Veksvale turning into a camp

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Michael James Watson

Within a few hours Arlo has directed the establishment of a tent city. 10 pavilions summoned from Amber, with a collection of Green and white, blue and white orange and white tents. Green and white for royals. Blue and white for Elites. orange and white for services and staff. No less then Dame Margot arrives with her new assistant Coatl to set up the work camp and feed the incoming troops. The locals look on with shock but come over and are quickly won over by Dame Margot. They start organizing food, water, and other supplies. Random seems at loose ends and discovers that many of the locals play poker. He discovers one of the social halls of Veksvale is set up as a tavern and he gets a card game going with the locals. Word filters around that Random is conflicted about Arlo having put Acoza, Aztilios, and Untara in the prison levels with Brand though not in the same chamber. On the one hand he had issued orders to have them wait in the Library. On the other hand the Library leaks like a sieve as far as jails go if Arlo isn't personally there. As Arlo takes over as campmaster Random seems to have let the matter slide in favor of sheering some of the locals of the stone coins they use for barter. Coatl sets up the kitchen, importing camp overns and stoves, cleaning areas and otherwise getting food services going. Margot sets about organizing the staff to know where the camps are for who and arranging maid service, cleaning stations and bringing in food stuffs. After 4 hours the camp is pretty well arranged. The new Elite guard is settling in, bring groups of 20 from Amber at a time. King Julian and the Lord Marshal give their good byes and trump to Vulsar to check on Fiona before heading back to Adagalask. Vek is sitting on a camp chair beside the new pattern pondering.

Amber Bronkhorst

Alvah kept herself mostly to the side. Not bothering anyone she has been dancing and playing with her elemental friends. She had promised them after all. By now they have a little dance variation that they do. Which usually ends up with wet clothing for Alvah, Mayaan is just very enthusiastic. After their playtime and dance. Alvah looks arounf if she can spot Vek. Seeing him sitting near the pattern she walks up to him. Not to silent as not to startle him. She moves in what could be his field of sight. "Hey, think we should talk."

Michael James Watson

He conjures a camp chair and pours a tankard of tequila from his bottle for her. Everyone gives them privacy. A small fire brazier gives them warmth.

Michael James Watson

Lt Spatchi gets her initial group settled. Arranges with Dame Margot too meet with each though in truth they already know her having been castle guards. They start stacking tents to be set up and squads start arriving. Each squad gets three tents and she directs them where to set up. Arloxedra comes and oversees things and facilitates trump transport for each squad. They work the night away till dawn. At dawn they get meals. Then a group of 10 come over, lead by a Sergent to take stations around the pattern. Vek waves them away as he spends the day sitting with the pattern. His friend Dowser coming up occasionally to speak to him about village matters as they adjust to a new reality. These people who had sought the highlands to be away from the cities below now find they may live in a city anyways., As Vek and Alvah seperate to differant endevours. Alvah dancing with her elementals and Vek going to deal with Margot, Realmer approaches the pattern and contemplates it