, but Akela herself either couldn't care less or is the Realm's best actress. Friendly, approachable, yet still somehow distant. Possibly the most highly-bred Dragon-Blooded in school, thanks to her mother and father's own impeccable breeding, and is sought after as a wife by about every House with an unmarried Wood Aspect. Despite being somewhat shunned, she seems to know everybody, including you.