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Public Name: No "Forbidden Kiss"

House name: Yvarai "Desire is tamed with a kiss"

Secret name: Aban "The world forgives daring"

Three Things[edit]

1. No is beautiful and fearless: a child of the Road. She cannot be tamed.

2. No is married to an older Wolf husband, who loves her deeply with a violent, jealous love. It's quite pathetic, really, but useful.

3. No draws others to her, causing her husband to destroy them. She knows the consequences. He knows she knows the consequences. That's what makes it Art.


Courage 4

Beauty 3+1

Prowess 3

Cunning 2

Strength 2

Wisdom X


"I Hold His Heart In My hands" (Jealous Husband)[edit]

Invoke - Bonus dice when using her husband to threaten

Tag - When husband's anger could interfere with actions

Compel - To cause her to anger her husband

"Forbidden Fruit"[edit]

Invoke - Bonus dice when seducing

Tag - Poor at concealing a romance

Compel - Rebuff or repel a love


Ashalim Avendi (Road) 2

Talia Yvarai (Romance) 1


Father: Falcon Baron (dominant)

Mother: Fox Baron (chosen House)

Birth Place: 2nd

Siblings: 1 older Falcon sister, 1 younger Fox brother.

Husband: Dominant

Public Name: "Moryandal (Inevitable Victory)

Family Name: Adrente"


Pulic name: Sorio "The Warrior brings peace"

House name: Adrente (Wolf)

Secret name: Szazs “the unrepentant heart"