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Michael James Watson After dinner, where Maximillian speaks eloquently and knowledgably about opera on many worlds, including earth and Regor, Vek is playing piano casually, after the crowd has gone home. When Alvah comes to the piano Vek says, "Let me guess, the chicken sacrifice didn't give you the buzz you expected?"

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah leans against the piank. Wants to deny everything but realises to who she speaks. She shakes her head. "No, but it did give more of a reaction then i had managed before." If Vek is still playing Alvah will use the side of the piano as barre and do a few simple movements while she speaks. "This time there was something of a connection but it was thin frial. And it felt different... not religious. If that sounds even possible." She sighs lifting up her leg and holding balance. "Just wanted to try it out... how did you know?"

Michael James Watson "I have kept a lens up since I got here. I figured you do it one way or another. With as little magic as there is on this worlds even a tiny bit of high order magic rings like a gong. Did you think you could just grab a bird, swing it around, yell For My Lord Tonacat, and hack it up and power would flow like a river? When you did it in Untola it was on a sanctified surface. You don't know the ritual to create such a surface. I don't know that i want you to know the ritual. The easiest thing would be to find a temple deep in the Azcalan sway, if not in Azcala, and steal the sacred stone. But, you are trying to practice a magic system you do not know. That will bite you in the ass. Remember, I am the kind of person that will gladly say I told you so"

Amber Bronkhorst "Hmm yes i figured it was because of the tools the different surfaces. And the type of sacrifice. " Looking at Vek she shrugs "I don't know it and the chances of me getting to know it is small. Unless i go back to mom but where is the wisdom in that. Oh and i know one way or another it will bite.. but i will see that consequence when it gets there. " She looks at Vek "You can say it. And you would be right at that point, but you see.... that feeling.. " She stares off to nothing "Obly the tomatoes in Untola gave me such a rush then the sacrifice mom did with the priest." A shudder comes over her with goosebumps and all "It was... indescribable i was just hoping to feel that a little bit. How bad it may be... it did feel good."

Michael James Watson "Did it feel good or did it feel powerful? Was it pleasurable or was it affirming the general good nature of the multiverse?" "I ask because its important to be precise. In Chaos good and bad are pointless words. A Demon's good and an Angel's bad are the same thing.

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah looks straight at Vek she bites her lip remembering the feeling. "It felt powerful especially the sacrifice mom did. That felt so powerful. And it felt good in the way that something just fits perfectly snuggly around you. The way you body becomes hot but in a pleasurable way. Like during fantasyic sex. A warm blanket on a chilly night and no care in the world... that kind of good. "

Michael James Watson "That was for her killing the priest after removing my spare kidney? I will forever regret not calling down the wrath of Chaos on her. If I argued with the advocate well enough they might have locked down Azcala for another few thousand years. You should know she channeled the whole juice e into you. None for her, none for Tonact. I sought out Max for a couple reasons. The main one being that he knows tiger priests well. Their is a heretical sect that does human sacrifice. The ritual is not religious. Its a magical rite. Its a feeding off life. However...they say in Azcala that the sacrificed go to mitclan. In Regor the rite was outlawed because the power you tasted, they gain psyche power, but the souls of the dead remain with their slayer. Even animals. Sometimes those memories manifested and their were problems. Perhaps the Azcala managed to get the souls sent to Mictlan. Maybe. But Untara is crazy for a reason. She hears voices. She becomes other personalities. Her psychosis is part of why Jurt likes her."

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah grabs a bottle and ywo glasses she pours them and pushes one to Vek. "So it keeps your mind busy. The whole Azcalan thing. You knew when we said bye at the restaurant in Amber.... you knew i was going to try this didn't you? " Alvah laughs softly. "Look i am not planning on human sacrifices i can't pull that off.. and sure even in Untola i was concidering it. But i didn't and i won't. I wanted to find out for myself if this connection that was made was purely the place or the people or even just the right tools. Or if it was also... just a little bit me." She stares down at her glass "Could i ever be capable of great things... and i can make a connection myself... could i change things. Like i said in the meetibg. Take an aspect or two away from the stone." Looking back up to Vek she smiles slightly "We both know either way i am ending up in Azcala. Whoever their plan is going to succeed... so is it not better to learn somethings and get used to somethings early on? And i'm sorry for Untara that this is probably driving her mad. I am not her... "

Michael James Watson "Yet"

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah nods "Yet. But like i said i have the choices in what i do. She didn't. She grew up in it. " Laying a hand on his shoulder she smiles " and i am happy i can talk with you about it. And that you seek knowledge outside of Azcala and Amber. That too she didn't have. " Downinh her glass she then grins wide as she is of course going to make a bad joke. "Unless of course i have a better chance with you if i do go raving mad..." She winks and pours them another drink.

Michael James Watson "I'll put you in a cell before I let you become Zentalas. I'm sorting out some things. You have a 30 to 1 world. I'd like to bring Fortunadus here. He is bouncing back and forth between Amber and Adagalasck and isn't getting down time. He knows more about Dufiro then anyone this side of Chaos. He is likely to understand the Azcala rites. He also knows more about the world stone the anyone other then Conf. Can I call him? Get him a room and some workspace?"

Amber Bronkhorst Leaning close to Vek she looks him straight in the eyes... a playful twinkle but behind that a serious look. She speaks soft. "If i would become like her. I count on it that you put me down or away." She then leans back again downing another glass and in a dancing step moving to the bar rummaging in the cupboards and pulling another bottle out and bringing a box of urala cigarettes. "It is outside tourist season anyway. Not that it ever will be fully booked here... made sure of that." She lights two cigs and hands on to Vek. "But sure call him. Didn't he say tho that this Fairhand guy would know more about this whole rite thing?" She pulls on her own cig playing with the smoke.

Michael James Watson Vek laughs, "This Fairhand guy... There are three Fairhands. Dolki is a warrior, God of honor and the harvest. A farmer god. His nephew is Venki, god of wind, music, and herbology. Fort is his High Priest. Venki's father is Jeremy Lockpick Fairhand.He is the Tosian god of magic and evil. I've not met him but I am also not inviting him to learn about Azcalan human sacrifice in your shadow"

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah shrugs "It is what Fort said.. but no doesn't sound smart to bring him here. Fort is not a problem. I can give him two rooms one for work one for staying in. So you can call him." Alvah walks over to the open floor. Stands still like focusing and then does a dancing routine she knows by heart. "If i go to far of the rail, so to say, put me down... don't lock me up. I will go crazier, if i can't move." She says almsot effortless between her moves. When she does a few more steps she holds herself still again and with a serious look she looks to Vek. "I mean it. I do not want to become like Zentalas or my mother."

Michael James Watson The next day Alvah opens her windows to the ocean and sees Vek talking with someone at the far end of the dock. They both seem to be sitting in fishing chairs, but are ignoring the reels. Something about Veks hand waving looks unusual, worried. The other man seems to be relaxing, drinking a crystals glass of red wine as the sun comes up in the east.

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah looks at the two for a bit, she then dresses herself in a simple summerdress, Cicero around her arm she walks down. Orders breakfast for her non local guests, though big chance Spatchi had that already in the working. She grabs herself a herbal tea for the morning one of the very few non alcoholic drinks she drinks in a day. And silently walks over to the two fishing.

Michael James Watson Vek turns his head as she approaches and stands. The other man stands as well. Alvah's first thought is 'Elegant' He is tall, thin, black haired, with a jaunty stance. He Is in a black evening jacket and a reddish white silk shirt, a bright red baldric inscribed with many symbols and mystic runes. In his hand is a crystal glass of red wine. Beside him on the dock is a thick leather briefcase with a cat sticking its head out, looking at Alvah approaches. Cicero squeezes hard around her arm in fear. As she reaches she sees in the water a naked small woman resting on the water. Vek says, "Alvah, Fort turned me down. I made a different call. This is Lord Digan the Ruby Mage. A Lord of Chaos, an expert in Dufiro as well as arcane arts. He is a member of CHAD also. Fort recommended him." He bows slightly, respectfully, "Greetings Lady Alvah. It is a grand pleasure to meet you. I have heard a great deal of you. I recently spoke to one named Alaxastir, an Azcalan priest who speaks highly of the newborn deity in the fundaments of Azcala; Avaxala, Daughter of Cihalas and the Dufiro of Vision Delxitilotl. Goddess of the Dance and Finder of Lost Children. I gather from Vek they are putting their legends in stone before they are written. I fane to think what tales they are writing just now. That whole family is prone to hyperbole and exaggeration. Vek says, "Well, they drink" Digan nods, "Well, who doesn't, Rogue Lord?"

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah feels Cicero his reaction and keeps a distance trying to sush and calm Cicero stroking him on his head. She inclines respectfully her head towards Lord Digan. "A pleasure to meet you as well, Lord Digan. You have heard of me. Or well that part of me. Interesting since some things ,i was not even aware off. Guess my visit to my mother gave new insentive to start making new stories." She looks at them both "Breakfast is being made. I ordered some more besides the what the normal guests get. " She calmly sips her tea and raises an eyebrow at Vek "Yes we all drink. The one just a bit more then the other. " After another sip of her tea her eyes have not left Vek she continues "YOu looked worried, what is going on? "

Michael James Watson Vek shrugs, "Nothing in your shadow. It seems nicely sealed. Digan?" He says, "Before breakfast? You barbarian! Forgive him lady, he comes from a land that does not believe in all things at their times. But, to answer, I am somewhat of a traveler and have been traveling Azcala for CHAD. The business with priests writing stories is not a harmless one. Whatever the true tale in the halls of Xozla and Cihalas, the priesthood has seen fit to enshrine you, and in doing so, seek to control you. Am I correct in assuming you have a Azcalan sigil gained in childhood? Fled Azcala with the renegade Dufrio Delxitilotl. I have been in the shadows of Ahshaza, the fourth tier of Azcala. Ages pass in that realm compared to the other tiers. Your tale is being created there. have a priesthood there."

Amber Bronkhorst With a raised eyebrow and a look of not fully believing him she looks at Vek. THen her gaze goes to Lord Digan. "Yes i have an Azcalan sigil, my mother Cihalas did make me go the sigil shortly before dad took me away. He is not a dufiro though... my dad is one of the Amber side of the family." She then widens her eyes in surprise. "A priesthood. seriuosly. they got nothing better to do. " She then looks calmly again and sips her tea laughing sarcastically "Well told you Vek. Or i am going back there by that side of the family or my other side of the family is going to place me there. Either way... i will at a point be back in Azcala. "

Michael James Watson "Of course your father is not a Dufiro. I know Delwin well. Though I understand my friend Nur knows him better. But the priests of Azcala can't call him Delwin, King of Talgwir, Prince of Amber, Son of Oberon. Oberon is a god of death, destruction and the ravishment of women and farm animals. Oberon is He Who Made Mules, the demon who in the shape of a donkey raped the Queen of Horses. He who held Toci prisoner for a thousand years and she denied him. " He drinks his wine empty, and the glass refills "Priests are crazy, but bear in mind, they often have little to do with the gods they revere. In fact, the stories they write are attempts to control the gods by giving them what they need; willing subjects for their sacrifices. The gods get sacrifices and life blood power, the priests get life blood powers and worldly pleasures and treasures. Soon you will need to go to Azcala, to Ahshaza at least. If you leave these priest to create their own stories too long, you will start to feel the tingles of the lives they take in your name." The woman sticks her head up on the dock, "If you don't want a priesthood to the dances of death and the slaying of lost children, I am available for their slaughter. They are the kind of creatures i detest. Melevolant and beatific about it"

Amber Bronkhorst Listening Alvah nods, "I see, right, stop the priesthood there before they start sacrificing in my name. Because of some dogma they wrote down. " She rolls her eyes "Ofcourse things would get complicated. So lets entertain the idea of me going there, what are the chances that one of my Azcalan side of the family is waitint for me? Most of the nicer ones are already gone to safety to they probably won't be the ones that just would let me wander off again. " She finnishes her tea and in silence looks at the three, "I"m all for stopping them, i am less for walking into a trap set by Zictalas, Zentalas or my mother. "

Michael James Watson The cat climbs out of the bag, Cicero clenches a gain. It looks up at Alvah, "Of course one of your family is waiting. Who else gave the priests enough names to at least get the players right, if not the details. Seek out Chicomecoatl. She scares the piss out of the Tonacat crowd. She knows how to turn a priesthood from cutting to culinary." It looks at Cicero and says, "Meow"

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah looks with sceptic look at the cat. as she does to all cats even to Vek when he changes into his cat form. She first tries to calm down Cicero again "calm down, Cicero. Nothing wrong here. " She softly strokes his head and body. Looking down at the cat again she nods "Yes think that is my best chance, Chicomecoatl. She seems to be indeed powerful and strong enough to move against the wishes of Tonacat. " Alvah takes a step back away from the cat to give Cicero some space "But i assume there is time for breakfast before i have to move to the priests and whack them over the head?"

Michael James Watson Digan says, "Of course. It will take them a couple hundred years to work themselves up to a state of belief where they can really start making magic with sacrifices. It needs generations of the faith. So, take a few years before you worry too much about it. Unless of course you start having sexual dreams about tearing open worshipers and liking it. Still, Vonny has a point. Getting someone to go start clearing out the priesthood ahead of time will save trouble later""

Amber Bronkhorst Looking over to the water she inclines her head to the lady there. "PLeasure to meet you, Vonny?" She smiles "No i don't have sexual dreams of tearing people their chests open and ripping hearts out. So i think we are good. But if it still would take some time means i ahve time to prepare, be ready for that trap. " She looks again over to the woman called Vonny and smiles "Well i am not so much for those type of people either. They are worse then the gods they try to believe in... They are the ones making the stories apparantly that would give reason for these sacrifices." She is silent for a moment. After a bit she calmly states "What is it going to cost me? if i would ask you to do such a thing?"

Michael James Watson She laughs and falls back in the water. The cat says, "Standard CHAD rates. Though more if Yog Sothoth tries catching her in Azcala."

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah shrugs "Don't know the CHAD rates.... and Yog.. Sothoth.. you mean, like the old one? The gate? and all that?" She looks with surprised look to Vonny. then back at the cat. "Lets first eat breakfast before making deals, agreements or whatever. Perhaps i will go there myself and have some fun. " She shrugs "Would send quite the message if their own god is killing them off."

Michael James Watson Vek says, "If you go there, killing them wouldn't be necessary. You instruct them in the proper rite and they will follow it."

Amber Bronkhorst Keeping Cicero closer to her as he clearly doesn't like the cat she then looks at Vek. One of her playful smiles comes over her face. "Eh less fun. But perhaps better in the lines what my own plans were. That is probably how Chicomecoatl did it to." She thinks for a moment "So it doesn't matter if i had contact with their world stone or not.. this was bound to happen anyway..... my mother probably had planned this, or Cihuacoa who hid the sigil of Azcala." Alvah rubs the side of her head and groans. "And now i am wondering what Xozla told me has anything to do with this all.... am i doing exactly what they want.. or .. not." She looks at her empty mug then reaches through shadow to her own storage and grabs one of her blue bottles filling up her mug. "I am not going alone though. Becasue thr cat," She shrugs "Don't know your name. But he is right. They will be waiting for me there or just one... but still, they want me on their side. Like you said Vek last night... mom made sure all the power of the sacrifice of the priest went to me. Making me crave it more."

Michael James Watson The cat says, "I'm Shaharazade. Typical pusher, first taste is free." Digan smiles, "So, you know about the stone. And you've tasted it's power. That explains a lot. You didn't mention that, Vek" Vek nods," I know you Tosians are sensitive about it." Shaharazade say," We are. Especially those of us who were denied it by Conf. "

Amber Bronkhorst "Well met Shaharazade. I'm staying at distance my friend is fearful of you. If yiu do not mind." Alvah then looks between the two. "That is important why? And yes first connection was made when sacrificing some tomatoes ,then my mother made sure during another sacrifice that i felt all the power." Looking at Shaharezade she tilts her head "But you have a history with another. Heard something like that from Fort. Is there something i should know? Haven't seen the thing or touch it just felt power. That is it. And Fort was not really forthcoming with informationat that point, about world stones."

Michael James Watson Shaharazad says, "tell your companion I do not eat friendly snakes. Only ones that attack me and its been a thousand years since I did that even. My Saint of Battle was a fluke given to me when the council was mostly drunk. Ask Alex. With you permission ill seek rodents in the region?" Digan says,,"Let us speak over breakfast. Coffee sounds lovely and I am done with the fiction was might catch fish while Vonny is swimming. Deary? Go eat something please. You look famished as well as soggy" Vonny spends and swims away.

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah smiles and nods "I'll tell him but as i understand he and the dufiro mostly work on intuition till they have grown more. But i'll reasure him, thank you for telling me. And if you wish sure go ahead. Depends on what you are looking for but most types can be found around. " Looking back at the restaurant she nods "Yes breakfast is being served. And we have wonderful types of coffee one is even a spicy variant... did not expect to find that but still i am not surprised." Alvah chuckles seeing Vonny swim away. "I will instruct the kitchen she can request food whenever she is up for it. The water is really nice here." Turning herself she then starts walkinf towards the restaurant. Trusting her guests can find the way and she will do some arranging of things for the day before joining them for breakfast.

Michael James Watson Digan says, " I am not finicky and will eat whatever the blue plate special is. Vonnilia, however, does not eat in the presence of others. She will find some shark or sport fish and devour it meat and soul far from curious eyes."

Amber Bronkhorst Looking over to Vonnilia she nods "Very well, the ocean is full enough of life to have a decent meal. " Alvah chuckles softly how quickly she became almost unfazed by thses things. She leads the group to the breakfast area selects a table far enough from other guests and bug enough to have some space. She orders a wide arrange of food for breakfast. She also checks if Maximillian and Merijo already came down for breakfast. Alvah just grabs a cup of coffee pours a decent amount of alcohol in it and sits down at the table.