Vek taking out Dwynwen and Alvah for lobster

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The building is attached to what looks like a cross between a shallow water shrimp boat and a tug boat. Converted to a restaurant the fare is plain but rich. Workman come and go. A place fisherman go to eat.
Vek dresses down to blend, Amber hair and clothes style, though his cigarette stand out as an import to an experienced traveler. His usual dagger looks more like a short sword and his NP knife is hidden, it being distinctive.
Entering there is a walk way passing in the hollowed out boat and a chest high counter. Orders are placed and picked up at the end.
"Bucket of lobsters, 6 of the red sausages., 6 of the fried cod. we'll take a box of the buttered taters. Box of the fried peppers. oh ya, call it 2 loafs of the buttered cheese bread. two pitchers of the dark ale and one of the bottle of the local tequila. "
The woman at the end takes vek's gold and gives him a small table banner with Gerard's device. Vek leads to a corner booth. Its filled with the previous dinners remains but a waitress starts clearing the table as they sit. She says she'll be back in a minute with drinks.
Vek picks up the shield.-"Gerard....could be worse. Probably not a lot of competition for Brand's table banner"
The local crowd filling the place is loud but not so much to drown out conversation. One large table in the far side has a collection of harbor rats that look to be getting cautious attention from the wait staff.
"When in Amber, try the fish..."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah hasn’t been that much in the city or the harbor of Amber since the time that she knew that she was part of the royal family. Only the drinking and shopping trip with her father she had seen some sights.
She is dressed in a simple light dress which would still be fitting enough for the style in Amber. Her hair a bit more lose be it for a few loose braids holding it all a bit together. Cicero is ofcourse with her coiled around her upper arm and shoulder.
Walking arm in arm with her friend Dwynwen she hasn’t seen for a bit.
She waits for Vek to order for them. And walks along to the assigned table.
Taking a seat she looks at the banners
“Hmmm that is not weird or so… to be seated at one of the families banners. Almost seems like Disney world… with the character coded tables. Or is there a specific reason for that?”
Alvah looks over to the harbor rats table, just cautiously looking in case they do cause trouble.
Then leaning back she nods
“Well I heard that before but actually never did try the fish. I have been surprisingly little in Amber… “

Michael James Watson
Dwynan looks around at everything, "I've been here a few years now but mostly spent my time in the castle, or out at the estate Random gave my mother. My daughter is more the traveler. She is up in Ober right now. She spends time with the Fey up there. I've been to the theater district several times. And to Thin Whip's of course.. But never to the Harbor. For such an important part of the city its a surprise i hadn't seen it.
Vek says, "I spend a lot of time here when I am in Amber. If we visit my personal shadow its a seaman's world. I own a large tavern on the wharf where people much like these would not be out of place. The food is always fresh and plentiful, if plain."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles at Dwynwen.
"Have not even been to the theatre district myself... how bad is that.. maybe you and i should go see something soon.
And yeah who hasn't been at Thin Whips... fun place though. "
Alvah studies Vek for a moment and smiles slyly
"Are you inviting us to your personal shadow?" she laughs softly and waves her hand as if waving it away.
"Joking.. i know you like your privacy as well. But it does sound lovely. If you like the sea and such. "
Leaning back she nods
"hmmm was still thinking of going to make my own place. think it should be at sea... I love the beach. "

Michael James Watson
"We liked Untola. It wouldn't be too hard to find something like it. Pity we couldn't go whare they suggested"

Amber Bronkhorst
With a sadder voice as she already feels a bit of the pain of missing the place.
"yeah it is to bad we had to leave in a hurry. Untola was great. "
Playing with something she probably stole from a counter or something a table she stares to noone in particular.
"THe people were nice. And even with a lighter version of hte religion things weren't that bad.. Just the whole feel of the land. but then again i had the same feeling with my moms place.. be it that it was a bit more... bloody."
She looks at Vek again and smiles.
"YOu said we... you liked it there as well? I actually am planning on seeing if i can form my own shadow with something like that feel. You are always welcome then. "

Michael James Watson
"I'll give you a trump of my realm. Its nothing much. Somewhat less technological.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles
"Thank you, could i ask you a favor in advance? that when i do have my own place you could make a trump for me? would make it easier to go back and forth. "

Michael James Watson
"I'll make several. Different location. Let me give you some advice. You've done very little practical shadowwalking on your own. Don't experiment too much. Think broadly. If you think i want a beachfront with a place for a cantina in a nice city of humans, you can find that but it will also have velociraptors being ridden by machinegun toting monkeys.. I know because i fought the beasts. Think a world in the temperature ranges you want, with an earthlike atmosphere and physics. A diverse population in an early jet age. High and Low order magic but not large history or culture of their use. A time ratio in the 10 to 10 to Amber range. Where shadow walkers bounce around it unless you trump them in. Then a nice peaceful resort town with a lively nightlife and a culture that appreciates food and music and dance. I know its a lot to keep in mind but the more detail you add the more likely you are to get the place you want and not be surprised by velociraptor riding monkeys. Trump me when you find the place."
Dwynan laughs. "Maybe I could come too? Will you be bringing Spatchi?

Amber Bronkhorst
LIstening to Vek his advice she nods
"Don't worry i'll remember thank you. No machine toting monkeys on dinos.... first shadow walk i actually did to find some stone i found some cat sized bears "
Alvah laughs
"some followed us home, two were kind of taking a likeing to me, they are still in the castle running around. "
She then turns to Dwyn and puts an arm around her shoulders pulling her close of a sidways hug
"yes you can come with ofcourse! would love to have you! and yes Spatchi i'm going to ask as well since it was our first plan in the first place to go to a place like that. She really likes the type of food and watned to learn and cook it herself. That is why we thought of running a cantina together. " Letting Dwyn go after another soft squeeze she then leans back.
"and not to sound dramatic but i could use some relaxing time honestly... so much happened in such little time. "

Michael James Watson
Vek says, "Considering the way Random laid things out last night i think we both can seek other pastures for a time. The longer you stay the more likely to get involved in drama. So when are you thinking of going? Also, there is Fantalin...You could take, Dwyn and Spatchi there. I am sure there is a culinary school for spatchi and the Roayl Rights course Random wants you both to take"

Amber Bronkhorst
SHe looks slightly bored at Vek.
"Yeah yeah i know. but i try to procrastinate with that one. King Random gave me 5 years to somewhere in that time go to Fantalin. I just don't want to go just yet.... especially since my dad arranged something there and he won't say what so that has me on edge. "
She then grins
"and going to my own shadow and making my own ways and rules for a bit jsut sound great as well. And what has Fantalin to offer me what i can't learn along the road myself?"

Michael James Watson
"I took the royal rights course when I came here. I came from a place with very different rules. The best thing I learned is how to politely tell kings and queens at this end of the universe to piss off and to do it in a way that was proper and legal. Beyond that its a history course. Who is who, who was who, who might be who. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah gestures with her hands
"See exactly that. that just sounds horribly boring and liek a headache. Politely telling people to piss off is not needed, it often becomes to unclear then. Just litteraly telling them to piss off works best. And hoenstly if i need ot know certain details i just walk to the library look like i have a question and Arlo will start explaining and talking. He is like a walking and smoking encyclopedia."
She shakes her head
"no i'll just wait with Fantalin... the chances i run into other royalty then my family is small anyway."

Michael James Watson
He nods, "as you wish. But let me tell you one thing i saw last night. Random gave Bleys, Arlo, Benedict and frankly, me, permission to let you go. I'm heading to Regor. Delwin has let you go since everything he tried to do to help you just made you angry. There was obviously a lot to his time in Azcala he didn't want you to know and keeping those secrets just made you angrier. Be careful out there. At a certain point the elders, and people who have been around a long time like Arlo, will expect you to solve your own problems. I asked about Dwyn's situation too. The same applies to you. Hagalta is in the dungeons and at the Fane of Zilla. He lost his Azcala power base. He lost his Adagalasck powerbase. His loyal followers are dead or serve others. His wife is in Amber and safe. Random has already written off Drixta. Dwyn, if you leave Amber, it will be under those same terms. You break it, you fix it. IM not saying they won't help if a problem is serious, but the threshold for serious will be much higher. OK?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles relieved she lets out a sigh.
"Really? the babysitting is done? you don'tknow how happy that makes me feel. Look it is not that i am ungratefull for all the help i got and instructions, truly i learned loads and loads but i knew that there was always someone around to just pull me up if i fell and stumbled. "
Alvah looks genuinly happy
"but thank you for the heads up, it is good to know that the training wings are off. So when i do stumble and fall it is on my own accord to fix things. "
After a moment just letting it sink in she turns to Vek again
"So big plans in Regor? or just sight seeing?"

Michael James Watson
"I should be clear. I'm not in fealty to Amber. Or Chaos. Or Hendrake. I went with you to Azcala not to make sure you didn't fail but because i like your company and it was a great opportunity for me to see Azcala from the top down. I plan to take a few years soon and do a little piano playing. I had hoped to do that on Randal but that didn't work out. SO I'm going to go get my drummer and she and I are going to go travel Regor. Call it sightseeing. Call it research. I plan to find a good place in the Regor shadows to make some music. And, there is a creature called a Raver that was just released from Borlak and who apparently likes Regor. I'm going to look into it for myself, and give the information I find to Julian, Realmer, Fort, Bleys and Random. I don't know how long it will take But but when you find your place, call me. I'll come, play some music, and draw some trumps. Maybe i'll have a place in Regor by then too."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks down for a moment, she then grins wide as she looks up at Vek
"I knew you kind of liked my company as well!" She grins wide at him and gives him a playful wink.
"OH and Vek to be clear... i was seriously flirting with you.. just to make sure there is no misunderstanding there."
After a soft chuckle she then nods listening to his explanation of what he is going to do.
"That sounds good actually. Heard Regor is quite a place when it comes to culture. One day would want to visit it myself. They have alot of ballet and opera. But yes when i have my place set up and ready i'll contact you, you are always more then welcome! and if you play your music food and drinks are on the house ofcourse. "
She smiles wide.
"i know i shouldn't return soon to Azcala but there is something i still need to get. But i suppose i can do that in the more traditional sense i've been thaught of retrieving stuff. "
Turning to Dwyn she smiles
"So what are your plans? If you do not feel comfortable to leave Amber yet i can udnerstand. konw i can always trump you or you trump me. "

Michael James Watson
Dwyn looks around, "It feels strange. In Adagalasck, among the Banner of Odraxta, I was daughter and wife to Hagalta. I lived in fear of him every day. I hid as often as I could. I was broken by him. I barely defended our daughter from him. When he talked about marrying her. I could barely feel horror. And mother.....She was worse off then I was....she was dominated mentally. I felt I had to protect her and could only do it through tears and hysterics "
"And now, " she picks up a piece of bread and waves it around casually, "I am here. Drixta is free of Hagalta and wishes to be free of me. Mother is safe here under Random's protection. I've never had free will. I never had ambition. Hagalta didn't allow it. I knew nothing of my bloodline, the pattern...But Realmer brought us here. I owe him so much. My brother...But I have nothing to offer him except what Hagalta took and he doesn't want that. Fiona and I talked extensively about my magical abilities. And I promised her I would attend Fantalin as well. But being free...I think I would like to see shadow. So, I'll go with you if its ok?”

Amber Bronkhorst
Smiling at her friend she nods
"yes ofcourse then you stick with me not a problem. You are more then welcome to hang around my place. perhaps you can pick up a hobby you like or something. I do advice you to keep your mind busy. Boredom is a mind killer. And often can lead to just overall depressed feelings. "
Silent thinking for a moment she nods to Dwyn
"i might know something your brother could at least appreciate. Have to gather it first but if we have it i'm sure if you return it he would be grateful. "
She then looks at Vek for a bit. Just appreciating sitting her amongst friends. After a few minutes she breaks her gaze and starts looking around the establishment. Not searching for anything specific just see how the other guests are doing.
She eventually continues
"we can leave pretty soon, have to first ask Spatchi if she wants to join still. "