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Neiton Thayl is an architect and Q'Val under the shadow of the Elk. His purest joy is shaping Shanri to proclaim Ven prosperity against the world, physically leaving his mark. Neiton originally joined the priesthood as a means to secure money for his building projects, and was as surprised as anyone when he found a sincere connection to his faith. He has been charged with the renovation of a dilapidated abbey, and has a relic toward that purpose.

Meaning of Name[edit]

Thayl, family name that means "I shall Make my Mark"
Neiton, public name that means "My Will Prospers"
Kyocera, secret name that means "I cannot be known"

Ties & Position[edit]

House: Elk
Father: Elk Count
Mother: Fox Countess
Wife: Baroness Aby Burghe
Children: 1 son, 1 daughter
Contact: Dhirkan Eshu
Title: Baron


Bear's Strength: 2
Elk's Cunning: 4
Falcon's Courage: 2
Fox's Beauty: 4
Serpent's Wisdom: 3
Wolf's Prowess: X



  • Invoke: The q’val have a great deal of knowledge regarding all the suaven, knowing the proper rituals and sacrifices.
  • Tag: In ven literature, the q’val are often portrayed with eyes of two colors, representing their lives in both worlds. two feet in both worlds. In other words, you overlook details.
  • Compel: The q’val feel compelled to protect the shrines and temples of the suaven.


  • Invoke: When you have the time and resources to do a job the right way, you get bonus dice.
  • Tag: Cannot do things quickly; needs the time to do it right.
  • Compel: When the character has to act spontaneously, he has to slow things down and make sure they’re done the right way. Pretty self-explanatory.

Suaven & Relics[edit]

Neiton is an Initiate of Talten Steele. He has three blessings:

  • The Coldest Heart
  • Moving the Pawn
  • The Vow

Neiton possesses a holy relic: the remains of Talten Steele's cat.

Sorcery & Artifacts[edit]

Neiton possesses an orichalcum knife named Knower. It has the value Whisper.