Valerie Samson

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Valerie samson.jpg

Race: Caucasian
Location: Osiris
Profession: Doctor/Neurosurgeon
Quirk: Obsessive about keeping notes and records
Last Seen: In care of MP Gibbons
Valerie brought herself up from nothing. Her family was dirt poor and everything she accomplished, she did by the sweat of her own brow.

Valerie and Arden were lovers when they first became acquainted, but they did drift apart for on other reason than just long term incompatibility. As they medical training advanced they frequently found themselves competing for resources and slots.

Arden contacted Dr. Samson regarding Mike Carter's unusual condition. She agreed to work with him, and did succeed in creating an antidote. Later she was captured and subjected to the same drug, Chempliant, which caused her to become a pliant tool for the Hands of Blue Operatives. Her final act for them was to stab Arden with a syringe filled with Chempliant.
The crew brought her to M.P. Gibbons for protection (and proof) and that is her last whereabouts.