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Vantrump1.jpg Vangarious Son of Gerard Fdidogs.jpg

This friendly man is a fan of traveling, with simple needs. He loves baseball and seeks different realms where it is played.

Physically he is large man though not beyond a normal physique at 6' 0", 200 lb. Bats and throws left-handed. In general appearance his darkish skin is striking beneath reddish blond hair. His facial features are similar to Lou Gehrig, who may have been a shadow of him. Besides sports he enjoys horseback riding, gardening, camping, hiking, sailing, swimming, singing, dancing, and drawing/painting.

He is followed by 3 wolves that are almost always thought to be large wolfish dogs.

A man of the sea, his personal craft is a small sailing yacht called the Sea Nymph Seanymph.jpg

His tankard never spills. Tankard1.jpg

Running Sheet Vangarious