Vek taking Alvah on a Old Mink trip

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A frustrated scream can be heard over the training grounds of the gladiator school. It had been a busy day with a completely filled training schedule. To which all students and warriors were very active until the almost primal scream happened. One of the younger girls in the staff immediately puts down her work and runs inside, It had happened before, that the Mistress lost her temper and a lot had to be cleaned up and repaired after that, and the one who had angered her so has needed some time to recover from that. The girl nearly bumped into the Master of the Gladiatorial school she quickly sidesteps to let him pass with a sigh he says. “I heard. Is there damage yet?”

The girl follows a few paces behind and speaks quick “No, none yet, not for certain about the students though. It has been awful quiet from their side.“

With that the Master of the school fastens his pace, he loves that woman but damn she has a crazy streak at times. Arriving at the training ground other students and warriors had already made way they knew better then to intervene in what was going on. When the Master arrived what he saw was Avaxala looking up at one of students though her height was slowly growing as she was screaming into the woman her face. She could have been taller on a day by day basis but somehow she always chose to stay her short self. When Vek placed a hand on her shoulder Avaxala immediately stopped screaming though if her eyes could shoot daggers the woman in front of her would have been shredded to pieces. With a few words Vek instructs another instructor to take over training and he guides Avaxala away from the training field, not by force just a hand on her shoulder. Perhaps it is because of what they all went through together, that she came to fully trust him. So it only took a simple touch from him to bring her down from a spiraling rage. Back in the house he gives Avaxala a moment to pace and growl and get the last anger out of her before he even starts to speak with her.

Lighting up a cigarette he waits. When he sees her pacing becoming more controlled he lights another and holds it out before her.

With a pained smile Avaxala takes it and inhales deep. Then with a sudden stop of movement she just drops herself into a big chair.

“I told you I am not made to be a teacher. I cannot even keep order in my group. That little bitchy cu….. “ Avaxala inhales deep and Vek raises his eyebrows at the words of her.

“And didn’t I tell you that as a teacher you to will never be done learning. That from every student you will have under you, you will only come out of it wiser as well. “

Vek knew what kind of reaction he would get to this, though he knows he is right. It is experience he is talking from instead of the pure emotional turmoil Avaxala is acting out. Avaxala snorts. “It is insanity, you are trying to do the same thing over and over, but expecting a different result.”

This brought a laughter to Vek and he fully went with it for a good while. “are you hearing yourself, it applies more to your actions than mine, I am giving you opportunities you are just to stubborn to try a different approach. What was it now? What had you angered so badly you nearly ripped that woman her head off?”

Avaxala looks angrily at Vek though she could never stay angry with him, she loves him. Though saying that out loud would be awkward, but he knew how she fell about him. Inhaling deep Avaxala shakes her head “hm was nothing special. Just a big mouth and a badly placed remark. It should not have gotten to me as much. Just with the things coming our way, and knowing this won’t last. Because one way or another things will change again. And I try to have these people ready and capable of defending themselves of running things themselves. And I am a mess myself. How can I be an example… “A deep sigh and she shakes her head “Never mind it is just stupid”

Vek shrugs and says nothing drawing from his own cigarette and looking at the small curled up woman of anger. After a few minutes of silence he slams his hand on the desk with a loud bang. Avaxala nearly flying from her chair like a startled cat. As he thought that woman is so high strung. A break might be needed. “Wait here. “ And without waiting for answer he leaves the room. After a while he returns by now Avaxala has lit up another cigarette and she has started cleaning her nails with a knife.

Looking at her he nods “Lets go, we’ll be back soon enough. “

Avaxala stands up and follows she wants to ask where they are going , but she knows perfectly well she won’t get a straight answer anyway.

Vek produces a clear green bottle looking like a glassy jade and says, "Ok, this bottle is Old Mink. Its an alcohol from Cynasure. It is very popular in Black Zone Worlds as well as Chaos. It is a distillation of corn and Psilocybin, that’s a hallucinogenic mushroom. It tastes foul on its own. Orcs won't even drink it. But they age with honey and fruit. In applewood barrels.. It is extremely potent. And being hallucinogenic it acts on your shape changing abilities. It acts on your shadow walking abilities. I intend to drink it and see what happens. I've locked us in this shadow so we won't shadow walk away from it but our shapes might change in ways neither of us can imagine. Lets see what your chaos form might be...."

Avaxala looks at the bottle and then at Vek she can’t help but laugh. “Oh so you figured I needed a break from my attempt to remain sane. Well good thing you locked the shadow, the last time I was highly intoxicated I ended up. Who knows where, never found that shadow again. Which might be a good thing and well you know the fallout of that little trip as you helped me clean my shit up. “

With Avaxala suddenly falling silent Vek could see frustration washing over her again. She tries to be light on things and care free but she hates failures. She needs to feel in control which is as experience will one day show her. Not possible. Vek walks up to her looks her in the eyes “Stop it!”

Avaxala frowns as she was indeed spiraling in her head again with anger and frustration about her shortcomings. Pushing the bottle in her hand with a wide grin “I brought us here to just let go, have fun and see whatever happens. And yes if I need to, have you completely intoxicated before you finally unclench then I will do so.”

Vek keeps looking at Avaxala until she actually starts to drink. She shivers at the taste, not her cup of tea but Vek did give her a fair warning about it. She hands it back and Vek starts to drink as well. With the potency of the drink it doesn’t take very long for Avaxala to start to hallucinate.

It was not the first time hallucinating for Avaxala she has had her time of drug use when she was younger.

But this, this was way more intense. It actually kind of overwhelmed her. The colors changing, sounds even scents. She just sat down on the ground. Behind her she heard a noise. Slowly turning as she was afraid that turning fast would make her dizzy. And maybe she would turn her head off...

When looking behind she saw Vek as his purple colourful Fennec wiggling his butt and tail ready to pounce.

It did not register what she saw. Untill she felt the teeth and claws and soft fur of FennecVek against her, tumbling back they start to roll and tumble Avaxala changing to match the soft fur. Nipping and biting FennecVek on her turn. Running after eachother reaching a colourful field, flowers... no feathers all the colours.

The two tumble through it behind them a loud menacing roar. Glistening dark eyes watching ready to attack. It doesn't matter as yhe eyes are on the ground and the feathers have lifted them up... or are they flying themselves.

BirdVek flies twirls and tumbles around BirdAvaxala in the air. Letting himself go on the rush of the hallucinogens.

Mesmerized by the spectrum of colors in the sky BirdAvaxala just flies up. Higher and higher though it starts to feel like something is pulling her back to the ground.

Looking back she sees sunflowers reaching up to her calling her in a familair voice she can't place.

With a frustrated scream she stops flapping her wings. But they are not wing anymore, claws bug furry gnarly looking claws. A deep hissing growl in her troath and she lets herself plummet down to the ground. BirdVek riding on her back screetching with excitement.

Landing on all fours her Cynasure Cheetah form looks more aggressive then usual. She starts to claw scratch and bite the flowers around her. Ripping them out of the ground by the stem. The normal green leaves black obsidian sharp blades.

Vek jumps from her back as a bird and lands on the ground in his big Cat form. Trampling the flowers and laughing.

The field of sunflowers start to shiver in the air and then suddenly they all drop to the ground in a puff of dust.

The dust starting to move and wrinkle, slither tentacles spring up. Slamming the ground and sweeping in the air. CatVek bounces between them, his form changing and adapting to not get hit and enjoying himself immensely. Hearing by the sounds he makes.

CheetahAvaxala trying to keep trips and stumbles over the tentacles now and then.

Vek laughing, Avaxala growing in her frustration she roars. Or she tries. Finnallu she manages to get further bit she has lost the sensation in her legs. Or arms...

Looking at herself she notices she is a serpent.

CatVek is bouncing around now multicolored tentacles. Everytime he lands the ground puffs up a cloud of colorful dust.

Snake-Avaxala trying to sneak up on the bouncing CatVek with a sneaky smirky hiss. Gets slammed down by a big hand. Dark skin. Wriggling in.the tight grip she tries to get loose but can't.

Her small form is being brought closer to the face of the immense creature. As it is opening it's mouth to seemingly wanting to bite her head off Avaxala screams. The giant shrinks. Or she grows... It is Vek. With a wide grin he kisses her nose whole still holding her but less thightly.

DemonVek tosses her up in the air in a cloud of colourful feathers. Expecting to fall down. She glides down. Feeling her wings spreading. With a wide grin Avaxala in her new form aims for Demon-Vek. He catches her. They tumble through the colourfull mix of tentacles the colors of dust covering them and floating in the air.

Riding the trip further together, entangled, excited purely enjoying.