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Dhirkan Eshu[edit]

Names and their meanings

  • Dhirkan, public: "the velvet glove" - used to misdirect, can be used to catch him in a lie, can be coerced to do something needlessly duplicitous
  • Alexan, secret: "the iron fist" - used in unarmed combat, can be used to undermine his brawling style, can be coerced into imprudent aggression
  • Eshu, family: "desire is won by daring" - used when undertaking reckless risks in the name of romance, can be used to goad him into showing off, can be coerced into undertaking dangerous tasks


  • Father: Bear, submissive, Baron
  • Mother: Fox, dominant, Countess

Sole survivor of five children, born the youngest. His indulgent upbringing as the sole surviving offspring of his parents has contributed immensely to his general disregard for matters of weight.

Although having a spouse is a definite mechanical advantage, part of Dhirkan's nature is being entirely too footloose, so he's still a bachelor.


Strength 4, Cunning 2, Courage 3, Beauty 4, Wisdom 2, Prowess X

Brash, athletic, charismatic, and capable of great selflessness.


  • Rake:
    • Invoke - used for seduction
    • Tag - used against him when trying to discredit him
    • Compel - can be coerced into doing something flagrantly inappropriate
  • Heart of Gold:
    • Invoke - used when he's doing something selfless
    • Tag - used against him when pleading for his aid
    • Compel - coerced into doing something naive
  • Romance: Rank 3 (Jella Jasnine)
    • Invoke: You may invoke this Aspect to gain a number of dice equal to the Romance’s rank whenever you are performing a task assigned by your lover. You may only have one task at a time. If you cannot accomplish a task—or if you lover wants to assign a different task before you’ve accomplished the fist—your lover can change the task… and the Romance’s Potential loses one rank.
    • Tag: Others can take advantage of your feelings, gaining two dice when you are put in the position of having to act against your paramour.
    • Compel: Your Romance can also be compelled, forcing you to protect the Romance. Not necessarily your lover, but the Romance.


  • Ashalim Avendi 1
  • Talia Yvarai 1
  • Talten Steele 1