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Jeweled Amber

A man in flight

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Chaos plays the long game. Sometimes the long game is fast.

Lintra Hendrake's dalliance by blood and moonlight with her eventual killer, Benedict of Amber, bore twisted and colorful fruit.

In the cabal brewing creatures of the blood of amber there were many failures, tormented and denied, discarded in the depths of the Courts of Chaos, before they successfully created Dara.

These failures wandered Chaos's dark ways with little love and little hope, gaining the scraps of a court education and getting the stripes and insults of the mighty and the arrogant of her nobility. Never gaining the love of family and royalty.

Among these failures was a sullen quiet creature breeding a deep hatred for the dark courts and its dark rulers. Shunted to the back of the halls, tainted by his failure to achieve the form needed to fool the blood-kin of Dworkin, Vekasha Hendrake kept to himself, avoiding the leadership of his house and land, afraid of the possibility that they might one dark and stormy night need a blood sacrifice.

He waited for a chance to run.

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The Sailor on the Seas of Chaos Meadbarrel3.gif

The leash on him had grown long and he traveled the

The Itinerant Piano Man


'Pieces of Vek'


Dark is the Rat

Chasa; a Remembrance and an Introduction

Vek of Amber

Journal on Randal

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