Vek, Digan, Nur and Alvah make a plan for the future

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Michael James Watson She see Merijo going about her business. After eating for a bit Digan sits back with black coffee and speaks, "First Vonnilla. There are many eldritch horrors across shadow and in Paradox Fallen the Old One took a liking to Vonny. Then he took everything else. She bore him children and despite our best efforts has a seed in her that dives her mad and occasionally makes her give birth. Shaha and I comfort her at those times. "

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah leans back listening to Digan. A frown appears on her face after a sip of her spiked coffee she softly speaks "That is..... horrible. Poor woman. A small blessing then that she has the two of you around to be there for her. "

Michael James Watson "Leprechaun girl to be exact. As for the World Stone, such things are Shadows of the Eye of the Serpent. The unicorn plucked out one eye sometime in the the ancient eons of chaos. And the Serpent has plucked out the other on occasion." He wipes up egg with toast, casually eating, "They are powerful artifacts and do many different things. By the precedence of powers these are near the top. The Tosian one creates a sort of power channel from the people of the Tosian shadows to the stone and those who touch it. If it is lost for a time it disconnects those attached to it and becomes bare and new. Such it was when Jeremey found it and figured out how to empower it. Eventually Conf stole it, though didn't touch it and he only knows where it is, but it is regarded and not hidden since the gods of Tosa seem to keep getting powers. Azcala has one that does similar things as the Tosian one though apparently its been tuned to collecting life forces rather then focusing and binding the faithful's adoration. It channels power to the one sacrificing in its name and to the owner of the Stone. Without closer proximity I can't know more."

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah calmly drinks her coffee listening to what Dilgan says concidering his words. she then nods. "Well that would colaborate with the story Alcona Xozla and Aztilios told the meeting in Amber about the Stone of Azcala. Tonacat got it after his exile or well Azcala being locked down. Those connected with it get a certain aspect and attribute one or multiple. Xozla showed his there." Silent a moment staring out over the ocean she then shrugs "Well i think we can all guess where the stone is. Tlalocan right? It is where Tonacat and Cihuacoa live. Though when i did the tomato sacrifices in Untola you could see the path it was traveling, right Vek? You said you could follow it. But if it is safe to get near that thing is a something we should concider. "

Michael James Watson "Your timeline is wrong. Tonacat got it in thousands of years before the sealing of the realm. He used it to slay rival royals, create the rituals of sacrifice, conquer realms. enslave billions, and drinks daily of sentient suffering. Somewhere along the line he and Oberon went to war and Swayvil stopped them from doing something bad enough that they put Tonacat in a prison in Chaos and essentially told Oberon to not try ruling beyond the center point of shadow. When Azcala was sealed it happened fast and the family of Tonacat was split. Some in Shadow, some in Azcala, some in Chaos, and one on Tosa. Beyomnd that the details are fuzzy. Azcala was sealed 400 or so years before he declared Amber a kingdom. "

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah blinks "Wait Azcala was there long before Amber was a kingdom? So this strife thing between Oberon and Tonacat goes back a whole long way. " Taking a teaspoon she starts to twirl in between her fingers as she usually does with her stolen spoons except this one is hers... it is her restaurant.. She is silent for a moment thinking trying to puzzle it together. She then looks up "Okey humor me in this one. I could be completly of track here. I am of Amber blood and of Azcalan blood. I have the pattern and the Azcalan sigil, Tonacat his wish or well one of the top things on his list is to make Azcala no longer a squiggle. For that you need objects or subjects of high precedense in power, right? With a world stone being somewhat like the jewel of judgement being it a shadow of it though.... How realistic could the idea be that he would use that? The stone with enough power. Someone with pattern to perhaps fuel it more. Dad said when he finally told me about my heritage after i kind of forced it out of him, that Tonacat would want to use me to change the status of Azcala. But knowing they have a world stone... that does make things slightly different no?" she then calmly sips her coffee again, pours some more alcohol in it as the cup gets more empty and sits back. she then chuckles. "But i am of course not knowledgeable or experienced in these kind of things. i only go by the information i have gathered so far. "

Michael James Watson Digan looks to Vek, sho shrugs. Digan says, "I don't know what he can do with his stone. I've only seen one such thing and it was in Chaos and did different things. And it was a shadow of the Eye the unicorn didn't steal. But, i think if he could raise the power of the sigil of azcala to the level of the pattern with the stone he has, he would have done it the moment he returned to the realm. The common belief is that the Red Sword iss the only thing that can increase the power of a squiggle to that of a pattern. And, i believe its in Azcala in the possession of the Primal Squirrel of all things. That's why i have been traveling in Azcala."

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah waves her hand dismissive, "Yeah you are right heard that one to almost forgot, the red sword. Heard it from different sources as well it is somewhere within Azcala." She looks intently to Vek as she speaks her face dead serious. "I know i have to get back there, sooner then later, i know i have to steer the priesthood around my.. religion? i have to steer them in the right direction. I also have something still to get from Zictla. The problem is, the moment i place a foot within Azcalan territory i will probably have a pissed off Zictalas in front of me, after all the shit we pulled. A pissed of Cihalas in front of me since her favorite non rebel child decided to join our side... Zentalas might still be mad at the point that i helped Alcona rip her heart out.... the rest i cannot guess i don't know them and i have no clue to what extend they are interested in my presence. " Her eyes not moving from Vek "What i mean to say is, will you come with me when i go back? To make sure i come back okey. or not at all?"

Michael James Watson Vek looks at Alvah frowning, "You can sneak in or you can a place. After doing a year here you will have a sense of what you like. If you are worried about Zictla or Zentalas or Cihals comi ng after you, just me won't stop them. You need a force or you need to sneak. I don't think you can sneak and get away with it. So that leaves taking a stand. Arrive. Build the cantina like this in Mixtola, Untara like you planned. Take a few people that will make them pause. From there you can go deal with the priesthood." He looks at Digan then Alvah, "If you decide to sneak, i'll stay her and keep a trump open on you to rescue you. If you want a force, ill go with you. The question then is who is the force?" Digan says, "Shaz and I will be in Azcala, maybe Vonny too, but being openly associated with you will do you no good. We will be in the realm. Probably in Ashaza anyway. I need to try and get into Mictalan too." Vek says, "Fort said no to going. Shaz Far said yes, anytime. You'll have Spatchi and Dwynn. Although, Dwyn might be better left here. We could hire a couple Dufiro; Guard, War, maybe Health. They will bring along their warbands.. Maybe Earth and Growth. Give them a chance to create a new concept for you. A chance to noip the whole priesthood in the bud. " Digan says, "You could hire a CHAD force easily enough. King Arin would be a good one. A Force Commander"

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah listens to the suggestions and ponders them over for a bit. Then a typical smile appears on her face showing a plan, a bad plan but at least fun. "ALrigh, yes! i like the idea of hire some dufiro to join in as a force, i do not mind to be assosiated with Durifo. And if need be i can always see if i can contact Nur to help out with that. The last time we spoke he stormed off ready to gather a bunch of rage and war dufiro to take on my mom.... think he calmed down half way. So i'll ask if the offer still stand with Chicomecoat to have a cantina in Mixtola. This time roughing it out a bit more since i can't ask star fleet to do the same thing again there. But that is fine at least i know what i want from the cantina. SO from there i would hve a base to work from gather forces, like hte dufiro perhaps some more allies and then hit against the priesthood and change some things. " She then smiles wide at Vek "In the meantime i am going to sneak to get something back. Just to see also how fast reactions there are. They expect me to go to Ahshaza first right. they will have a trap layed out for me i'm almost sure. SO what if i sneak into Zictla. Within that tower there is something i need to get. I want to see if i can get it. It is a nice littel experiment to see if i can and how fast they react to my presence there. And if you are willing to stay behind Vek and keep contact open i have an escape route." She smiles wide "The priesthood should not be done sneaky... that should just be a show of force and a clear message. "

Michael James Watson Vek nods, "A short trip to Zictalas's throne room? Sure, no problem. " He sighs. Digan says, "I have the Logrus imprint and even I can sense what imprints you carry. If you are going to go sneaking around in Zictla you should first learn to suppress your imprint. Many high order imprint holders doing it like coffee in the morning. Take the time in Azcala building your Resort's second location cantina first. You see if they want to make a fuss about you being in Azcala wherever you are. " He looks down at his glass a moment, it fills. "You know, I have the calling name of a Avasa Dufiro of Cleanliness and Blending that might serve you well. While she is a wiz at blending and will set up up a fine brewery and distillery, she specializes in construction. Has a whole collection of workers folloing a path she is leading to create a new race of Masoja-Builders. She would be very interested in working with you. Big reputation boost for her. Helping a friend of Nur's won't hurt her case when she presents it.. She is nearing taking her Masoja race of Strength...Not a bad bouncer either..."

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah grins wide. "Yes... well he won't miss it and it won't be in the throneroom. I just miss excitment..." Then turning to Digan "Well now you can sense them my Azcalan was hidden even from Arlo, Fiona.... not Nur tho but he didn't think it was a full imprint. But then i decided to call my mom" She laughs a bit of a pained laugh shuddering at the burning alive she felt. "Soooo the sensible option would be make surr this place runs. Then go to Mixtola start my cantina there... and distillery." She nods thinking pointing in Digan his general ditection with one of her spoons. "I was actually planning on starting one. But having such a Dufiro with the knowhow and experience to work together would not be bad." She laughs "I'm surrounding myself this way with Dufiro... eh don't mind that. Think it would only make Nur proud... since he wasn't always there raising me. " She downs her now more alcoholic beverage then coffee and sighs as she leans back. "Okey fine... your ideas make sense.... first prepare and if the family really wants something of me i'll notice that soon enough. Though i doubt they'll go against Chicomecoatl. "

Michael James Watson Digan says, "Just remember that Dufiro are merchants with the souls of lawyers. For a race so close to Chaos they adhere to laws and bargains and the fine point like glue. Sure there is individual leeway and often they do things for their own desire, but in the end they will do as they bargain to do. Pay them well, stick to your end of the deal. Never welch, never, ever say, 'So whatcha gonna do about it?'" Vek says, "Getting a reputation for NEVER binding them against their will goes a long way with them too." Digan nods, "Indeed. You can't avoid seeing the binding ritual if you read their book. You use it to bind them on voluntary services. But never binding them against their will is big with them. Also, a lot will offer their calling name. Take it, but request their tome as well. It lets them know you bargain in good faith but you won't let them welch on you.

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah nods "Oh yes those are the first lessons i learned when figuring out about the Dufiro around me. But i would love to at least see if a bargain can be made with the Avasa of Cleanliness and Blending. But first i would have to have a placr in Mixtola. That makes dealing easier. " Alvah flips her little spoon between her fingers looking at her guests. "Thank you for the advice and tips. It is well appreciated and useful to have. Not to be awefully blunt... but Digan. What do you gain from this? You are here, helping me out... giving advice tips, talking about the world stone..... hope you don't find this insulting." She nods to Vek and smiles "I know what Vek wants. A bit vague but doable for me. And he just likes being near me. " She grins wide to him with that playful twinkle in her eyes with a wink. Then turning back to Digan she looks jn a more serious way. "Something i did learn by now everybody has motives and a price in one way or another."

Michael James Watson Vek thinks for a second. "Actually, calling the Avasa now would b e a good idea. Let her see what you have here. Make a few adjustments. Give her a profitable long term deal.. She will see what you are going for. " ⁠ Digan drains his glass, to watch it refill. Glances at Vek for a mental communication, then looks to Alvah. ⁠ "What is in it for me? As you have probably surmised no amount of tender material matters to most people at our power level? I can conjure, gold, silver and bullion at will., Technological worlds have one of the few tenders that Amberites and Chaosians can't simple conjure; electrical accounts. So what do we value? Reciprocity. Community. Family. Loyalty. Vengeance." ⁠ He nibbles a bit as he monologues. ⁠ "I am a Lord of Chaos, but just barely. My home world of Paradox is gone and I was caught up in its destruction. Paradox was a realm that the ancient ones came to power on. I was not one of the travelers that fought with Alexandir and Fortunadus. They were gods and Lop was ancient legend when I first drew breath. Yet despite them all Paradox fell and I hold some blame for that. So I have no home to be loyal to. I had just become a Lord of Chaos when the Black Road war came to your Amber, and it rolled casually into York's shadows. That shade no longer having an Amber after all only minor powers fought there but they told the High Lord that I fought against them. My friendship with the Tosians, my membership in CHAD, cost me safe harbor in Chaos. In the tumble, grumble, and calamity of things I gained two other cast offs from the roaring dangers that befell the Lords of Tosa and York in the fall of Paradox. We protected each other and came to form our own clan, we three. So what do I gain?” “Someday I may be in need, and I may call you. I hope you will be well disposed towards me. Also, I have spent a great deal of time in Azcala. My logrus imprint makes any casual sorcerer give pause in offending me. Vonnilla scares the peewadding out of most of the Azcalan priests. I would like to be aligned to your side of things should you make a case in Azcala. And mostly, knowing your views and actions in Azcala helps as well. My ultimate goal? The Red Sword is in Azcala by all researches. I want it. Bursain would be a lovely place to claim for us cast off souls. My goal is to find the sword, and Claim it. Not sell it, trade it, or lose it. The moment my hand touches it Bursain is mine till death. What I want is your regard as I pursue my goals and I shall help you gain yours as well to earn that regard..

Amber Bronkhorst Looking at Vek she nods. "Well sure that is also a good approach, then she will see i am not bullshitting her. " Seeing the glance between Vek and Digan she raises an eyebrow but says nothing about it. She then just listens to Digan her two coloured eyes focused on him her hands playing with the little spoon or spoons or anything she finds within the reach of her fingers. Then a slight smile appears on her face, "Thank you for telling, it makes things easier knowing certain motivations and goals. " Leaning back she produces a little metal cigarette case takes out an urala cigarette and lights it. She pushes it on the table gesturing of the rest wants to take. "Alligned on my side should i make a case in Azcala. And what do you see there then? Murder my whole family on this side? Or just Tonacat and kick his body off the throne? That is not going to happen... or anytime soon." Hearing about the Red Sword she lets out a short laugh. "Everybody is looking for that thing. And many had visions about it who are now acting upon those visions. And still noone knows exactly where it is. Other then somewhere in Azcala. " Pausing a moment Alvah thinks and twirls her cig between her fingers. "My views on Azcala are simplistic since i do not know the possibilities that the world stone has and the consequences that might come from it. But i would like to change things. There must be a reason why Toci forbade Xozla to bring me back as a child. My idea is if a world stone holds the aspects and such of the "gods" within Azcala. It might be possible to remove or change them. Xozla had a good point that without the bloody sacrfices and such Azcala is a beautiful place. I would ultimately want to see that Azcala."

Michael James Watson Digan smiles and produces a small Readen case and thumbs a switch at the top to produce a green cigarillo. He places it in a cigarette holder that looks carved from a single ruby stone. It lights and lets out a very strong herbal marihuana smell but the cloud of it float about then slip into the sides of the holder. "I suspect in time the Azcalans will set to murdering each other. Zictalas and Xozla hate each other with a passion that has driven them for centuries. Quetzal is hard to deny if he chooses to become militant again. Your presence will prove interesting once you are recognized in the faith." DiganCigars.jpg

Amber Bronkhorst Leaning back smoking she nods slowly "Right, right, so wait till they all slaughter eachother. THen still i will not be the one at the front. i am the youngest there, the youngest in the religion. Well Benedict his plan was that to but he wanted to help it along a bit by attacking. But again that would take quite some years. He was talking about thousands of years. And then putting me on the throne. " She lets out a laugh "I just wonder what my family of the Azcala side wants from me. Dad first thought they might have needed me to turn Azcala from a squiggle to a... well real-er place. But they need that Red Sword for that. They must know bringing me back to Azcala is more trouble then its worth since there are already rebels between the pureblooded ones... " Alvah sways a bit with her hand as she is thinking "just makes me wonder on things. What their motivations are. "

Michael James Watson Vek says, "You question what was the reason Toci forbade Xozla from bringing you back here? That question could also be phrased as why did Toci allow and approve of Delwin taking you from here? Context is everything. I wonder what came first; Her approval or her forbiddance?" Digan says, "A thing to keep in mind is that Jeremy Fairhand discovered the stone and he wasn't seeking godhood. Fort tells me he was looking for power and caught the scent into a place called the Gorge, near the ancient kingdom of Eldimior. This kingdom he says was a vast city the size of many modern cities, with all its services maintained magically. And it was all underground. A great range of mountains was on top of it but there were only a few entrances, all of them huge. Big enough for traffic in and out of a city of millions. At some time in antiquity, even for the young Alex and his companions, the World Stone arrived like an asteroid crashing into the east of the kingdom. It destroyed a section of the city, and disrupted its magic, making the kingdom unlivable, a dungeon, for thousands of years. Millions of people couldn't escape the damage the stone did and in time they mutated into vast numbers of creatures and monsters both ordinary and bizarre. " "I have adventured in Eldimior. The ruins of the kingdom spawned many small and mighty enclaves of evil. Whatever happened when the stone landed, it created nightmares out of the people of the kingdom. Fort, Venki, Beor, Nur, and the other cadres of Militant Crowned Bards believe that when the stone landed some creature touched it and used it. They think this creature thought itself a god and it warped the living to its madness. Who ever this was though they do not know. It was long dead when Jeremey first found the stone. Whatever it was was not inclined to create literature telling its story. " "My point, is that the stone is an artifact of power. It isn't a creator of gods. It may behave in different ways for different people."

Amber Bronkhorst Looking at Vek she shrugs slightly takes a pull from her cig and then smiles. "What i have heard so far about Toci is that if she does not want something to really happen it doesn't, so in that context she allowed Delwin to leave with me. Kind of coincides with the story Xozla told me. And to why she would allow it. Even if my sister and maybe now also my brother, my stepdad are rebels. They have been raised in Azcala. They have not known different or better for some time. I on the other hand. Only learned recently of this side. It changes alot in perspective, in reasoning, in problem solving. Perhaps that is why. To have one of the Azcalan royal line without the upbringing." Listening to Digan she nods slowly. "So what i take from this. It is a jighly powerful thing but still an aetifact or construct. And with that the owner, wielder, or the one bound to it decides consciously or subconsciously what happens. A creature thinks itself a god and thus creates a godly enviroment for themselves what they envision godlike to be. So my idea, which will not easily happen, of an Azcala without the sacrifice could happen if only the right one took claim of the world stone. " Pulling on her cig she then exhales slowly and looks at Digan. "Or am i completly of the rails here?"

Michael James Watson Digan says, "I've read a lot of the religious texts in Azcala. They have thousands of gods. Gods for everything. I met a few at a gathering of the Turtle Cult and some others at a Tobacco Cult gathering in a technological world. Showing off Euphoria Red Twist. Took First prize in the Import Category. Godhood is not necessarily a mighty station. When I go back I'll consider them in reference to the Azcalan World Stone. But i'm not an expert. You need Fort, or Nur, or Venki, or... well, Jeremy. Conf if you can get him. Anyway, i met a God of Plump Tomatoes. Nice guy. Took first place in the Salsa category but i was told in Azdala, Untola, the battle in the Salsa Category is for Second Place. Has been for centuries. " Sipping wine, eating cheese. "I met Hanxmas, the God of Green Turtles of Untola at a Blessing of the Animals gathering. He judged 3 categories for turtles. Pet Pleasure-Basically Happy Turtles and the portable habitats for them, Turtle Racing, and Turtle Culinary. Want to hear something gross? Turtle Priests have a spell that pops a turtle's shell, takes its guts out to the neck, and then closes the shell at which time the guts inside the shell regrow! Its done a lot and apparently they leave the head and extremities and the regrown body is free of turtle ailments, including age. They have a 2000 year old Turtle in Untola. Frigging thing talks and everything. Its like the cows at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.. Macabre." "My point is, don't think of them as almighty forces of nature gods. Not gods with a capital G. Even these little gods get a trickle from the sacrifices, which means power channeled from the stone. This World Stone is active. It isn't dormant like the one Jeremy found. It will have to be wrested from Tonacat before anything top down can be done about the evil of Azcala. Tonacat isn't a god. He is a wizard. A fucking wholloping powerful ones but still just a wizard. There are ways to beat them. CHAD is full of people that have killed powerful evil wizards and liches and vampire and all manner of spellcasters. Finding his true name might be worthwhile. "

Amber Bronkhorst "Well yes they are not gods like almighty beings gods if i am already starting to form a religion that would mean i would see myself as such as well. Which i don't. Look i am a good dancer but not the best." A moments pause she then nods. "His true name. Yeah i doubt he will just give that to anyone. If he is such a powerful and great wizard. He knows what can be done with that. But knowing that even a great wizard can fall with the right plan... i think it is a goal which alot of people would be on board with. Except ofcourse those now nicely nestled in their powerseats " Alvah presses the cig down and nods "Well anyone know how i can call Nur? Had to discuss some things with him, some promisses i have to keep regarding him. And well last time he just stormed off so i want to give him an update as well. " She then turns to Digan "And would still love to discuss a deal with the Avasa. "

Michael James Watson Digan looks at Vek, then Alvah.."Excuse me. But any one who knows his calling name can call him...."

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah laughs "I do not think i know his calling name. I just know him as Nur.... Unless....." She looks intently to Cicero... " do you know more?"

Michael James Watson Digan purses his forehead, "Ah...that is his calling name. Every time you have used that name he knew. He's a voyeur, so..he probably is watching now. I was wondering why you kept using his calling name"

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah laughs maybe a bit harder and lights another cigarette. "Well that is not at all freaking creepy. But guess everyone has their hobbies. " Alvah pours another fresh cup of coffee and places it on the table. "Well, Nur, coffee is still hot if you want to join in on the conversation... would like to talk with you as well about the plan...." She shrugs. "Feels silly but lets see if he is actually listening in."

Michael James Watson A pinkish haze occurs in a corner and Nur steps from it. "Digan! Such a pleasure... " he walks over and clasps wrists with him. Can I offer you a fine vintage brandy? From Koob's seller itself?" Digan smiles, "Thank you, this will do." Waving his crystal glass "I assure, I could replace anything you lose" "Between my wine and the herbology of Euphoria, I am satisfied. I did not call you." He turns to Alvah. "Indeed. So Alvah, what passes?

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah smiles "Hey, good to see you again. Yes first of all couldn't you have mentioned i do not need Vance or dad to call on you." She says with a wink. "Please sit, have a drink, breakfast i can have anything brought. " She sits up a bit more straight. "Well, several things i promised Hushax to give you her regard and her name. She is a dufiro bound with Xilonen she does NOT like Chaos though. Oh and i named my elemental friends. Lord Bandal was there to witness and explained to me that it would help in their growth." She pauses for a moment snd thinks... "Well yup that was those things i had to pass on... now. Last time we spoke you stormed off quite angry saying you were going to call all that would hear to go after my mother... Obviously you changed your mind halfway. She is still around.." Alvah smiles "Which is good since else i could not have met her and spend time with her. " She inhales deep from her cig and continues calmly. "We were talking here about the world stone of Azcala. The possibilities to change things perhaps via that route. And also... how i have to, before any world stone dealings, change the way the priesthood linked to me is going to deal... before they take to bloody sacrifice. A suggestion was, gather a band of Dufiro in a new cantina i'll be starting. " She smiles... "So now you are mostly up to date... you might have heard things in between. What are your thoughts?"

Michael James Watson Nur says," Did the Air die? I hadn't heard. "

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah looks confused "The air die?" Alvah calls forth her elemental friends.

Michael James Watson they arise joyful to be called, seem ready to play. Nur says, " Said they were named, and witnessed? All four? What was the air called?"

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah smiles relieved seeing them and joyfully playing. "Yes all four Air was called Choros. " She then points to them one by one. "Water Mayaan, Earth Menos, Fire Sindri and Air Choros. "

Michael James Watson "He raises a curious sign and speaks into it. An air elemental appears, looking bigger then the others a bit. It chatters at Nur excitedly. Nur nods, running a hand through it. "Koros here is very excited. He seems to have gained a manifestation. Now, even elementals are braggarts, but they rarely lie. They might exaggerate. Is it likely that Koros here was defeated in personal combat with the King of Amber?" The other three seem wilty till Nur runs his hands though them, letting them play happily on his hands and arms

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah thinks for a moment and clicks her tongue... "Well there was a small matter of me getting a bit angry at Aztilios when arriving in Amber with Vek and Aztilios... I learned i was sort of marrried to Aztilios and he loved to state that fact. So i got angry and fought him. " She points her thumb at Vek "He won 10 goldwings because Menos was able to hit Aztilios in the gonads. And when Random called to stop the fight i had Choros lift Aztilios up in the air... Random said a word i do not know and Choros was gone.." She looks at her friends "So yes he has been in personal combat with King Random."

Michael James Watson "so the King of Amber knows the word of dispelling elementals in Kolbashic? Little ones, take a manifestation from me and glory that you gave me valuable information. Now....As for my storming off..Yes...I gathered a council of war and they plan as we speak. I may be rash, but I am not foolish. Azcala has a world stone? Well, fornicate a fowl.....yes...yes....that makes sense." He looks side eyed."World collide, armies of darkness march and saints of battle take power from princes of Amber...and you want Dufiro to build you a Cantina? "

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah shrugs while smoking "So it seems, still think it was rude... i wasn't going to let Aztilios plummet down. My anger wasn't satisfied yet... but the promise of alcohol and lobster and good company did fix alot." She winks at Vek. "Well yes. Azcala has a world stone as it seems. I have barely made contact with it but enough that a priesthood is forming around Avaxala the new Goddess of Dance and lost children. Born of Cihalas and... yeah a dufiro if i remember it well, right Digan?" She takes a large drink of her mug and exhales with a smile. "And the cantina i want to start in Mixtola since a place wss offered there by Chicomecoatl. As a compromise, mom wants me with her... i think Zictalas wants me dead by now... and Chicomecoatl said to ease me into the Azcalan tradition starting a cantina there might be better. The dufiro i want to gather, are to go in with force to show my priesthood that they got it all wrong and things need to change... i will not stand for bloody sacrificing. Or well not the sentient kind. And we had been discussing the option sneaking in, since we are certain, mom, Zictalas or Zentalas who might also still hold a grudge, would be waiting for me. What better then to show you mean business and have Dufiro at your side. " She looks at Nur and frowns. "What do you mean with that? World collide and armies of darkness march? You know more?"

Michael James Watson Nur looks over the food and picks at it. Nur nods. "A Dufiro of Strength, Life,and knowledge in fact. Though she would only have a connection to your magical life, and a small one at best. Delwin did all the plumbing work. She was just bound to him for research purposes." The elemental trade swirling around Alvah's feet and Nur's "A really don't want that. I had to nip a lot of those in the day. That was Jeremy's madness and he drew all my old companions into it. Only Fort avoided it and only by swearing to serve as Venki's high priest. You know what the world stone is; A power collector of mental energies both life force and admiration. It will also collect hatred and joy. " Digan says," Joy? Emotions...the sacrifices with food; sympathetic magic fear and pleasure..taking.....oh, that's potent. " Vek speaks finally, "So if she took this priesthood in hand, told them the truth of the Stone, told them to sacrifice food in joy, to share power of a magical item, rather then making her a diety to them...make her a wizard sharing power.." But nods," It would make her a heretic, and poison the whole faith...impressive. It would crack the think in the entire priesthood. ""

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah bites off a piece of bread and grins. "Heh so my original idea was not even that dumb... it is in fact possible with the right steering. " She looks up to Vek with that twinkle in her eyes. "So no longer feeding on fear. But joy, pleasure... fuck! That would actually be so much better!" She then frowns "But one priesthood only starting would not give much change to the whole world stone would it? It would only be a drop of poison so to say, in a pool of water. Or blood in this case." She bites her lip and twirls her spoons in her fingers. Her mind going all the places now. "I have no choice in the priesthood. That is already happening if i like it or not... so i think Vek his suggestion would then be best... change it, explain and even if it is only a drop of poison... we have to start somewhere. "

Michael James Watson Nur nods..."Advertising.. And really change the narrative. Tell them that its a business deal. Its a deal between you as the person who has touched the Stone of Azcala and has the Inscription of the Sigil of Azcala in their blood, them as the Administrator of the Ritual of Culinary Appreciation. Tell them to Dance and feed children as part of the Magical Ritual. That you will allow them 30% of the gathered power. Allow 20% to be spread evenly of all those present at the Rite of Feasting & Dancing in the form of healing magic, and take 50% yourself. That none will go to Tonacat who has turned a Magic artifact into a murderous bloodbath. That could catch on fast. It will also piss off Tonacat and probably all your kin. I suspect your following, and maybe you, might suffer the fate of heretics everywhere. The difference being...Most heretics don't have Dufiro of War and rage protecting their services..."

Amber Bronkhorst Listening to Nur she slowly nods, smoking drinking and mostly thinking it over. "I love it.... and well honestly heretical behaviour is needed if we want to chnage the ways. And with time there is a chance some of the family will change their ways to. Not all want it this way... it is just they don't know it other then that this is how it should be. They grew up with this... i didn't. " She smiles at Nur "Well having the backing of strong Dufiro won't be a bad thing. That way we can stand our ground. " She takes a long pull from her cigarette and looks over the people at the table.... "Now... only one problem comes to mind immediately.... i have to convince people... i am not much of a public speaker.... put a spotlight on me and ask me to dance, sure no problem.... but convince a whole group of people of something... i would not know where to start. " She nods her head to Vek. "In Untola it was Vek who did the talking for me which worked out perfectly. "

Michael James Watson Digian says, "It opens it up to non-priests.. To sorcerers and even low order mages. Ritualists of all kinds. Mages across the realms. Azcala does massive amounts of business with Dufirosim elementals and spirits and the rituals are barely high church." Vek says, "The transfer was fairly easy the time i watched it up close. Of course I was suffering from traumatic kidney removal at the time. It seems like its a matter of theater. Work a low order healing ritual into the ritual you develop. The transfer needs hardly any ritual itself." Nur says, "Traumatic Kidney removal?" "Cihalas tried to sacrifice me. She had an insanely high psyche to dominate me. But when i came to Azcala I shapeshifted my boddily organs around so my kindy and my heart where in each other's places. She ripped my chest open and cut out my spare kidney. Really pissed her off. Got the idea from a story i heard from Desri, Benedict's daughter" Nur and Digan laugh outloud. Nur nods," Area Slow Heal. 4th circle magery.. works on about 100 meters. heals mild colds, sniffles, stops bleeding, starts bone knitting. If its cast each time the ritual is performed and people are dancing in and out of the spell it should layer nicely. " Vek says, 'Dancing on broken bones and with sniffles with colds and while bleeding? Fun dance party." Nur sticks his tounge out at him.

Amber Bronkhorst Chuckling remembering the look of Zictalas and her mother when that happened. "Yeah Zictalas was ready to straight up murder you. " She turns to Digan "So what you are saying if it would happen like Nur says... then it would be more attractive for other magic users. The power would ofcourse not only go to the stone, Tonacat and the rest of the family." She then turns to all three of them "Love the idea really but to be for once not typical me and just jump into stuff.... what kind of preperation would this need? I am not fully initiated to the stone. The people need convincing but i'm sure after some tastes of the possibilities the priesthood might be quickly on board... it is after all power and more then they would get otherwise. We need Dufiro who are willing to stick with it. And someone to do public speaking but seeing three highly regarded bards here." Alvah grins.

Amber Bronkhorst "I have been to crazier dance parties....."

Michael James Watson Nur smiles, "If you want a crazy dance party come to the Lands of the Dufirosim. Some of them get quite wild. " Digan says, "Or go to the Pente Plains." Nur nods. Vek asks, "What are those?" Nur says, "5 Shadows in the Tosain sector of Shadow. Each are dynamic representations of ideals. Euphoria, Intoxication, Erotica, Conflict, and Contest. The laws of physics are as broken as the laws of behavior." Vek says, "I like the sound of that. But to business. Certainly get the people aiming at being your priesthood, but see it gets to the Magical Circles. Power for power. They will jump for it. After that its theater. Designing the ritual. " Digan say, "Ok Nur.. What will the Dufiro cost? How many? " He says, "This is on my silverpiece. Dufiro have been used in their rituals for millennia. Time to get some payback. Besides, if you feed 5% of the juice to the attending Dufiro I will have trouble keeping the willing Dufiro away. The news of this opportunity for cheap easy power will spread like a shadow storm. We put Life and Growth and Guard and Cleanliness on rituals where we don't expect trouble. And Guard, Rage, Warfare, and Combat on the ones we might get attacked. We have the Elemental form spirits, Avasa and Masajoa at any ritual. Put summoning them into the ritual. They will eagerly come. The Elemental Forms get almost no summoning unless someone needs to dig a hole or move a river. They will love a chance for easy power growth."

Amber Bronkhorst "I agree with Vek that sounds like a lot of fun." She grins wide but then sits herself up straight and nods "Yes, well it is not much different from the white council of the shadow dad kept me in. Circles of power and of knowledge and trust. If you betray the trust though rhey rend to quickly grab the sword.... anyway... provide power for a job well done and it will keep them enthusiastic and follow the rituals as layed down. " Nodding as she listens to Nur. "Well that sounds great. Again i might need help forming a proper ritual. Dad did try and keep me away from the big magica things when growing up. I like the idea of involving the elementals. They need proper love shown as well. " Leaning back she looks at the three men and smiles "Sooo how much time do we need preparing for this. A ritual needs to be made to show the priesthood right away. And from there we need a solid base of operations i think. Make sure they won't burn us like the heretics that we are going to be. "

Michael James Watson Nur says, "Between the 4 of us we should be able to whip it up by lunch. Say, a lobster and jalapeño lunch? " Digan says, "I've seen enough rituals to know the elements we need. We should stick fairly close to the religious rituals but play down the theater since you want to convince people the rituals have always been about fooling them. "

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah nods "Alright i can check with Spatchi if there is a fresh lobster catch today." Nodding to Digan she smiles "Yes i agree show them how things really are. And offer them something better... a share... that is more then any priesthoods probably had gotten. Even Chicomecoatl shares in the power and sends parts of it to Tonacat. Sure the people are way happier there. But still frightened." She looks at Vek. "Remember how they fell before us after we had trumped in... offering food drink even lives.... " Alvah sighs... "And that is one of the mild places. "

Michael James Watson Nur says, "Chicomecoatl is not an old god like the Clan Tonacat are. She came to power during the enclosure. She was a mighty sorcerers, with a powerful husband who was an Earth Lord. She has trafficked in Dufiro since her youth. She had assayed the sigil of Untola. The sigils of Azcala all have their own individuality and cast shadows separately, differently, and incidentally, have their own Sway. Your world is in the Untola sway, probably because you had Untola in the back of your mind. These sigils are shadows of the main construct but being a squiggle the terms of their creation made them separate. Its a big question if Cihalas could defeat her in a sorceress battle. I'd call it 60/40 in favor. Their daughter is an Avatar. They grew in power till it served Zictla, Zentalas, and Cihalas to let her touch the stone. By touching the stone she gains a dribble of the power of all sacrifices but can limit and control the priesthood in her realm. " ⁠ Digan says, over lobster hopefully, "Another thing... Azcalan priests have clerical spells. Like Tosa. Their military does not have a Church Militant units like the Empire of Tosa, the Kingdom of York, or that CHAD has. Their clerics come with knives but using slaves or prisoners can work clerical magic. But when they do the power to cast the spells doesn't come from sacrifices. The ability to cast more spells does. The power to cast clerical magic is based on their absolute faith. " ⁠ Vek looks to Nur, "Wait, Untola is a essentially different sigil then say Zictla, Zunala, Mictlan, and Ashaza? I assume the primal is in Tzin Tlalocan. Which one does Alvah have?” Nur smiles, “You finally ask! She has the main one, the Sigil of Tlan Tlalocan. There are fair shadows of it in all the realms, and fairs shadows of the others in each of the tiers below it. Each level gets less powerful, slightly. Except Mitclan. The main Azcalan sigil, the Sigil Tlan Tlaocan, is the one that all the powers of the Clan Tonacat. However, the primal construct, the one that was actually drawn, is in Mitclan. Lord Vek, Lady Alvah, Lord Digan, if you want to owe me a first class favor, a service that might lead to your death someday, I will tell you one more thing about the primal sigil in Mictlan that is important to know. A secret few know. But I need promises from each of you.”

Amber Bronkhorst In between the talks Alvah had arranged of course the lobster and jalapeno's and anything else that Spatchi would advice to have with that kind of a meal. With plenty of bottles of various drinks on the table. Alvah joins in on the conversation. To Digan she turns "So their power is purely in their faith . Would suck if that would waver at a point. " Looking at Vek she nods "Yeah didn't you see the sigil Zictalas held before us. that was the one of Zictla not the same i have. And it would be not strange that Cihuacoa was able to hide it away that well that i could walk the pattern and "fool" everyone around. Not htat i knew of its excistance of course. " She then pours a drink and raises an eyebrow. Giving the others time to think and respond. She then gives a short nod "Ah why the hell not, in for a penny in for a pound. So i'll say yes, i'll owe you for this big secret."

Michael James Watson Vek thumbs up a signet ring Alvah has not seen. He knocks it on the table and Nur nods in acknowledgement. Digan frowns, "Its not like you to speak so openly of esoteric matters then suddenly switch gears and demand favors. Why the flip?" Nur, "Because i will have to pay a Dufiro of Wisher for telling her secret. " Digan nods, "I see. I can't speak for Vonny of Shaharazad, but for myself, i swear." Nur nods, "The Jewel of Judgment is the Eye of the Serpent. The serpent is the first of its kind. So is the unicorn. But as primal beasts are killed and a new one of their race is created, they get slightly less powerful. Some have been killed millions of times and so their primal creature keeps getting less powerful. Sevaeral of the often killed powerless ones have gone to live in Mandalay, for safety. Some live in Amber; The possum , the butterfly, the field mouse. But there are a few of the First Ones still alive; The Serpent, the tiger, the shark, the Cat, Ygg, the Bear. And each of them has power enough that should they desire they could do what was done to the Serpent. Part of it was used to create a realms and constructs of power like the Jewel of Judgement has. One did. The Primal Sigil of Azcala, that resides in Mictlan, was drawn using the Chanticleer's Gaff, the claw of the primal Chicken. "

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah drinks a long drink from her glass she stays silent then for a moment to think. Wanting to speak up again she decides not to, it goes on like that for a few times.. opening and closing her mouth. At a point she then just decides to talk. "Wait...what? that there are more primal creatures i get. that the first ones of their race are still powerful enough to do grand things i get as well... But with what you are saying. doesn't that mean that Azcala actually isn't a squiggle? because if the primal sigil has been drawn with that, wouldn't it mean that it is actually a stable place on itself. Does Tonacat know this?"

Michael James Watson Nur says, "OH, Tonacat knows for certes. And the Squiggle was created as it is. Complete, meant to be a limited series of shadows. And if the Red Sword is plunged into it it will gain enough power to become a full pattern. What happens to its mixed heritage is anyone's guess till it happens."

Amber Bronkhorst "What do you mean with mixed heritage? And alright so it is clear that Tonacat is still after the Red Sword it should be somewhere within Azcala so far everyone who is looking for it says so. " Alvah leans back and drinks a bit "So Azcala is created as it was intended. But Tonacat wants to make it more, and do you mean heritage of the sword and the sigil? "

Michael James Watson "By mixed heritage I mean Creation by the Gaff and the addition of a squiggle that was created by the jewel. I can't confirm what my associate the Wisher says and that's a concern, but her knowledge in the field is greater then mine. Her confirmation comes from Chanticleer's abiding in Azcala since its beginnings. That it scrawled the sigil with its living hook. It is a potent power, but less then the Jewel. As for those who have walked it, I can not say how the power will reprresent or manifest."

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah nods slowly. "Right, right. But so far people going in and out of Mictlan is not known either. Only the dead. How much of that is true? And how could you find out who had walked it? The primal sigil? It is so curious... Could that throw sand into our plans you think?"

Michael James Watson Nur says, "Mictlan is a realm like others, but it has extraordinary physical elements. An Amberite might describe it as 'Deep In Shadow' Natural laws ae not so natural.. Things float. Souls inhabit crockery. Shape and form are changeable, sometimes quickly. It is the closest to a Chaos realm in this system and has the smallest Sway. The Mitclan Sway mixes with Black Zone Sway worlds. I wouldn't call it an evil realm. ITs not a a good realm. ITs a realm of sleep, and rest and forgetfulness. I've not been to it, and few Dufiro have done business with its lord or his court. " "There are ways to visit it. It is just not thought of by Azcalans as a place one seeks to travel to while alive. It does some merchant business for which it has border cities that maintain something close to normal lives of its people. It has a native people. They are called the Ikniuh- the friends. They are grayish of skin, peaceful of appearance and they scare the hell out of other Azcalans. They are quiet people and a commoner of Mictalan has been known to be treated like a king as they travel. They do not contribute to the military of Azcala often but its been known to happen and that scares the royals of azcala badly. They do provide funerary services for the army, stretcher carriers, doctors, but no priests. As for the dead.. Yes, it seems souls, of a kind, go there. What they experience, i do not know"

Amber Bronkhorst "Heh, interesting, so it is actually just a shadow like any other just... more Chaos like. And probably the only reason that others not go there is the fact they have been brought up with the idea of an underworld. Why would one living seek out the underworld. I do wonder what the reaction is going to be there of our heretical plan. Would they be bothered by it or just shrug it off."

Michael James Watson Vek says," I think one day we will know because we will ask Mictlantecuhtli himself"

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah looks up at Vek, "You think so? Hmm guess we'll see then right?" Alvah sits back looks a bit around over her restaurant and smiles. "So funny how things come together. And i am happy they do. So... what else do we need to arrange still for our heretical plan.... " She looks at Vek, "I think i'm holding off on inviting dad over... he might not kike this at all and wanted to have a non shouting talk this time. " She chuckles softly

Michael James Watson Veks says, "Well by all means invite him. Nothing could make the plan more complicated then including him! "

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah laughs "No, my point exactly i do not want it more complicated.... i get it now... what we are going to do... how is he going to be in the mix? Nah i'll talk with him after, it has no rush. "

Michael James Watson They all look around at each other. Nur says, 'You have heard a lot. The choice moving forward, is yours"

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah leans back looks at the rest and nods "I like the plan. I think it can be pulled off. I think alot of people will be pissed of this side of the family, but if this can be the drop of poison changing the religion and with that eventually the rest.... it is worth the anger of the family. So i would say. Lets go for it. Show the priesthood that it is all a theater show and that a better deal can be had. And with the Dufiro on our side... i see a good chance of working. "