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Fyx Myrr


  • Family Name: Myrr: “I bear Wisdom’s price”
  • Public Name: Fyx: “I am alive”
  • Secret Name: Torr: “Iron does not bend”


  • Mother: Serpent Marquis: Myrr Maja
  • Father: Fox Baron: Yvarai Suahavan
  • House: Mother’s

Fourth Born No other surviving children

Spouse: Wyel Steele Submissive No Children

Rank: Baron

Virtues: Wisdom: 4 Prowess: 3 Cunning: 4 Beauty: 2 Courage: 2 Weakness: Strength

Devotions: Falvren Dyr: 1 Talten Steele: 2

Aspects: Senvada: Invoke: Add three dice Tag: Compel:

Cold-Blooded: Invoke: Add three dice when resisting intimidation Tag: When he’s trying to express emotion Compel: Say or do something unthinkingly insensitive

My Scaly Friend: Invoke: Add three dice when using information from his Familiar Tag: Use of Sorcery is more open than most Compel: Must act to protect his Familiar

Poison-Scarred: Invoke: A survivor of poison, you can three dice to knowledge of poisons and treatments (such as there are). Tag: Your poisoning has left you with a disturbing appearance Compel: Suffer an attack of nausea, coughing, seizure or other affliction. You must stop and take care of it (endure, take a remedy, etc.)