Vampire Winter

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The winter never ends, here.

It sucks the warmth from your bones, and leaves men to scrabble at the hard earth for what pathetic crops they can grow. Children starve and terrible creatures stalk the silent forests. Over it all, the Fanged Lords rule with an iron fist, and an ever-burning thirst. The people are like cattle to them. Hideous stone temples to Orcus rise above the landscape, raised further to the sky with each desultory human generation - many have been born and gone into their cold graves under the mad, eternal eyes of the vampire kings. Generations have slaved and bled, knowing that their grandchildren's grandchildren will suffer and die just as they have.

The Elves and Dwarves are gone, and none know where. The Gods are cut off from their people, only whispers of the old ways survive. Magic is forbidden. Rebellion is unthinkable. Almost.


Vampire Winter is a D&D 4E campaign run by TapeWorm. So far, five would-be heroes have cast aside their prior lives and committed themselves to death or freedom:

1. Katya, the Cleric. Played by CraftZero.

2. Marko, the Fighter. Played by Hellzon.

3. Piotr, the Sorcerer. Played by Chrespo.

4. Vladimir, the Warlock. Played by Ferrus Animus.

5. Vadim, the Wizard. Played by The Wyzard.

Past Adventures They have so far had the following adventures:

1. They have secured a hideout in the forest.

2. Some relatively innocent people have been saved from execution.

3. Embezzled goods have been stolen for use by the revolutionaries

4. An agent of the Fanged Lords has been slain, along with his wolves

5. The village of Tesov has (for the current time) been saved from the Horror in the Pit, which was slain.

6. The specters roaming the grounds near the heroes' hideout have been defeated at their source - a well full of dead prisoners.

Current Projects The heroes of Vampire Winter are currently looking to save the village of Beca from a band of goblins that have moved into the area and occupied their silver mine. In addition to defeating a menace, they are hoping this will provide goodwill - and funds.

Future Adventures They have gathered word of the following possibilities that may become part of their overall revolutionary scheme.

1. A band of renegade vampires preying on a nearby village. [Village needs a name]

2. A night hag (or possibly bandits) has been killing travelers in the Witch Wood

3. Goblins are moving into the area and probably setting up a lair

Notable distant NPCs

Baron Yakov - rules the barony our heroes are currently roaming about.

Baron Vodstok - rules the barony to the northeast. Silver marked with his seal was found in Yakov's barony.

Baron Chasnov - possible instigator of the former sun cult in Blets.