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Tzao Andrente of the House of the Wolf[edit]

Public Name: Tzao "Born of fire."
House Name: Adrente "My weapon is myself."
Secret Name: Vangalio "My deeds will inspire."


Parents: Marquis Bear Father, Wolf Mother (neither dominant)
Fourth born, only surviving child.
Spouse: Ashla (“Rest here”) Yvarai (“Desire is tamed with a kiss.”) Cavala (“Worthy of love.”)
Only daughter: Shanjar Asvil "Little rose, born of light."


Strength: 2
Cunning: 3
Courage: 2
Beauty: X
Wisdom: 4
Prowess: 4


“You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”
Tzao feels the burden of social etiquette very deeply as a scion of the two ‘uncouth’ Houses. He tries very hard to remain calm even when it is clear someone is attempting to Insult him directly. When pushed beyond the edge of sensible limits and satisfaction is demanded, he often seeks a terrible price for retribution above and beyond the social norms.
Invoke - When attempting to avoid insult or violent confrontation
Tag - Reacts badly when goaded into anger
Compel - When dueling to up the stakes one step.

“I just don’t get it.”
Tzao was an excellent student and learned his lessons well; but in matters of the heart, he often feels adrift. He has tried and tried to be moved by the great operas, master frescoes, and novels of the age. Alas, they leave him wondering only after the cold and logistical. He often confides in his closest allies to try to understand a work of art, particularly one of great merit which any self-respecting noble should be affected by.
Invoke – Gain 3 dice when asking assistance to try to understand a work of art.
Tag – Without assistance, even the Opus Magni (Great Works) leave him baffled.
Compel – When forced to speak emotionally about art.

The loyalty you hold to others inspires songs and stories. Such loyalty will be remembered long after you are gone… either with admiration or snickers.

Invoke: You invoke this Aspect when your loyalty to your friends and family is tested. Invoking this Aspect gets you 3 bonus dice.
Tag: You will not stand idly by while one of your close friends or family is threatened.
Compel: Another player (or the Narrator) can compel this Aspect to make you protect or defend those you have sworn loyalty to, regardless of your own personal safety.


1 Devotion to Falvren Dyr
2 Devotion to the minor Suaven Macoll Cyk the Suaven of Higher Learning


Greenbridge Province