Vek gets sacrificed.

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Amber Bronkhorst
She steps a bit aside but close enough to Vek wondering if he is okey.
She then takes her trump deck finds Aztilios and holds it up before her. She makes sure that behind her are no people to be seen perhaps only a house or the land...
Alvah focuses on the image of her brother trying to make a connection.

Michael James Watson
Xiloo and her water creature fade away almost wiwthout notice, between blinks
the scent of cinnomin fills her senses. Aztilios comes into view, "Avaxala.. its an hour before services start. Mother is... tense. She gets that way. She is angry about Tixa and Coatl disappearing but i have a way to calm her down. Do you want to come across or are you coming another way? Or are you calling to say you can't attend"

Amber Bronkhorst
"An hour? oh i did not realize the time. No we would like to come through. I have no other means of getting to you now. "
She shows a half shrug and knowing look to Aztilios when he talks about the children and Coatl. He knows what happened.
"But i am still attending, i made a promise, i'm keeping it. "
She holds out her hand to her brother and makes sure she has a hand on Vek.

Michael James Watson
Coming into the lounge of Cihalas's estate. Aztilios is dressed in armor and feathers, befitting his status.
"Mother is wroth. With you, With Vek, with Chico.. This service is suddenly far more full of visitors. We think Zictalas may be attending. Mother will know you are here, so, quickly, take these"
He passes over 5 silver disks about 2" across.
"One for Tixa, one for the boy, and one for Coatl. Keep the other two in case. They are my coins and I have the right to give them. If she calls for their lives, give her those tokens. They buy someone off the alter. They are gathering outside. I should go.. There is a attendant i'll send to see to your attire. But hurry"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at the coins
"oh right yes, you told me about them, thank you. "
She then looks up at him leaving...
"Attire? i was just observing!"
Seh calls after him, with a slightly confused look she looks up at Vek.
"Okey well this is going to be fun. Did you have to contact Mandor yet? or will he be there?" she Says this quietly making sure that if someone would quickly enter not much could be heard.

Michael James Watson
Vek says, "No, im sure he can't make it."
Azt asks, "Who? " Vek respinds, "a friend"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah waves her hand
"Doesn't matter Aztilios. "
She then quickly adds over it
"So uhm i'm up for attire changing and hurrying. Where should i go when i'm done?
I understand that mom is pissed but don't want to make her more angry by being late."
She looks at Vek and shrugs
"You are staying here? Or did you have other plans?"

Michael James Watson
"Miss an opportunity to play dress up? My stars and gardens, no."
He shifts his attire.
Aztilios steps back, frowning, "If you can change the colors i suggest it. You wear the feathers and display of one of the guardians of Mictlan.
"Do you suggest a color?"
" Red and yellow, as a aspirant of Macuilxochitl, the god of music. But that will make the Macuilxo seek you out. But , you would like them. Frankly, the chaos form you arrived in might be display enough for the event. And it will scare the hell out of mother. Chaos is not loved here, it is feared.
Shifting the colors of the attire, vek asks, "What do you think Avaxala?"
Aztilios says, "If you stand behind her they will assume she favors the god of music. reasonable"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks Vek over with a serious look on her face. And she just takes a moment to long to check him out.
She then grins
"Oh yes looks good. You look great."
She then turns to Aztilios.
"I can't shift my clothing sadly enough. But i'm shre mom picked something for me."

Michael James Watson
"Actually I did. Family colors. Red, Gray and gold. An outfit that has been in cryostorage for centuries. One of Untara's. I changed it to make it distinctive, replaced some of the gray feathers with purple and pale blue. The people in the land these days wouldn't recognize her heraldry anyway but the people who would need to be sure you are not claiming to be Untara. I have jewelry of hers. favorite things. When you leave, take them with you. Let her know I am here, waiting for her still."

Amber Bronkhorst
She looks impressed at Aztilios.
"Alright. Thank you then"
A short nod.
"I will take it with me to give to Untara, with your message. Can't promise a positive reaction. But that is never really predictable with her. "
She looks at the door and then back to Aztilios.
"Is there a chance i can see mom before all this happens or is she to busy?"
When the clothing for Alvah js there she does change her clothing while talking.

Michael James Watson
"A positive reaction from Untara? I haven't seen her be positive since our wedding night. Cihalas is in the pyramid. She is taking out her powers. Wielding her a attribute. She doesn't do that usually for monthly services. But with Zictala possibly arriving she wants to be prepared. I'll lead us to the temple through our back ways. The clothes are over here."

Amber Bronkhorst
A chuckle
"She seemed sort of amused first time meeting me. But then again she might alsk be amused like a cat with her prey."
A slight shrug. She then takes the clothing lays it out and quickly changes after she figured out how to put it on.
Surely she has worn more difficult outfits as a dancer.
"Yeah i can understand mkm wants to prepare its fine i'll talk with her after when she has time."
When Alvah has finished putting on the clothing she takes a twirl.
"So we're good? "

Michael James Watson
Aztilios says, Yes my fiancé."
He chuckles as he turns to lead the way walking fast. Coming in time to areas where others stand waiting in ritual attire.
She sees Vek put his Mandalay stones into the belt, inhaling deeply.
Reaching the end a tunnel from deep below the temple to the top has no stairs. Aztilios raises his arms and HE, she, and Vek float upwards quickly.
Reaching the top there is a little room looking up to the alter level. Stairs lead up to it and Azltilios walks up them, expecting Avaxala and Vek to follow.
ON the top stands Cehalas, beside her Zictala, both in fine heraldic feathers. Several Priests and Jaguar cultists stand around. Aztilios says quietly, "Why are cultists here?"
Cihalas looks at Vek, "You are no aspirant of the god of music. Why do your wear their colors? "
Vek says ,"Aztilios suggested them. If I stood behind Alvah I would be out of the way."
Zictalas says, "You will be out of the way at the base of the tower. GO now."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah just follows. She guesss in for a penny.... or however that saying goes. She assumes it would be okey for her to take Cicero along. He is ofcourse her personal protector.
And noone would look weird here if she would have a snake coiling over her arm and shoulder.
The Fiance bit she lets slide casue she has no clue how he meant that. And better not get riled up before something important and new. Where she might need her wits...
Standing behind Aztilios as the enter the room near the altar. She tries to just keep a little more distance between Cihalas, Zictalas and Aztilios and stay near Vek.
Looking over the other people, hearing Aztilios refer to them as cultists she looks in a questioning way to Cihalas.
She does add in a soft tone
"I would like him to stay. He will not be in the way."

Michael James Watson
ZIctala says, "He is an insult to the faith. His dress is an insult"
Vek shifts to his Chaos form quickly, "Is this better?"
Cihalas says, "Yes, it is"
IN a quick move the two siblings slam Vek with their empowered psyche. The cultists grab him and drag him over the alter, chest up.
Cihalas drives her hand into his chest, guiding the knife, and pulls out a bleeding organ.

Amber Bronkhorst
Only to late realizing what is happening she tries to jump to Vek his aid.
Alvah will try and pull her mother away from Vek.
Seeing the her mother having already cut and pulled something out.
((Is it his heart? Shapeshifting and all?))
Alvah just stands and stares... not even realizing she is crying.
Her hand on her dagger. But she is frozen in place. For if this is his heart it would burn and be ash or burn and become stone.

Michael James Watson
Vek sits up, "I have two kidneys. I can regrow a new one if you want to have that with fava beans and a nice chianti. Release me.. Or by the Serpent I shall call down the wrath of Chaos. You committed an act of war against Chaos and my cousin Mandor just left Azcala to tell them so. Alvah and I will be leaving now, to Untola. Unless you would like to commit an act of war with Amber. "
Zictala, "Fucking shapechangers" Having fallen for the same trap with Desri

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks genuinely relieved seeing Vek sit up.
Daring to move again she walks closer to the altar and looks saddened to her mother.
"No... i think we should leave this realm altogether. "
She looks Cihalas in the eyes.
Clear look of betrayal and her oh so familiar anger boiling up.
"In Untola we are still to close to them."
She spits out the words as if tasting something disgusting.
Never breaking eyecontact with Cihalas she continues. In a voice sounding rapidly more angry
"And here i thought you might be different from what they told me... yet you show them right."
She just blatantly ignores Zictalas...
Out of spite and in the hope of not involving in the conversation he might not do scary stuff.
She holds out her hand to Vek.
"Can't say i haven't tried."

Michael James Watson
Cihalas turns to a priest and pulls him over the alter. With exact skill she removes his heart and raises it to the sky. The heart erupting into fire them powder.
Alvah feels the rush of power, a magnitude greater then the tomato sacrifices. She feels it filling her with psychic power greater then her experiences.
She says, "Stay. Power is yours to grasp. Hearts and souls for the rulers of Azcala! That includes you. I'll even let you keep your chaosian pet. Don't let the chance pass to grow in might."

Amber Bronkhorst
Wanting to speak up her voice trails away feeling the magnificent rush.
She just stands and feels it...
The rush to power.. in a world where she has, from the day where she discovered there was more, always felt so powerless, weak small. This was just an awesome feeling.
Her chest rising and falling as if for first time experiencing a great high. She doesn't even look straight at her mother again.
When she starts to come to herself again, not knowing if it was seconds or minutes. She shakes her head.
Pupils still slightly dilated from the rush.
She snarls under her breath. Turning closer to Cihalas
"He is not my pet, and you did exactly dad warned me about. Perhaps he was right in taking me away from you, keeping me hidden."
She might just say that because she know it will anger her but that is the right of a daughter to mother.
She then abruptly turns her back to her mother and walks to Vek.
"We should go now. "
A very angry glance to Zictalas. Also to check where he stands and what he is doing.

Michael James Watson
Vek opens a trump, to Amber. Leaving it open for her

Amber Bronkhorst
Seeing the trumpgate opened a fiest determined step towards it... the second more hesitant.
She turns to Vek.
"You will come with me right?"
Her hesitation turning into doubt. On one side. Her curiosity, the awesome power rush she now experienced. In Amber they will probably now see her really as trouble.
On the other hand.. they just tried to sacrifice her friend.
Her jaw sets, fists clenching and relaxing.
Should she not follow through she might be seen as weak.
Would she follow through she will probably never return. A place where except for the sacrificing she actually feels more at home.
Lookin at Vek she sighs , a look at the trump gate she shakes her head sadly.
When she does a hand goes to one of her daggers on her body (non magical) taking it and flicking it to Zictalas, she aims for a piece of armor. Not wanting to draw blood but also showing she is pissed. She looks at him glaring with anger.
"You might be strong and all that... but i can be highly annoying and toxic... don't ever hurt him or any of my friends again."
She then with a proud stance turns to her mother...
"Lets try again... another time. I will keep my promise.... to show its done... "

Michael James Watson
Vek nods, "I'll be going. I need to talk to Random."
Zictala grabs the knife in flight, dropping it to the ground contemptuously. He stares angrily.
Cihalas says, "The Amberites have nothing to offer to you compared to what you can have here"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods.
"Well mom is right about that. Amber does at this point have not much to offer for me. But i will not stay here."
A slight smirk to Zictalas before she turns to adress her mother.
"I will go to Untola. There i will establish myself as we had agreed you would let me do. I will not set foot here again till i know i can at least believe half a word you say. "
She scoffs
"Same with you as for dad. I am more then willing to talk... but this is the last time you tried to force me into a direction. "
She nods to Vek.
"You go talk to king Random. I'll open a trump to Untola.. "
She now just actively ignored Zictalas... makes it a sport not to look at him block him from the conversation. At least Alvah speaks the truth of being annoying.

Michael James Watson
Vek says, "You have a trump there and you have the time. Come to Amber first, please"

Amber Bronkhorst
She looks at Vek... who sounds actually more serious then she is used to... or it might be the situation.
Looking at her mother, her eyes then go to Aztilios she gives a half smile.
"Ah yes well promised to deliver some stuff anyway."
She then walks to Vek and to the trumpgate.
A look of disdain to Zictalas just for a few seconds.
She then turns to Vek, nods and smiles. And steps through.
Knowing full well what it would look like on Amber side an Azcalan outfitted woman she holds her hands spread to her side in a none threatening way.

Michael James Watson
As Vek steps through the trump Aztilios leaps through.
Looking to Vek wildly."Close it!!!!!"
Vek smiles as he shuts the trump.
Standing in the courtyard are two Azcalans in full priestly dress, and a lord of chaos in his chaos form.
The defensive forces swarm the trio.
Aztilios, says, "Excuse me, noble warriors, to whom do I speak about arranging a tourist visa for my wife and I?"