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Making technological advances were always fun for him, he wanted the for technology to catch up with societies expectations of a twenty years ago. He wanted flying cars, instant food, and levitation fields. That is why he joined a mega corporation, they had the funds to make his dreams come true.

He was set up in a massive lab and was assigned a staff in the dozens. He was assigned to work on the levitation fields that would lead to the flying cars for his dreams, but he just did not keep to that department. He found that his field could also protect whatever it was lifting, it was an bonus. The field also ran off of the gravity of the planet, a very abundant force.

He tested the suit before the board of directors, they looked very pleased. The device lifted whatever it was attached to and protected it for damage. He was all set to start the copy right paper work when he got word that he was loosing his funding. The device did not operate on a source of power that the company could control, therefor they were dropping it. He couldn't believe it, the ability to money was going to keep his inventions out of the publics hand.

He took the prototype and snuck out of the building and set out to make his dreams a reality. He would funds to finish the testing and to get production underway. There was only one way to get the kind of money that he needed ....


PL 10 (150PP); Init +2; 30ft (Run), 50ft (Flight); Defense 17/15 (5 Base, 2 Dex); BAB +5; +7 Melee (2S Punch), +8 Ranged (10S Force Blast); SV Dmg +4 (10 Protection, 10 Deflection), Fort +4, Ref +2, Will +2; Str 14, Dex 14, Con 18, Int 18, Wis 14, Cha 10 (Total 47PP)

Skills: KS: Electronics 4/+8, Computer 4/+8, Inventor 4/+8, PS: Physics 4/+8, Spot 4/+8 (Total 20PP)

Feats: Attack Focus (Ranged), Power Attack, Toughness (Total 6PP)


  • Force Field +10 (Source: Technology; Effect: Protection; Extras: Deflection, Effect Others [x3], Energy Blast, Impenetrable, Flight [Single Move Only]) (Cost 8 / Total 80PP)