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Michael James Watson Time goes by, and the place starts attacting attention though not hugely. local word of mouth

Amber Bronkhorst With the cantina up and running the hotel maybe not packed but at least used. Alvah stands behind the bar contently looking over the patrons, hearing them talking singing. Some dancing. She has a piano on a stage of in a corner a dancing floor in front of it. Swinging her wiping cloth over her shoulder she walks over to Rosixa. "Take over my station dear, i'm going to make some calls" Looking up with her dark eyes near black she smiles brigth. "Si miss Xala. " Going to the back she enters her little office which is honestly barely used, she locks the door. Searching among some papers and things she finds what she was looking for, sitting on her desk she holds up the trump of Vek. A warm smile on her face before she turns neutral again and focuses on the image.

Michael James Watson The trump opens to a high mountain vista. A bright blue sky. Vek is wearing a heavy fur woodsman's coat, and has an ax in his hand, "Alvah...Its only been a couple weeks for me, How about you?"

Amber Bronkhorst When the conract opens Alvah just looks at Vek appreciative. Nodding slowly. Then pushing a tendril of hair behind her ear she speaks. "Oh about 6 months or so. The place is build and up and running. But staring today at the silent piano on stage here made me think of you." She gives Vek a wink. "Figured tk have the place working before bothering you again. So where are you hanging out?"

Michael James Watson "The Grand Duchy of Petola, Regor. Lovely weather. Elevation. Clean...IM the guest of Duke Maximillian Petola.. a distant relative of the Czar. One of the Czar's sons, Mydoris, thinks he is hunting me for sport. "

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah leans back a bit on her desk and laughs "Someone thinks they are hunting you? How... brave of them. But good that you kept your plan going for Regor. The mountains wouldn't have been my choice, i would go for something wkth plenty of theaters around. Heard the ballet and opera are fantastic there! " Alvah smiles "So the invitation still stands tk come check my new place out. And ofcourse the favor to make a trump of it " Alvah smiles sweetly "But don't want to keep you from the hunt of course "

Michael James Watson "The hunt is something of an introduction. I know Prince Alexei of Regor, I believe you met him in Randal as well. But knowing Alexei doesn't get you in the door around here. He is gregarious why the rest of these people are paranoid, arrogant, contentious, and tyrannical. I saw Fiona. She's the new Ambassador her and she is not happy about it one tiny bit. Means she gets to spend a lot of time with her mother. Between Chaos and Amber I have the worst of both sides of the family as far as these people are concerned. " He taps off his cig. "Maximillian, of the House Pherick has made overtures to Amber. Lets just say the House Zhenya, which rules Regor, is more of everything Regorian.. Mydoris thinks himself a hunter. Hunts criminals. He heard of my reputation as a hunter in Chaos. If I can hunt him down I get an introduction to his father. If I he gets me, i owe him an introduction. We have committed ourselves in a public way to find and catch the other. Max is betting on me. "As for the scenery, i love the wild lands. Cold doesn't effect me, nor Regorians. We are at something like 17,000 feet. Higher then my shadow of Veksvale. We are hunting these massive moose. If I come to you, i'll be bringing company. "

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah smiles lighting a cig she inhales and listens to Vek. "I see, so you are quite busy done if you on uour turn have to hunt somebody down " She then nods "Well if you bring company that is fine ofcourse have enough space to put people up for a couple of nights. So will you contact me when you are done hunting?" .looking behind Vek she nods "The scenery seems lovely. Don't know about the cold tho but it does look very beautiful and serene." She then looks back at Vek "Ah what kind of company will you be bringing over then? "

Michael James Watson "Pull me through and you will see." He extends his hand.

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah holds out her hand and grasps Vek his hand. She then gently pulls him through. Curious to see who is with Vek.

Michael James Watson Vek arrives, dressed in rustic mountainman attire. Peka is with him, and rubs up against Alvah's side. Behuind him comes a middleaged man in finely made cold weather gear in reddish brown. A purple broach on his breast. Behind him comes a large white polar bear, draped with packs and hunting gear. The packs looks designed for when the beast walks on 4 or 2 legs. Maxmillian.jpg
Vek says, "Lady Alvah of Amber, Duke Maximillian Petola of the Empire of Regor." He inclines his head, extending his hand in a gentlemanly fashion to grasp her fingers if offered

Amber Bronkhorst Looking at Vek she smiles "That might get to hot quickly. Climate is alot more different here " Then seeing Peka and feeling Peka rub up against her she looks at it suspiciously. "Hiiiii" she drawls a long greeting to the cat. She looks up at Vek with that look of... what do i do? Seeing the other man and hearing the introduction Alvah respectfully inclines her head. "Ah welcome! To Jetex. We are now in my office in my cantina. Can i get you anything to be more comfortable. Or for your bear?"

Michael James Watson Maximillian says, "Yes, attire designed for Regorian highlands would probably be stifling in the tropics. Its a pleasure to meet you, m'lady. Lord Vek speaks fondly of you. And I trust Paka for his judgment. My companion is Ratnik. He will be terribly warm her i think. But I assume there is water near by?"

Amber Bronkhorst ALvah hops of her desk she was sitting on as gracefully as she can be. and smiles "Yes well thankfully we have replicators here. " She grins at Vek "We decided on not roughing it out when starting our first project. So a lot of conveniences are in place." Alvah eyes Paka again "Well, guess you want something as well?" She rumages through her desk to find a tablet she keeps hidden away from her regular staff. SHe hands it over to Vek. "What we have programmed in the replicator. if you make sure there is suitable clothing for you both. " She then walks off to the back of her office and opens her door to a small balcony over the water. "yes that is correct Duke Maximillian, we are actually located at an ocean. I will call the front desk and have rooms made ready for you both."

Michael James Watson Vek hands the pad to Max, who looks it over and says, "If its all the same to you, I'll manage my conjuration from my room. I assume polar bears are not local. Large dogs are suitable? " Vek's clothes shift suitably. "Can you see me to the room? We should discuss your requirements?"

Amber Bronkhorst Seeing the polar bear she shakes her head "no polar bears are not really local, but large dogs or felines would be more acceptable. " After calling the front desk having two room keys set aside she nods. "yes i'll show you to the hotel. I made sure you are both near eachother and in a hall where no other guests are staying. " She starts walking to her office door. "If you would please come this way. We'll be going through the staff entrance quicker that way." When she walks she leads them from the cantina to the hotel keeping an eye on how things are going and being run. Greeting alot of people by name along the way in a passing but friendly manner. When arriving at the hotel she walks up to the desk grabs the keys that are reserved and leads the men to their rooms.

Michael James Watson As she walks to the door she sees the bear shift to that of a heavily muscled Irish Wolfhound, keeping the gear packs in place

Amber Bronkhorst Looking at the new Irish Wolfhound she nods "That would work." When arrivign at their rooms she opens the doors for them and hands each a key. "There you go. Hope this is to your satisfaction. " She turns mostly to Duke Maximillian "If you need anything please let me know. " Then turning to Vek she nods "So what requirments are you talking about?"

Michael James Watson Vek says, " I assume you don't want trump cards that deliver one into the lobby or on the dock? I assume you have a office, a day room, or a secret bunker? Where do you want trumps to arrive and how many do you want?"

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah nods. "Yes to all three but i think using a part of my office is best. Noone comes there except me Spatchi or Dwyn." Thinking for a moment she shrugs. "Well one for me, for Dwyn. If you want to be able to come here, one for you. Maybe an extra for... well if i make more friends." Alvah laughs a bit awkwardly. "So four... what would you need for that? And what do i owe you? Or are you still gathering favors so to say. " Alvah leans back and grins. "You name it."

Michael James Watson He looks around, "nice place. I want to bring my own piano. If its ok with you, I may travel and find a place. Canada, Norway, Antarctica. Someplace nice." He looks around, "Damn. Paka's gone. Ill be hear a week I guess. She is rarely gone longer."

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah looks around wide eyed... "The cat is loose???? " She groans. "Vek you know i am not a fan of cats..." She smiles then to him "Well, about the piano, sure i just had one brought in i learned to play on, when dad had the hopes i would be able to sit still. But since i would love to have you play here. Bring your own." She looks around "Yeah thanks i am happy with the place. It feels more like home. It is not the same feeling i had at moms place... but it is close. But if you need anything i can help with let me know. There is high and low order magic here just not commonly used." She gently touches Vek his hand with her fingers. "Thank you for being here, love to have you around."

Michael James Watson He nods, "I like what I feel. I hope you don't take this as an insult. You just started shadow walking. I'm sure you got here fair and clean. But ill take a look around. Just to be sure. As for paka, he will shape change and seek out the local cats. Its a thing he does." "Another thing..I don't know what kind of joint you run, but if have someone on staff, young, pretty, flexible, she could do worse then a 7 day affair with Max. He is generous, amorous, flexible, and adventurous. He was the Ambassador to Chaos from Regor after the war. If you don't direct someone to him, he WILL find someone. Its his nature"

Amber Bronkhorst "Why would i be insulted. I am just happy there are no machinegun toting monkeys on dinos....i know it takes alot more practice to be good at it. So please feel free to roam around. I trust you and your opinion. " Looking out a window she shrugs "Eh just as long as Paka doesn't suddenly show up... cats generally don't like me. That is why i am more careful around them." Looking at Vek she then does a fake insulted motion. "Oooh what kind of person do you think me off..." She laughs "It is not that i have girls at the ready but one young dancer comes to mind. She is sweet, a really good dancer and a flirt. I'll call her to be here later today to entertain our guest. She won't mind." Looking at Vek she raises her eyebrows. "So that is a thing from Chaos... if entertainment is not directed you will find it...heh."

Michael James Watson "Which thing do you mean? Paka or the bear? The bear is regorian. Regor was the home of two Primals for a long time. The Tiger and the Bear. The tiger fell in love with Borlak. The bear went to Avalon when Corwin forged. I hear there are several other in there now but minor ones. As for Paka? It not really a cat, you know"

Amber Bronkhorst "The thing i was referring to was what you said about Maximillian that because he has been in Chaos as ambassador, he will just find someone." She gives a wink to Vek. "Have the feeling you can get anyone you like as well. When you want to of course." Hearing about the animals she nods "Right well the bear i'm not to worried about as it walks around like a big dog noone will really bat an eyelash to him, and what do you mean Paka is not a cat? What is he then? Must explain then why Paka reacted well to me.." Squinting her eyes she looks somewhat suspicious.

Michael James Watson "Paka was created from the stuff of Chaos. It wasn't born anything. Once I walked the Logrus I gained control over the stuff of Chaos like any lord or any initiate of a dozen other rites. I created it as an example of animal commonly created. Hunting cats. I could have made any shape, if we were near chaos I still could. He is a bit of Chaos to keep me company." Vek raises the sigil of Amber, tiny in his hand, examining the surroundings as he talks. "As for it liking you, it is a good judge of character. There is also a good chance it thinks you would taste good. It likes good company and good food. Don't worry. He doesn't eat much. I've healed from every time he's taken a chunk out of me."

Amber Bronkhorst Listening to Vek, Alvah watches Vek work with the sigil. "Well okey, so no cat just a big ball of furry Chaos then... who bites chunks out of you?" She looks a bit suspicius to Vek. "To each their own i guess. But i see the point of wanting something from home with you, in your case Chaos. " Seh then laugs "Sooo either way it is a compliment.. or i taste nice or i 'm a nice person... Eh i'm good with either. or both. Tho the tasting nice doesn't really fell like a thing i should be conciderate about. If someone or something wants to eat me.... it is usually not in a fun way." Alvah leans back a bit and ponders on that. After a bit she asks "So found anything wrong with the shadow?"

Michael James Watson "When it comes to wanting something from home, you miss the point. Its not nostalgia. " He withdraws a harmonica, blows a few notes on it, then hands it to her. "Keep that on your palm. A practiconer of chaos, especially a Lord of Chaos, can make almost anything from the living stuff of Chaos. That harmonica is made from the stuff of chaos, a small amount of it. That is 100 grams of the stuff of chaos in the form of a chromatic 16 hole harmonica in fact. " Dropping the Pattern, raising the Logrus he concentrates on the harmonica. It shifts quickly to a cup, then a knife, then a tarantula. The tarantula splits into three tarantulas that start crawling up her arm. At her wrist they curl around her arm into a gold and turquoise bracelet with engraved musical symbols. " Paka is 150 kilos of Stuff of Chaos. That's a handy thing to have if one is travelling shadow"

Amber Bronkhorst She looks confused for a moment but then seeing what Vek does with the stuff of Chaos that was the harmonica her jaw almost drops. She holds up her arm with the bracelet looking at it amazed. "That is amazing! And yes i see just very useful to have around. Even if it takes a bite out of you." She smiles at Vek. And holds her arm out with the beacelet figuring it will change back into his harmonica, to take it back.

Michael James Watson "Keep it. One never knows when 100 grams of the stuff of chaos will come in handy. And it looks good on you."

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah smiles holding her new bracelet. She would almost blush. "Thank you. Very sweet of you." She then stands up straight and looks at Vek. "So found nothing weird on my shadow? " She gestures to the door. "I'll make a call to have Mirejo come over to entertain Maximilian. That girl is a flirt, and likes to play with men... and she loves the attention." Alvah shrugs. "So she won't mind if i ask her to entertain an important guest and have her work extra hours."

Michael James Watson "As for the planet, i don't see anything nefariously magical. There is some hexery.. Not surprising. You are from a world that is rife with hexery. I doubt you even thought of it. It would have been in the thinking of a 'Normal World' for you. Coming from a world that has active hexery and magics as you do, you sought out a world that fit ideas of your mother's world, the heat, the food and drink, the history of aztec sacrifices, As well as elements of your father's world, fey, hexery, low order magic."

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah nods "Sounds... about right. Yeah you ar right i worked from what i am used to... so that does mean the place i mostly grew up in of course." She then walks up to Vek lays her hamd on his arm and beams up at him. "Thank you for being here and the bracelet, and checking things out. If you need anything. Let me know, i'll be right back. Just getting things arranged. I'll let Spatchi know to make her best dishes tonight as well. Hope you both like spicy food."

Michael James Watson "I do like spicy food. " Vek wanders around the compound, wanders into the bar, walks out to the dock. He sits on the dock, conjures fishing pole with line and hooks, casts and sings a little fishing song.

Amber Bronkhorst "It gets the blood hot. " She winks to Vek and walks of to arrange the girl for Maximillian promising her extra pay for her hours and telling her to just be her sweetest self. She will send Mirejo right up to Maximillian his room. She gives note to Spatchi that Vek and a Duke from Regor are here and that she can go all out on the food if she wants to tonight. Going through the bar she checks on things grabs a bottle liek the one he had summoned back in Randal on the boat. and two glasses. She then walks to the docks. Silently first. hearing him sing his tune she smiles. Alvah then makes sure her footsteps can be heard on the planks of the dock and walks up to him. "Are they biting? Figured you might want a drink."

Michael James Watson He laughs, "I can always use a drink. As for them biting, not while i'm singing my leave me alone song. I'm telling the fish to let all the other fish know to come here frequently. It'll make this a very popular fishing dock"

Amber Bronkhorst She puts the bottle down and a glass and smiles "Well thank you for that. Then i shall leave you alone as well if you want." She looks up to the sky seeing how far the sun is estimating how much time she has before trying again tonight. (she will try her little ritual thingy every night at sunset). "I"ve send Mirejo to the room of Maximillian with the question that she sees to it if he needs anything. Dinner is served after sunset."

Michael James Watson "As you wish. You have a business to run. I'm going to sit for a few minutes then go look over your piano situation. Ill play for my supper for the evening crowd."

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah nods "Well i thought it was a hint the leave me alone song. Well you can't miss the piano and if you need a spot to conjure a better piano feel free to use the backroom of the stage noone comes there." Looking at the sun she clicks her tongue "but yes i'll be back after sunset. Would love to hear you play again. " She leaves the bottle and glass for Vek and then goes back. She talks to a few people. Arranges a few things that had to be dealt with. Then going to her room she grabs a chicken this time and does her attempt at sunset exactly, sacrificing the chicken see if that gives any reaction.

Michael James Watson "THe leave me alone song is in the fish language"

Amber Bronkhorst "heh that would be why i would not understand a word you were singing." She winks at Vek pours a glass for him and herself drinks it and then touches his shoulder as she turns. Looking back at the sun. "i will see you at dinner. we will be sitting at the big table outside. It has the best view over the ocean. And closeby the fireplaces in case it cools off. " She then does the things mentioned in the previus post.: She leaves the bottle and glass for Vek and then goes back. She talks to a few people. Arranges a few things that had to be dealt with. Then going to her room she grabs a chicken this time and does her attempt at sunset exactly, sacrificing the chicken see if that gives any reaction.

Michael James Watson When she sacrifices the chicken she feels a tingle, as if there is a small buzz in her psyche. It feels far away from Untola, further from Zictla. But ti feels as if she might have a bit of a warm spicy boost for awhile. But it doesn't feel religous somehow.

Amber Bronkhorst She tries to hold on to that feeling. Tries to look around with her sigil of Azcala see if she cna find that yellow glow or line again. Doesn't matter how small, thin or frail. It is actually a start. The anticipation of that rush she felt in Untola rises in her chest. She missed that feeling and hopes to somehow regain it again. Not having another animal to sacrifice she swears softly and in her frustration she hits the surface she uses as altar with her fist... Regretting that almost instantly. she wipes of her hands and starts to clean up. To Cicero she starts to speak. "Probably the altars in the other places are imbued with something, it was noticable last time i was there. i think it is not only because of the sacrfices that happened on it but also something done before hand to link with the... world stone?" She shrugs. After cleaning up her secret room she goes up to her own room to get ready for dinner.